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  1. EAGLE

    G25 and CH Yoke F/S

    I have these for sale. Items are in New and Like New condition: 1.) CHProducts Flightsim Yoke USB, New in the box, still shrinkwrapped- $70 US, plus ship. 2.) Logitech G25 Racing Wheel(wheel, pedals, dual-shifter), less than 20 Hrs on it total, original packaging, documentation and software.- $100 US plus shipping. 3.) Saitek Proflight pedals- $65 US 4.) Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar, low hours of use. No scratches, all buttons/switches work- $110 US.
  2. EAGLE

    Not your Dads kind of driving!

    That is some amazing driving. Very impressive.
  3. EAGLE

    Controller For Sale

    Thank You, WhizKid.
  4. EAGLE

    Controller For Sale

    Right.. they don't know what hardship is. I appreciate the concern.
  5. Hello, I didn't see a dedicated B/S/T forum, so I hope I'm not infringing.. I have these for sale. Economic hardship causes the sale. Items are in New and Like New condition: 1.) CHProducts Flightsim Yoke USB, New in the box, still shrinkwrapped- $80 US, plus ship. 2.) Logitech G25 Racing Wheel(wheel, pedals, dual-shifter), less than 20 Hrs on it total, original packaging, documentation and software.- $150 US plus shipping. Anybody want 'em? Thanks.
  6. EAGLE

    The Matterhorne...

    Hi again, I just thought you all might like this video. If you can,watch it full screen...amazing stuff. Disney Land kind of re-mastered the scale of the Matterhorne a bit..never realized that... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDbMCM_2Zuc&NR=1 I apologize if it's been seen before, it's the first time I've seen it. Many thanks to the original poster. I am thankful there are people out there that find cool stuff like that. Thats more fun to watch than going to the theater. Heh. Spell check on Matterhorn.
  7. EAGLE

    P-38 crash

    Does anyone know the details of this? Brought a tear to my eye. It wasn't Glacier Girl, was it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHB-9V-VORU...feature=related I hope the pilot got out...doesn't look like he could have, though. Found more detailed information. RIP, Sir. So tragic.
  8. EAGLE

    Actress Suzanne Pleshette Dies

    So sad. She was always one of my boyhood loves. RIP Suzanne. See ya on the other side.
  9. EAGLE

    Red Viper/ Vista Black Screen

    Trying to sound like Scotty "Aye, Sir. Yer Welcome"
  10. EAGLE

    Red Viper/ Vista Black Screen

    Just an update. I finally figured out the -g and -hires command line parameters, and they seem to help alot. So, at this point, Red Viper on Vista will still Black screen about every 5th or sixth time you hit "Fly", but you can "Esc+E" back to the briefing screen, and go right back in, and it will load. Much more stable than a stock installation. I'm running 158.x series forceware drivers (not great for newer titles like SH4 or Crysis or anything..). Add the -g3 and -hires commands to your shortcut line, and run at whatever resolution you have available in the in-game drop down list. Run your desktop at the same res, though, or it will black screen ALOT more often. It seems you can add as much driver set FSAA and Anisotropic Filtering as you like, doesn't seem to make a difference to occurence of the black screen. I think mine is currently at 8Q. Looks pretty good, and the special effects are really nice. Far above what the original F4 is like, OR F4AF. Doesn't seem there is any complete fix that the end user can do..it's up to the genious guys that are re-writing the F4 code. I got a response from one of them that they are going to work on it, but not yet since XP is still the "Best" operating system of choice right now. But, if the growth of Falcon is to continue, they will move forward when it becomes necessary. Thats about as far as I can get. At least it's playable now.
  11. EAGLE

    Red Viper/ Vista Black Screen

    You're welcom. You'll like it, guarenteed. As far as a memory leak, I don't think so. The sim actually runs great, and I'm only getting the black screen about once every fourth or fifth time. Most of the time you don't have to exit the program, but sometimes you do. It is a pain, though. A guy at Frugals posted some command line parameters, but apparently they don't work with the RV shortcut over F4AF. I keep getting a 'you're not allowed to do that' error message. ( not permission, btw, just not allowed to change the file path name at all.) So, I've got a copy of the Original F4 on the way, and I'll try it with that.
  12. EAGLE

    F-5 Tiger II or the F-20 Tigershark

    You can fly the F5 in Falcon 4.0 with the Red Viper mod, too. I'm hooked on Red Viper these days...amazing sim.
  13. EAGLE

    Red Viper/ Vista Black Screen

    I'm running 158's now, and it seems to be alot more stable. All the effects are back, and I can run 4 or 5 missions without the Black Bug. Sometimes you can Esc. + E and then just reload, sometimes you have to exit the whole program and reload. I have it installed over F4:AF, and I'm thinking this might be part, at least, of the problem. I just ordered a copy of F4 binder edition (lost mine years ago) and will hack it all together with HighTilesAF and see what happens. There is a new post at Frugal's World about how to get HighTilesAF to work in F4.0 You really should get RV and fly it. It's like having a new sim. It's what F4 was meant to be. From what I read, the next version isn't too far away, either. But, for now, the 158 forceware drivers are working the best. Of course, it'll weaken your visuals in Crysis or anything like that... If you want to get Red Viper, everything you need is here. http://freefalcon.com/forum/view_topic.php...amp;forum_id=25
  14. EAGLE

    Red Viper/ Vista Black Screen

    Hello. and thanks for the welcom I used to be here way back in the late 90's...when F4 was new. Been a long time. I've been checking all the major forums for a solution. As far as Vista goes, this is the first problem I've had with any software, except a minor crashing problem with WoE that was an easy fix. This prob with RV seems to be directly related to drivers, or Nvidia and Vista, or something. I changed to old 100x forceware last night, and flew mission after mission for hours without ever getting the black screen loading the 3D world. However, NO EXPLOSION GRAPHICS....can't get it right. I love the RV mod and it's flight model..just feels right, and all the cockpit shaking under high g's, the inertia and momentum of weapons...seriously making me want to scrub Vista and get a copy of XP. Hopefully I'll figure it out.
  15. I've fallen in love with Red Viper. Amazing work on F4..check this vid, if you haven't already seen it My problem is with Vista, one mission will run fine, and anything after that will just go to a black screen. I have tried everything imaginable, but the problem continues. I had it running good once, but I don't know what I did to get it running..(must have been a driver change), but something I did since then put me back to the Black Screen bug. Anyone know how to fix this? specs: 3.4 dual NV8800GTX X-Fi fatality 2048 gb RAM...