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  1. Hi another little update for the forthcoming exe patch, we have managed to add transparency to the airfield models which allows us a new approach to making airfields in EAW. With a simple square model subdivided into 4, 8 , 16, 32 etc tiles we can make very easy to skin and detailed airfields which don't appear to be 'square'.... here are some quick examples of the process in use with a low res 256 x 256 skin ( bear in mind each tile can be seperately skinned so we can use an enormous image to skin the field if we want to cut it into enough pieces) cheers, Pobs
  2. Hi, just to keep everyone abreast of current developments, here we have a beta version of the new exe with multiskin capability, every plane has its own skin at last.... here is a P51 squad in the air online yesterday.. cheers, Pobs
  3. Hi Per, yes that sort of thing but for a city centre we need taller buildings and a more compact model, the buildings in the original model are so 'spaced out' that you don't get the impression of a city centre very well. I was just wondering, since you were putting so much effort into the original models to upgrade them whether you had thoughts on changing them from the rather irregular shaped clumps of buildings into a more regular 'block' that would be easier to fit onto a city road grid. Not to worry though, your improved models are a boon to anyone subsequently wanting to give upgradi
  4. Nice work VonOben, have you thought of expanding the city models into street 'blocks' which would sit better onto a road grid on the tile ?... we would need to put a lot more complexity into the rooflines I think to improve the overall appearance of the cities, less space between the individual buildings and a more complex and varied set of roof heights and profiles in each model, at the moment the buildings are too far apart and too regular I think.. cheers, Pobs
  5. Hi Maine, I dropped a quick email to Naturalpoint Inc. for you and got the following reply regarding EAW and trackIR 3 : 'If it has a mouse look mode, and uses direct input to control the mouse then it should work with the mouse emulation application we include with the latest software, but without the game for testing I have no way to confirm that it will work. NaturalPoint Technical Support' and further he went on : 'The mouse emulation, with the new software is a separate application, in the install folder. ' so that should answer that one... and Thanks to Vincent G.
  6. Hi Maine, if the track IR supports mouse emulation it will work with eaw....otherwise I dont think it will. I am not sure about the Saitek stick, you might try asking at the EAW forum over at SimHQ, there are more players over there. sorry I can't be more help . cheers, Pobs
  7. Hi Red, I am afraid we can't fix the 7217 error in this current patch since it needs us to re-write the whole 8 bit front end screen graphics. We are looking at that for the next '1.3 patch', but for this current patch we decided to keep the game 'backwardly compatible' with the original game so that all the existing mods will still work with it. cheers, Pobs
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