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  1. TAW comes in 2 flavors: Direct3D and Glide -- they are separate.

    Glide wasn't included in v.1R, because at that time I had no experience, didn't know of the wrapper,

    and after all, for some reason, it won't work at all on my specs -- but I don't care.

    anyway, you should download v.1.5B2 -- but if you can't, here's a small "patch",

    with the Glide version of the executable and the wrapper.

    I packed some extra files as well:


    have any problems, post here.

  2. Tell your wife about your feelings and passions and always ask about her feelings,too.

    If she really loves and respects you, she will respect your flightsim passion.

    yeah and hopefully, she'll also let you buy that $90 Saitek X52 flight control system. :rofl:

    jokes aside, what GP said is true -- but still, she should respect your passions, whatever they are.

  3. Steve Hunt, formally a member of the DID crew told us, that there s some kind of security check which will prevent of changing files there.


    he was referring probably to RA encryption used in Red Sea Operations.

    we got passed that nasty bit.

    thing is, I don't know how to bunch them together, and I don't know if it's worth it..

    certainly worth it for slow computers, but let's face it. we're not in 1997 anymore.

  4. well, I have no idea how the files are aligned, or what other info is put in DID.DAT besides the files themselves..

    major disadvantage consists of the fact that "easy" modding (i.e. manual replacement of files and mission making) will be gone.

    major advantage -- game load time drastically shortened, this also goes for installation time.

    I've got a hunch that DID.DAT is just all the game files concatenated alphabetically by filename and path.

    anybody want this to be done? and heh, CAN anybody do it?


    the AI of TAW never ceases to impress me.

    Faustan has been working on a custom dynamic campaign, and he said that after he put Somalia and Egypt at war,

    Sudan being neutral, the two countries wouldn't attack each other so to not go over Sudan's airspace.

    today, I tried out F-22 v.1.5B2 on my old rig, software mode, clouds look nasty.

    originally wanted to record the MIDI music from ADF, as it sounds very different in good ol' Win98SE, due to the instruments.

    alas, ADF kept crashing because it "sensed" the recording software "listening" to its tune. will try some more.

    anyway, I fired up the Su-27 vs F-16 demo dogfight mission, and heh, after bitter dogfighting, the F-16 wins with a

    maneuver kill. it seemed it was done for as it couldn't shake of the Sukhoi off its tale and already ate a couple of bullets..

    then, the Su-27 can't recover from the Low Yo-Yo, and boom. I was in awe.

  6. TrackIR is support for head-tracking devices. Home Fries knows more on the subject,

    but basically you can see the effects in his YouTube video.

    when you're in the cockpit view, you can look around by actually moving your head in real life.

    you need a TrackIR device though..

    familiarizing yourself with the F-22, on your own, will indeed take some time.

    this is because, unlike many kids' flight "sims", here you have a real flight model, etc.

    anyway, when you dogfight, you must try to keep your speed at around 240-300 knots.

    go slower, or go faster, and you'll lose in the dogfight.. if the opponent is capable.

    thrust vectoring is something that is very useful but only used right.

    keeping it engaged at all times is very, very stupid -- even if you want to do stunts instead of fighting.

    hah, this is a nice experiment for EVERYONE who loves TAW/ADF to try:

    you all think that the MiG-29 is inferior to the F-22 in dogfighting?

    well -- you never tried fighting it with 100% thrust. try to fight it without afterburners.

    a different experience, especially on Medium and Hard difficulties.

  7. glad you're all good and flyin'.

    hint: if you ever want to play online, contact Home Fries, Nephilim, maybe Hawkx,

    and maybe even those who downloaded and posted here.

    I kinda miss that dogfighting, but then again, I don't have time.

    it is a shame, with my shinin' ST90 I would have kicked Neph's behind!

  8. 2daMax,

    if you run 1024x768 Direct3D, you won't be able to enter the game's menu.

    open game.cfg in Notepad and search for line:


    change it to


    in the game, this will mean the resolution will be 640x400 -- but that doesn't matter,

    you only have to do this so that you can enter the menu, instead of manually editing the game.cfg file.

    after you went into Options and made your changes, return and change back to REZ=3.

    and using the keyboard as control device? well umm, arrow keys?

    from what I know (well for v.1.5 Beta2 anyway), default input device is keyboard.

  9. There are a lot of questions about Google Chrome and how it works and what it does... without the user's knowledge or consent.

    but why live in doubt, I ask?

    now, if they'd release it as open-source, then my view would change radically.

    but dey w0nt -- because that'd mean exposing their little built-in data collecting mechanisms.

  10. I'm sticking with Firefox. It's what I know and it does what I need it to do and it's better than Internet Explorer.

    roger that!

    and maybe I'm just paranoid -- but I wouldn't trust Chrome at all, I'm quite sure it is more or less spyware.

  11. well the thing is this: F-22 TAW (and so our mods) can run on Linux, but you need to install Wine.

    after you done that, you can install and play all mods.

    one problem: you will not be able to hear voices in Linux, just as you can't hear them in Vista/Win7,

    unless you install the TrueSpeech codecs. you can do this in Win, but I don't think you can in Linux, who knows?

    glad you enjoy our mod, GP. feel free to comment, and make suggestions for future releases.

  12. Glad do see that the F22 ADF / TAW aren't dead.

    this is the part where I should say:

    "welcome, glad you like our mod, check out v.1.5 BETA1, v.1 is getting old".

    but that quote is a mystery to me, that I can't solve, TBH. :o

  13. OK, you're welcome, GP.

    • firstly: the new HUD was designed by MGonzales (which, all in all, might have been closer to the real thing).
      but I decided to tweak it a bit for gameplay. (rearranged text, added "spikes" to the pitch ladder.)
      this is quite close to the real F-22 HUD, I don't know how much closer we can get.
      if you want to try out MG's original mod, use TAW Configurator, but remember to save your original huddle folder.
    • secondly: you should check out v.1.5 BETA1, we've included a lot of new stuff. (BETA2 coming up sometime next week)

  14. description:

    this is the BETA1 version of the upcoming v1.5 release.

    - we are currently in need of beta-testers and mission makers.

    download (~108 MB):


  15. "Tower"?

    anyway, the cannon is a very good weapon against mostly anything, except buildings and ships.

    going with it against SAMs is very dangerous, but if you're skilled enough, you can do it.

    switch to EMCON 1 and fly very, very low, and directly towards the SAM.

    when you get very close to it, pull a bit up, then try to shoot it. when you pass it by (especially if it's a machine gun SAM),

    switch to F2 view to see when it fires.

    like I said, takes skill, and it's not a good tactic with lots of SAMs in a group.

    if you're against missile SAMs, try to fly around them until they fire all their missiles.

    then they're defenseless.

    and if going to attack SAMs in a group, ALWAYS destroy the machine gun SAMs first, unless the mission requires you otherwise.

  16. what about Linux?

    no, I'm serious.

    in my view, both Vista and Win7 are bloatware. their outer beauty don't excite me.

    same would go for XP in opposition to good ol' 98.

    hardware always gets better, and software has to be renewed so to take advantage of it.

    the time when XP won't be good enough to handle with the day's hardware is approaching.

    but that doesn't mean I need an OS which takes up a lot more resources than the previous generation.

    being in pace with technology is one thing (try using Win98's FAT32 on a 500 GB hard drive);

    bloatware is another (Vista would fill up like 10 GB if I recall corectly? -- what on earth for?)

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