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  1. Whizkid


    He's probably one of those idiots who subscribe to the totally erroneous view that the World is round! I can't believe that there are people who still swear to that!
  2. Whizkid


    Thank God hair grows back at that age!!!
  3. Jest makes me blubber, hearing all these storys by the ol' guys! Mebbe I'll be like them, someday!
  4. Very interesting subject. Never gave any thought to other peoples experience and comparisons with my own, so this actually got me thinking, which I haven't done for several years! But as I'll be 88yrs old next birthday I have as good excuse as any to make that statement. I found Donnies statement about "not having his joystick out in a few years" very interesting, because my wife can attest to much the same complaint in our household, but the above excuse still stands me in good stead! But as far as playing Computer games, I haven't been online for team play since the days of yore wi
  5. Not really, but anytime I see SOPHIA my heart goes into overdrive! AHHHHHHHHH, SOPHIA!!!
  7. Sophia Loren January 2, 1967 - Operation Bolo occurs as 28 U.S. Air Force F-4 Phantom jets lure North Vietnamese MiG-21 interceptors into a dogfight over Hanoi and shoot down seven of them. This leaves only nine MiG-21s operational for the North Vietnamese. American pilots, however, are prohibited by Washington from attacking MiG air bases in North Vietnam. January 8-26, 1967 - Operation Cedar Falls occurs. It is the largest combined offensive to date and involves 16,000 American and 14,000 South Vietnamese soldiers clearing out Viet Cong from the 'Iron
  8. Whizkid


    Very nicely put, Doctor!
  9. Whizkid


    Well, y'all, it's here again...…………..Christmas, I mean. Just don't get so caught up in the buying insanity that you forget who's Birthday we're celebrating. I'm speechless about the TV ads that seem to get worse every year about BUY...BUY...BUY! Anyway, to all my friends of …………..how many years is it?...…….. WOW! HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR, AND MAY 2019 BE THE BEST EVER FOR Y'ALL AND YOUR LOVED ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Whizkid


    No, ohh no, not Fick! I take it all back, please, please!
  11. Whizkid


    Oh, and my current team is staffed with ladies ranging in age from 20 to 32 years of age. Very young and every day they make me feel old and they get none of my movie, tv, or music references Does anybody?
  12. Whizkid


    Of course it is. Everybody knows that!
  13. RIP, Mr Bush! IMHO, one of the last gentleman Presidents, especially compared with who we've been saddled with since!
  14. I bet y'all just SWORE that you weren't going to eat and drink like you did last year, right? Ah, me, it's so sad, but cheer up, you've got another year to get those pounds off! Hope y'all had a wonderful Thansgiving anyway! (PS. Mine was a TV Dinner, Honey Roasted Turkey which tasted like s++++t!)
  15. Whizkid


    You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't! With the current political climate here in the States, it won't matter what Trump does, he'll be castigated by both sides of the political spectrum. Just because life is tough in Latin American countries, (my wife was originally from El Salvador) mainly bought on by their own screwed up and vicious politics, doesn't give the occupants the right to dump themselves in another venue, using that countries fractured viewpoints to justify their arrival. I can imagine, as a former Canuck, the uproar that our cousins north of the border would
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