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  1. Whizkid


    You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't! With the current political climate here in the States, it won't matter what Trump does, he'll be castigated by both sides of the political spectrum. Just because life is tough in Latin American countries, (my wife was originally from El Salvador) mainly bought on by their own screwed up and vicious politics, doesn't give the occupants the right to dump themselves in another venue, using that countries fractured viewpoints to justify their arrival. I can imagine, as a former Canuck, the uproar that our cousins north of the border would create if we decided to pass these people on! Of course, as most people would agree, the scenes of families using their children as bait for the Border Guards are despicable, and the possibility of using the whole thing to sneak in drug dealers, etc, shows how important it is to maintain the Legal Entry position, even though it will be even more overwhelmed than it is, and the screaming from the Extreme Left about our Inhumanity will reach fever pitch, we MUST defend our borders, or go down kicking and screaming because our system of Government is the only one that works, (sort of!). Why the hell anyone would want to be President is beyond me!
  2. Whizkid

    Who's Lurking?

    Why would steam need to be cleaned? Huh?Huh?
  3. Whizkid

    Who's Lurking?

    Huh? Who kicked my cot? Wha…..? Oh, SHIT, it looks like a Gunnery Sergeant, but a real old one...……………………! Could it be.....? Nah, no Gunny gets to be that old, unless...….."GUNNY? (BTW, has anyone ever SEEN a picture of Gunny, or is he a myth, like The Hulk?)
  4. Whizkid


    Just about what I would expect from Dark Helmet!
  5. Whizkid


    And the parrot says "Would someone please get this guy off my feet?" (SORRY!)
  6. Whizkid

    Weekend music

    And now for something a little different.............................................Stans, go to your room!
  7. Whizkid


    The missus and I watched the footage together and the consensus is that we'll put up with the heat here and NOT move to the mid-West, thank you very much!!!!! Seeing that Courthouse Tower go down was freaking scary!
  8. Whizkid


    Heat, heat, and more heat! Today will be 100F again, and tomorrow a possible 104F. The good news is that it's a dry heat, so I'm thankful for small mercies. But there's no end in sight for at least another two months!!
  9. Whizkid

    Spitfire No. 944

    What a great movie! Can't be too many guys who can watch themselves from 60 -odd years ago, and at War yet! How things have changed................"Put that cigarette out!"
  10. Whizkid


    Wonderful photo! God bless all those men and women who gave their lives so that others may live! Without their sacrifices we might all be under a totalitarian regime, so let us NEVER forget!
  11. Are you sure? After all, it is CNN that's reporting it, so.............................................!
  12. Whizkid


    And they thought that me doing Disco was weird!
  13. Whizkid

    Holy disco era resurrection!

    Now, where the hell did you find my old photo? That was taken when I was much younger at the "Alhambra Theatre" Friday nite Disco Special in San Francisco around 1963! Well, I'll be damned! The girl behind me finished up being my wife. Eat your hearts out, guys!
  14. Whizkid

    Holy disco era resurrection!

    Think I should break out my bell-bottoms and satin shirt? MMMMMMMMM! "Stayin'alive, stayin' alive!"