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  1. Whizkid


    He's probably one of those idiots who subscribe to the totally erroneous view that the World is round! I can't believe that there are people who still swear to that!
  2. Whizkid


    Thank God hair grows back at that age!!!
  3. Jest makes me blubber, hearing all these storys by the ol' guys! Mebbe I'll be like them, someday!
  4. Very interesting subject. Never gave any thought to other peoples experience and comparisons with my own, so this actually got me thinking, which I haven't done for several years! But as I'll be 88yrs old next birthday I have as good excuse as any to make that statement. I found Donnies statement about "not having his joystick out in a few years" very interesting, because my wife can attest to much the same complaint in our household, but the above excuse still stands me in good stead! But as far as playing Computer games, I haven't been online for team play since the days of yore with CSim,, which was a high-water mark for me. I so fondly remember flying off the Carriers with Gunny, Donnie, Stans, The Dude, et al in our trusty Corsairs, hell bent to smash the Japs (is that OK to say today?) in the Islands. Now I half-heartedly fire up the Machine and piddle around with "Call of Duty - WW2", (can't get past that damned Jerry in Bunker 5!) or "Cliffs of Dover - Blitz" which, although totally superior to the old Flight Sims requires a lot of thought which is not my strongpoint! I have in my collection other games like "Total War- Medieval War" and "Napoleon" but all the planning required and concentration of effort just bores me silly. No, I guess the time has come where I would be better off just reading a good book (they still have those?) whilst wallowing in TIMES GONE BY! Whatever, this is still a great post, and you guys are still my buddies!
  5. Not really, but anytime I see SOPHIA my heart goes into overdrive! AHHHHHHHHH, SOPHIA!!!
  7. Sophia Loren January 2, 1967 - Operation Bolo occurs as 28 U.S. Air Force F-4 Phantom jets lure North Vietnamese MiG-21 interceptors into a dogfight over Hanoi and shoot down seven of them. This leaves only nine MiG-21s operational for the North Vietnamese. American pilots, however, are prohibited by Washington from attacking MiG air bases in North Vietnam. January 8-26, 1967 - Operation Cedar Falls occurs. It is the largest combined offensive to date and involves 16,000 American and 14,000 South Vietnamese soldiers clearing out Viet Cong from the 'Iron Triangle' area 25 miles northwest of Saigon. The Viet Cong choose not to fight and instead melt away into the jungle. Americans then uncover an extensive network of tunnels and for the first time use 'tunnel rats,' the nickname given to specially trained volunteers who explore the maze of tunnels. After the American and South Vietnamese troops leave the area, Viet Cong return and rebuild their sanctuary. This pattern is repeated throughout the war as Americans utilize 'in-and-out' tactics in which troops arrive by helicopters, secure an area, then depart by helicopters. January 10, 1967 - U.N. Secretary-General U Thant expresses doubts that Vietnam is essential to the security of the West. On this same day, during his State of the Union address before Congress, President Johnson once again declares "We will stand firm in Vietnam." January 23, 1967 - Senator J. William Fulbright publishes The Arrogance of Power a book critical of American war policy in Vietnam advocating direct peace talks between the South Vietnamese government and the Viet Cong. By this time, Fulbright and President Johnson are no longer on speaking terms. Instead, the President uses the news media to deride Fulbright, Robert Kennedy, and a growing number of critics in Congress as "nervous Nellies" and "sunshine patriots." Sophia Loren January 5, 1968 - Operation Niagara I to map NVA positions around Khe Sanh begins. January 21, 1968 - 20,000 NVA troops under the command of Gen. Giap attack the American air base at Khe Sanh. A 77 day siege begins as 5000 U.S. Marines in the isolated outpost are encircled. The siege attracts enormous media attention back in America, with many comparisons made to the 1954 Battle of Dien Bien Phu in which the French were surrounded then defeated. "I don't want any damn Dinbinfoo," an anxious President Johnson tells Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Earle Wheeler. As Johnson personally sends off Marine reinforcements, he states "...the eyes of the nation and the eyes of the entire world, the eyes of all of history itself, are on that little brave band of defenders who hold the pass at Khe Sanh..." Johnson issues presidential orders to the Marines to hold the base and demands a guarantee "signed in blood" from the Joint Chiefs of Staff that they will succeed. Operation Niagara II then begins a massive aerial supply effort to the besieged Marines along with heavy B-52 bombardment of NVA troop positions. At the peak of the battle, NVA soldiers are hit round-the-clock every 90 minutes by groups of three B-52s which drop over 110,000 tons of bombs during the siege, the heaviest bombardment of a small area in the history of warfare. January 31, 1968 - The turning point of the war occurs as 84,000 Viet Cong guerrillas aided by NVA troops launch the Tet Offensive attacking a hundred cities and towns throughout South Vietnam. The surprise offensive is closely observed by American TV news crews in Vietnam which film the U.S. embassy in Saigon being attacked by 17 Viet Cong commandos, along with bloody scenes from battle areas showing American soldiers under fire, dead and wounded. The graphic color film footage is then quickly relayed back to the states for broadcast on nightly news programs. Americans at home thus have a front row seat in their living rooms to the Viet Cong/NVA assaults against their fathers, sons and brothers, ten thousand miles away. "The whole thing stinks, really," says a Marine under fire at Hue after more than 100 Marines are killed. January 31-March 7, 1968 - In the Battle for Saigon during Tet, 35 NVA and Viet Cong battalions are defeated by 50 battalions of American and Allied troops that had been positioned to protect the city on a hunch by Lt. Gen. Fred C. Weyand, a veteran of World War II in the Pacific. Nicknamed the "savior of Saigon," Weyand had sensed the coming attack, prepared his troops, and on February 1 launched a decisive counter-attack against the Viet Cong at Tan Son Nhut airport thus protecting nearby MACV and South Vietnamese military headquarters from possible capture. January 31-March 2, 1968 - In the Battle for Hue during Tet, 12,000 NVA and Viet Cong troops storm the lightly defended historical city, then begin systematic executions of over 3000 "enemies of the people" including South Vietnamese government officials, captured South Vietnamese officers, and Catholic priests. South Vietnamese troops and three U.S. Marine battalions counter-attack and engage in the heaviest fighting of the entire Tet Offensive. They retake the old imperial city, house by house, street by street, aided by American air and artillery strikes. On February 24, U.S. Marines occupy the Imperial Palace in the heart of the citadel and the battle soon ends with a North Vietnamese defeat. American losses are 142 Marines killed and 857 wounded, 74 U.S. Army killed and 507 wounded. South Vietnamese suffer 384 killed and 1830 wounded. NVA killed are put at over 5000. Sophia Loren January 1, 1969 - Henry Cabot Lodge, former American ambassador to South Vietnam, is nominated by President-elect Nixon to be the senior U.S negotiator at the Paris peace talks. January 20, 1969 - Richard M. Nixon is inaugurated as the 37th U.S. President and declares "...the greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker. This honor now beckons America..." He is the fifth President coping with Vietnam and had successfully campaigned on a pledge of "peace with honor." January 22, 1969 - Operation Dewey Canyon, the last major operation by U.S. Marines begins in the Da Krong valley. January 25, 1969 - Paris peace talks open with the U.S., South Vietnam, North Vietnam and the Viet Cong all in attendance. Wounded Marine Tet Offensive 1968 January 4, 1971 - President Nixon announces "the end is in sight." January 19, 1971 - U.S. fighter-bombers launch heavy air strikes against NVA supply camps in Laos and Cambodia. January 30-April 6, 1971 - Operation Lam Son 719, an all-South Vietnamese ground offensive, occurs as 17,000 South Vietnamese soldiers attack 22,000 NVA inside Laos in an attempt to sever the Ho Chi Minh trail. Aided by heavy U.S. artillery and air strikes, along with American helicopter lifts, South Vietnamese troops advance to their first objective but then stall thus allowing the NVA time to bring in massive troop reinforcements. By battle's end, 40,000 NVA pursue 8000 South Vietnamese survivors back across the border. The South Vietnamese suffer 7682 causalities, nearly half the original force. The U.S. suffers 215 killed, over 100 helicopters lost, and over 600 damaged while supporting the offensive. NVA losses are estimated up to 20,000 as a result of the intense American bombardment. Also among those killed was Life magazine photographer Larry Burrows who had been working in Vietnam for ten years. Although an upbeat President Nixon declares after the battle that "Vietnamization has succeeded," the failed offensive indicates true Vietnamization of the war may be difficult to achieve. Agent Orange January 25, 1972 - President Nixon announces a proposed eight point peace plan for Vietnam and also reveals that Kissinger has been secretly negotiating with the North Vietnamese. However, Hanoi rejects Nixon's peace overture. F-105G Thunderchief January 8, 1973 - Kissinger and Le Duc Tho resume negotiations in Paris. January 9, 1973 - All remaining differences are resolved between Kissinger and Le Duc Tho. President Thieu, once again threatened by Nixon with a total cut-off of American aid to South Vietnam, now unwillingly accepts the peace agreement, which still allows North Vietnamese troops to remain in South Vietnam. Thieu labels the terms "tantamount to surrender" for South Vietnam. January 23, 1973 - President Nixon announces that an agreement has been reached which will "end the war and bring peace with honor." January 27, 1973 - The Paris Peace Accords are signed by the U.S., North Vietnam, South Vietnam and the Viet Cong. Under the terms, the U.S. agrees to immediately halt all military activities and withdraw all remaining military personnel within 60 days. The North Vietnamese agree to an immediate cease-fire and the release of all American POWs within 60 days. An estimated 150,000 North Vietnamese soldiers presently in South Vietnam are allowed to remain. Vietnam is still divided. South Vietnam is considered to be one country with two governments, one led by President Thieu, the other led by Viet Cong, pending future reconciliation. January 27, 1973 - Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird announces the draft is ended in favor of voluntary enlistment. January 27, 1973 - The last American soldier to die in combat in Vietnam, Lt. Col. William B. Nolde, is killed. 118th Assault Helicopter Company January 8, 1975 - NVA general staff plan for the invasion of South Vietnam by 20 divisions is approved by North Vietnam's Politburo. By now, the Soviet-supplied North Vietnamese Army is the fifth largest in the world. It anticipates a two year struggle for victory. But in reality, South Vietnam's forces will collapse in only 55 days. January 14, 1975 - Testifying before Congress, Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger states that the U.S. is not living up to its earlier promise to South Vietnam's President Thieu of "severe retaliatory action" in the event North Vietnam violated the Paris peace treaty. January 21, 1975 - During a press conference, President Ford states the U.S. is unwilling to re-enter the war. 1972 AMC Javelin-AMX
  8. Whizkid


    Very nicely put, Doctor!
  9. Whizkid


    Well, y'all, it's here again...…………..Christmas, I mean. Just don't get so caught up in the buying insanity that you forget who's Birthday we're celebrating. I'm speechless about the TV ads that seem to get worse every year about BUY...BUY...BUY! Anyway, to all my friends of …………..how many years is it?...…….. WOW! HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR, AND MAY 2019 BE THE BEST EVER FOR Y'ALL AND YOUR LOVED ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Whizkid


    No, ohh no, not Fick! I take it all back, please, please!
  11. Whizkid


    Oh, and my current team is staffed with ladies ranging in age from 20 to 32 years of age. Very young and every day they make me feel old and they get none of my movie, tv, or music references Does anybody?
  12. Whizkid


    Of course it is. Everybody knows that!
  13. RIP, Mr Bush! IMHO, one of the last gentleman Presidents, especially compared with who we've been saddled with since!
  14. I bet y'all just SWORE that you weren't going to eat and drink like you did last year, right? Ah, me, it's so sad, but cheer up, you've got another year to get those pounds off! Hope y'all had a wonderful Thansgiving anyway! (PS. Mine was a TV Dinner, Honey Roasted Turkey which tasted like s++++t!)
  15. Whizkid


    You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't! With the current political climate here in the States, it won't matter what Trump does, he'll be castigated by both sides of the political spectrum. Just because life is tough in Latin American countries, (my wife was originally from El Salvador) mainly bought on by their own screwed up and vicious politics, doesn't give the occupants the right to dump themselves in another venue, using that countries fractured viewpoints to justify their arrival. I can imagine, as a former Canuck, the uproar that our cousins north of the border would create if we decided to pass these people on! Of course, as most people would agree, the scenes of families using their children as bait for the Border Guards are despicable, and the possibility of using the whole thing to sneak in drug dealers, etc, shows how important it is to maintain the Legal Entry position, even though it will be even more overwhelmed than it is, and the screaming from the Extreme Left about our Inhumanity will reach fever pitch, we MUST defend our borders, or go down kicking and screaming because our system of Government is the only one that works, (sort of!). Why the hell anyone would want to be President is beyond me!
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