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    Has anyone had a problem with joystick controls with MS Combat Flight Simulator and Vesta?? I have tried all sort of fixes...Everything else works on CFS; Graphics,sound etc, but not the Joystick. The keyboard will control the aircraft but thats no fun..The Joystick works great with all other flight simulators. Any advice,links would be greatly appreciated.
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    CFS problems with Vesta

    Thanks for the quick reply. All my other CFS 2,3, work fine...It's CFS "1" Europe....Old I know, but still a great CFS. Sidewinder Precision 2 works fine with other CFS....But will not work with CFS 1...Everything else works great; Sound, Graphics etc. Being new at this what do you mean by: "How does it behave in the Vista game controllers area?" Your help/advice is appreciated..
  4. Just purchased a new computer with Vesta....All my other FS work....But cannot get my Sidewinder controls to work with CFS in Europe...Everything else works great. Sound,Graphics etc. Any advice or sources would be appreciated. Thanks.