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  1. OK so? in the game, the F-22 has IRST. in real life, it doesn't. this thread is about the F-22 2008 mod, and solving problems you have with it. want to discuss about the real F-22? register here: http://forum.keypublishing.co.uk/
  2. there are three aircraft in a demo dogfight mission. you (Neutral) and the two aircraft mentioned (Enemies). you die when the mission starts -- then the game tries to get into Smart View (F12) and there it crashes. the player's aircraft exploding will be discussed. thanks..... but there's one thing to remember. this game is NOT a modified F-22 ADF. it's a modified F-22 TAW, the sequel for ADF made in 1998. the EMCON thing and engine sound effects are from TAW. ADF and TAW are not so different, that's why we could include ADF's campaigns in here.
  3. are you sure? you're supposed to automatically die when the dogfight demos begin. that doesn't matter, press "C" and continue the mission. we'll see if we'll lose time trying to fix it. same problem reported in SimHQ, seems it's for XP only. I never had that problem, playing Direct3D on XP MCE. that's because of 1024x768, already fixed over at SimHQ and will be included in next release.
  4. .. well..... apply the TAW_RES.COM patch again to get back to normal resolutions (800x600) enter Options, change what you want then re-apply the resolution patch (1024x768). but to answer your actual question: CONTROL=1 (for joystick) CONTROL=0 (for keyboard) F-22 2008 not working well because of F-22 ADF was expectable. you never had to install anything except F-22 '08.
  5. LOL, you're struggling this much only to get a higher resolution -- the F-22 2008 project is NOT just about running F-22 TAW in a higher resolution. anyway, good luck, and have fun.
  6. unfortunately, this could mean that your computer / video card does not support 1024x768 resolution. sorry.
  7. sorry, but that clearly has NOTHING to do with the mission. does it show the same for any other missions? have you even tried running the game without the 1024x768 patch, in 800x600 resolution?
  8. I'm here to help. and what error does the mission give you (and which mission?), I want to hear.
  9. note, some cards / Operating Systems (like Vista) don't support 640x400 resolution, this also means you won't be able to view the Demos. now, your problem is simple: you applied the TAW_RES.COM resolution patch -- but forgot to edit the game.cfg file and change REZ=2 to REZ=3. BE ADVISED: you will not be able to go to Options while REZ=3, if you want to change game settings from inside the game, either put REZ=2, or use TAW_RES.COM again to unapply the resolution patch. the dirtier way is going into game.cfg manually, but you have to know what you're doing.
  10. logical explanation, read carefully please. after you use TAW_RES.COM, you CANNOT GO TO OPTIONS ANYMORE. this is why you MANUALLY have to put REZ=3 in game.cfg -- because the game can't do it by itself. so you either manually edit game.cfg, or go to Options without the 1024x768 patch applied, to change settings such as volume and effects. with REZ=3, when you want to play the game, you'll be in 1024x768 from now on, understand?
  11. was never a big fan of AWACS missions, I admit, but I remember you can zoom in-out by holding down Shift and left-click and move mouse. right click to zoom out. this is even more interesting when using the 3D map. have fun, and get F-22 2008 if you haven't already. EDIT: this reminds me of when I had ADF without the game manual. I never knew how to eject until I found the manual. I mean, come on, Shift-Escape-Escape? who could POSSIBLY guess that? same with the thrust vectoring, I was very confused that such a great sim "forgot" to implement thrust vectoring on the F-22. .. until I
  12. but, can you run it in hardware mode? because if you can, I really want to know how.
  13. ADF installation not needed. secondly. F-22 Total Air War is in two flavors: Direct3D and Glide. F-22 2008 v.1(-R) is only Direct3D. all in all, Direct3D is dependent on DirectX as far as I know. Glide is what you want if you have a Voodoo 3D card. the TAW_RES.COM patcher works only for the Direct3D version. if you use the Glide version, the glVoodoo wrapper can do the same thing as the TAW_RES.COM patcher. read the 08FAQ.txt file for detailed information. the Glide version wasn't included with F-22 2008. if you want it, go to SimHQ and ask for it.
  14. boooooooohohohohohoooooooo.
  15. TAW uses a now obsolete WAV-speech system ("TrueSpeech"). Win Vista/7 don't have the required drivers AFAIK. I heard this problem sometimes occurs in XP SP2, but I never had this problem myself. these fixes may work, or may not: if using XP http://www.codec-download.com/modules.php?...tit&lid=505 if using Vista/7: http://users.on.net/~formato/tsp_codec_install.exe this thread may also help, or if all fails, google for "truespeech drivers": http://combatsim.invisionzone.com/forums/i...showtopic=14748 good luck. EDIT: oh wait, you're not saying you want to run it under
  16. F-22 2008 is a self-sufficient improved version of F-22 TAW. you probably installed F-22 ADF from a CD, but chose "Minimal" installation. doing so will have the ADF installation program put a key in the Registry, that confuses F-22 2008 and makes it try to load the data files from ADF's CD which you used to install ADF. go to Start -> Run -> type "regedit" and in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software delete the Digital Image Design folder. then try to run F-22 2008 (yellow TAW icon on Desktop) again. not knowing why you didn't have the 1024x768 resolution available shows that you did
  17. Spear


    I just noticed you're nearing 30,000 posts.
  18. OK buddy.. and don't forget about SimHQ, if you have any suggestions, I don't know how much longer I'll be around.
  19. all your questions will be answered as soon as you download the file. you have a false image in your mind right now, I think you will be surprised when you find out what F-22 2008 actually is.
  20. you ask a lot of questions without actually downloading and checking out the game. but I'll answer you anyway. the new HUD is closer to the real life HUD than the original was, but of course, not 100% identical. we know how it looks because we've seen F-22 HUD videos. can you change it back to the original, well yes you can.
  21. the F-22 2008 is both ADF and RSO. the difference between Direct3D and Glide lies in the hardware, and the extra software needed (i.e. DirectX or glVoodoo Wrapper). pick your poison, I'm with D3D.
  22. hahaha. I see you didn't actually read the information.. but guess you already downloaded it, so no matter.
  23. darn I know I know a good couplea' jokes, but I remember none right now. sorry.
  24. NOTICE: don't bother reading this tutorial if you're on the stock F-22 TAW or F-22 ADF/RSO, because some files need to be extracted so that you can work on them. in this regard, F-22 2008 is fully extracted and custom mission -friendly. a single player mission in TAW/ADF is made up of 4 text files. all these files are found in the directories given by their name. you already have tons of missions which you can check out to see how things work. learn by doing, that's how I have. a convention: use the same name for all 4 files for a mission, except for the extension of course. also
  25. I'd like to thank all those who contributed to the F-22 2008 project: - Polak, mikew, M.G., Al.D., B.H., DrKD, Krusade, and special thanks to The Dude, for letting the project reside here at CSim. also, thanks to all the online/offline pilots out there, although some may have converted to other sims by now, and thanks to anybody else who I didn't remember to include. I am very proud of what we've accomplished, people, heck we made it on TAW's 10th birthday too. but getting to the point, I'm retiring from this project. getting short of both time and interest. we'd need more devote
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