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    Is it my imagination . . . .

    Runs nekkid through thread Hope all you Americastani have the same number of digits coming out of your Explosives and Booze weekend as you had going in.
  2. MadWallaby

    Goat Simulator

    http://www.kotaku.com.au/2014/02/you-did-it-internet-goat-simulator-is-a-real-thing-that-you-can-buy/ Yeah, pretty sure this belongs here. It's a sim, it's got combat. I loved the vid...
  3. MadWallaby

    Kerbal Space Program

    No worries, hope you enjoy it. Caution: what used to work nicely, now may not. If you make something that wouldn't fly in real life, it's not going to in KSP either. The new aerodynamic modelling was something of a shock to a lot of people... And just because I can, KSP doge:
  4. MadWallaby

    Kerbal Space Program

    Hey lads, Been a while. Just in case you guys missed it, check this out: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/ Pure unadulterated concentrated AWESOMENESS. I've been playing for about two weeks now and am hooked. Given the "Mature Gamer" box I'd throw most of the yahoos around here in, I'd say you'll love it as much as I do. Just don't start unless your marriage is nice and resilient. -MW
  5. MadWallaby

    Kerbal Space Program

    "For those who came in late" tm ... KSP is now out of its Beta phase as of late April. Current version is 1.02. If you were a player Way Back When, have another look - your early access of course gives you the right to download the real deal.
  6. MadWallaby

    Goat Simulator

    Yup, that's mine. Fear not.
  7. MadWallaby

    Goat Simulator

    No review, but here's an update: http://www.kotaku.com.au/2014/11/free-update-transforms-goat-simulator-into-goat-mmo-simulator/
  8. MadWallaby

    Kerbal Space Program

    Threadjackin' sassafrassin'...
  9. MadWallaby

    The Disreputable Half-Dozen

    My apologies, sir. I believe that was my fault. Just mention camel venom around this bunch and look what happens.
  10. MadWallaby

    The Disreputable Half-Dozen

    The story is young. My prediction is that Donnie will refuse to suck camel venom out of your right glute.
  11. MadWallaby

    The Disreputable Half-Dozen

  12. MadWallaby

    So why do Canadians...

    I'm not big on water into wine, but I've had a lot of experience turning wine into water.
  13. MadWallaby

    Martian sunset

    Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom!
  14. MadWallaby

    U.S. Navy Debuts Laser Weapon

    Lasers are spiffy. You can perform eyeball surgery with them. You can vaporise bulldozers with them. Just make sure you switch it back to "Eyeball" from "Bulldozer" before correcting corneal surfaces.
  15. MadWallaby

    Rare WW2 German Bomber Discovered

    Yeah. Passenger plane. I'm sure no one ever smelled a rat. Passenger: "Was ist los? Der hugenfucken trappendoor auf droppen aus der flugzug?" Hostie: "Mein Herr, ist für... catering. Ja. Catering zugang. Mit der trolleys auf schnitzengruben und cognac." Passenger: "Fünfzehn ist mein Limit für schnitzengruben." ------------ In other news, we don't have enough Germglish around here anymore.
  16. MadWallaby

    Arsonist charged

    Good job to the Victorian police for apprehending someone. Now, let's see if he can be tried in court, rather than in Facebook and forums.
  17. MadWallaby


    Hang on, that precedes the sun engulfing us as it expands, right? That effectively brings forward our deadline (no pun intended) for getting our arses out of our solar system... and imposes the extra requirement that we master intergalactic travel, not just interstellar... Get a wriggle on, you lot!
  18. MadWallaby

    What games are you playing these days?

    Wurm Online Mount&Blade
  19. MadWallaby

    PC Police strike again

    Queenslanders aren't strange. Lefty teachers are strange.
  20. MadWallaby

    HMAS Apocalypse: Deep in the Atlantic

    Dang it, I got all excitified when I saw the HMAS bit in the title... then I started thinking that it was an unusual name for one of ours.
  21. MadWallaby


    WEAS. Wookiees, Elves and Sh*t. If only there was an MMO out there worthy of the Combatsim tribe.
  22. MadWallaby

    Rare Picture of Stag in Natural Habitat

    Well holy crap! Mate, you look hard there, real hard. Don't-meet-in-dark-alley hard. I actually thought this was going to be a "Join the Army, Lose Weight, Kill People" thread from the initial photo... Good stuff on the clean-up, lean-up, mean-up.
  23. MadWallaby

    Bloody good invention

    OH NOES! I'm going to have to send that bearded wonder a filthy email. FILTHY.
  24. MadWallaby

    Bloody good invention

    A gentleman I used to work with is a Physics PhD and former university lecturer. He told me once about some grad students who ripped the magnetron out of a microwave oven, and mounted under the hood of their car at the focal point of a small satellite dish, to focus the rays forward. They then hooked up a fairly substantial capacitor to the car's alternator, and to the magnetron. The idea was, they could flip a switch to unload the charge on the capacitor and fire microwaves out the front of their car... specifically to fry police radar. According to my old colleague, it worked. One day they had a cop looking at his radar gun with a puzzled expression as they went past. They hurriedly dismantled the system. Pie in the sky? Perhaps. This guy was prone to tall tales. It sounds feasible to me, though, and it might be the solution to shutting down mobile phones being used illegally...