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    Artcile on Organic food

    Oh yeah, absolutely. I'm just saying that they got pretty sizeable in any case. Like, we've always had real issues with possums eating stuff... but they seriously stayed away from these as if they were scared of 'em.
  2. MadWallaby

    Artcile on Organic food

    Dude, your veggie garden sounds thoroughly awesome. You sound like a Permaculturist at heart, which is an admirable thing. In any case, there's something downright satisfying about producing your own food. I've been playing with a simple hydroponic system over the summer down here growing salad veggies and herbs. By golly they're tasty... although at one point my Franken-Lettuces looked like they were going to take over the planet (our cat gives 'em a wide berth, as do the possums). So whatever's in the solution I've been using, it definitely ain't organic...
  3. MadWallaby

    Firefox 2

    Poop. I thought this thread was gonna have Clint "thinking in Russian".
  4. MadWallaby

    Building a 2.5 scale M4 Sherman

    Jeez. I wanna know but I'm not sure I should... hehehe
  5. MadWallaby

    Building a 2.5 scale M4 Sherman

    http://www.boingboing.net/2007/02/27/howto...d_a_25_sca.html Speaks for itself. Check out number 5... talk about glistening with 1337ness.
  6. MadWallaby

    Building a 2.5 scale M4 Sherman

    Yeah, MissWallaby and I realised we were meant for each other many years ago when I said, "One day, I want to own a tank." She replied, "I've always wanted one too." True love. That said - I think I might have to share this link with my father-in-law. He's a manual arts teacher ("shop" for you Americastani) and about a year off retiring. Reckon he needs something like this to fill his time... hehehehe
  7. MadWallaby

    Somebody pass me the mashed potatoes...

    There's got to be a potato masher joke here somewhere...
  8. MadWallaby

    Front Page News

    Where'd you get a picture of me in meh Mixmaster Bilong Jesus Christ?? I thought it felt like my soul was a bit lighter...
  9. MadWallaby


    Been a year since I've checked in. Everyone still kicking?
  10. MadWallaby


    Yeah, off for a bit of a wander... I have an announcement to make actually fellas, for the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Hatchings, Dispatchings and Hitchings) - MissWallaby and I are expecting. Specifically, expecting a baby. MiniWallaby is due July 25th. We're over the moon. Schatten should be sufficiently disturbed by the notion of me making people... hehehehesnort
  11. MadWallaby

    Book Review Time

    A third bump for an ancient thread. "Final Impact: World War 2.3" has been released. I'm about halfway through, and it's as stonkingly good as the first two books in the trilogy. And no, I'm not on commission.
  12. MadWallaby

    Mount & Blade

    Mount&Blade just hit version 0.730. It's definitely worth a look - you can attack a couple of forts now while the Frenchies taunt you a second time...
  13. MadWallaby

    Playing Older Combat Flight Sims on XP Pro?

    DosBox is indeed teh shiznit. I actually have versions .61 and .63 depending on what I want to play. Some games work on one, and not the other. Followed by getting DosBox, go hunting down some of your old favourites at The Underdogs...
  14. MadWallaby

    Hun Bashing MMO Style

    I'm the Cornered Rat Software mole... Ooooh I'm tho dathtardly!
  15. MadWallaby

    Hun Bashing MMO Style

    Heya Badger, I've been a WWIIOL/BE addict since June 2001 when the game first started up. It's definitely worth having a try of. For many people, it's "The Game I've been waiting for since I was a kid". Be aware though, as Paddles mentions in his review, that it is involved. The learning curve is vertical. You really need to team up with someone who knows the game in order to ramp up quickly. It really is a blast though, especially if you can get on voice comms with some vets. There are regular training sessions held on the weekends, too.
  16. MadWallaby

    Further Evidence

    I think that was the one with the dudes in Kevlar. And the constant breaks for breathers. And the offensive and defensive teams on each side, in case anyone gets tired. Not that I'm being derogatory, mind. Paddles, please don't misconstrue this as a political post...
  17. MadWallaby

    To all my Aussie mates...

    Heh, thanks mate... but like Geg said, wise Aussies keep an guard cat. My wife maintains that a couple of years ago she was vaguely aware of an insect landing near her head... then a moment later she felt the swoosh of the cat's little paw, followed by crunch crunch crunch crunch. Our little cat looks after us. Felix Fidelis. Defending Democracy while you sleep, baby.
  18. MadWallaby

    Happy B-Day Wallaby mate

    Oh... happy Groundhog Day, Schatty... Ducks and Runs
  19. MadWallaby

    Happy B-Day Wallaby mate

    Thanks a bunch, Red! 30 today. I don't see what the big deal is! I don't feel any older. My new driver's license photo has a nice, Quasimodo quality to it...
  20. MadWallaby


    Zup, CombatSimians. We've had milder weather the last few days, Red... where in Straya are you?
  21. MadWallaby

    I long for The Old Days.

    I was just sitting here thinking of the liquid comedy gold that used to flow from the keyboards of CombatSimmers back in 1999, back in the daily DIY Allo-Allo-esque threads. Germglish was rampant. The plotlines were contrived. The asides were sidesplitting. Cue der schpooky music! Danke. I long for those days. We have so many talented (and less-than-sane) people in here... I'm surprised some enterprising and imaginative individual hasn't started up CSim Theatre again. Le Sigh.
  22. MadWallaby

    Guild Wars if your interested

    As they say in the classics: "w00t!"
  23. MadWallaby


    Afternoon, ya Serenityfly-loving oddballs!
  24. MadWallaby

    Guild Wars if your interested

    Schatten's such a tart. He told me he was going to play WWIIOL/BE "after the move". Harumph.
  25. MadWallaby

    WHOA, GUYS!!!