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    allied force online play??

    thanks, ive sorted it at long last, i was putting my gateway ip address in the port forward thing instead of my computers ip address lol
  2. kwiky

    allied force online play??

    hi all, im new around here, ive recently bought a copy of falcon 4.0 allied force so i can play with a friend online, the trouble is no matter how many time we've tried to connect using each others ip addresses it never works, ive made sure that the correct ports are forwarded and everything but still no joy, is there something we arnt doing right or is there a different way of doing it perhaps?? ive really got no idea what im doing to be honest as i usually play online games on ps3 so online gaming on a pc is all new to me, if anyone could give me a step by step guide to fdoing i would be very grateful any help would be much appreciated, regards.....kwiky