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  1. That sucks Arch, hope the insurance and cops get it all sorted out and the punks that did it get tased. Whether they need it or not.
  2. Heya Jen. I'm a lot better now that I got a new computer, having to go over a year without one was...bad, very very very bad. Especially when my Xbox broke on me too. How's everything going with you?
  3. Like I bothered to look at the link, where's the fun in that? Besides it's something the Army would do.
  4. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Yes, yes it is. First berets, then "dress blue" standard, now cowboy hats? I bet their next BDU/ACU/WTFU* uniform will be sleeveless too in honor of the First Lady. I can see it now, them running around yelling "Huuu-wha?" 40 bajillion times a day dressed in cammo muscle shirts like one of the gangs from The Warriors. On the bright side, I bet Patton's gold football helmet for tankers is under consideration again... * WTFU of course standing for: Wherevereverywhere Tactical Fighting Uniform.
  5. That wasn't filmed in Punxy either, it was filmed somewhere in Indiana. Why? Because Punxy is a shithole, that's why. Useless Fact of the Day: No one from anywhere near Punxy calls it Punxsutawney. Why? Because it's a shithole, and that's way too many syllables to waste on the place. Want me to drive over and kill Phill for you? I've been thinking about it after the past couple weeks we've had here too.
  6. I was half asleep, next time I'll either do Evil Overlord or Hillbilly from Hell.
  7. I'm not lifelike, I'm just a random word string thrown together on a computer somewhere in lower Bohemia. You know, like a radio numbers station, but just making a lot less less sense most of the time.
  8. Wow Stans, you're just a ray of sunshine ain't you? Do you go to Bar Mitzvahs and tell the kids that everything is gonna start going downhill right...about...now, too?
  9. I'll save comment on this until later but here's a preview: :rofl: *catches breath* :rofl:
  10. Happy Birthday Bro. My mom said so too. The dogs...well they just want some cake. They ain't getting any.
  11. That thing is so pretty that I almost want to move to California so I could marry it. They allow that stuff out there right? Great review too Doug.
  12. HBD TQM! Wow that looks like an Enigma header.
  13. Cold and crappy with just a hint of bone breaking humidity. I'd go shoot the lying giant rat but honestly the weather is too crappy to be bothered to drive over to Punxy.
  14. Gotta remember Stans: EPA > Dept. of Energy It's been that way for years unfortunately.
  15. Schatten


    I didn't get to bed until 0700 'cause I was making another DVR --> DVD Chuck season 4 disc. It's cold, it's not too cold, so we get a freezing rain and snow mix. I can't remember the countdown but I'm fixin' to go to Punxy to shoot that frickin' rat!
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