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  1. Wombat buddy, I hereby relieve you of your beta-testing duties. forget about it, it's not a priority anymore, just go and have some fun.
  2. I apologize, but I can't help. not my area of expertise, and everybody else is hanging out over at SimHQ. sorry dude. as for the HUD problems, I never encountered ANY of what you posted.
  3. it's a good thing you censored the word "free". some blokes don't like it, as they think that a 10 year old abandoned game is still something to be bought.
  4. hah it's quite funny how come I'm the only one posting here.
  5. will it be F-22 2008 v.2 or will it be F-22 2009? or maybe even......
  6. actually, maybe I'll give the importing of Quick Combat another go sometime. hmmm..
  7. phew...... well the Quick Combat mission you're talking about can't be added, because TAW doesn't know to replenish munition. this will lead to you being empty of weapons and having absolutely no friendly airbase to land at. so, sorry, that mission can't be imported. but, a very long UFO mission is there, The Crusade, you can land anywhere and you'll have to destroy hundreds of UFOs. it also uses the waypoints from Quick Combat, so it is indeed long. as for the crashes, I'm sorry but I can't help. if you'd like to try running the game in its Glide version with a Voodoo Glide wrapper, PM
  8. no rush, no worries. heh I got the Christmas blues but that'll pass. it's also a bad period for TAW, I see. but hey, at least we got more people playing it now, with the release of F-22 2008. if not anything else, at least it's played.
  9. sorry for the late entry, Merry Christmas CSim!
  10. when you uninstall, be sure to use the Uninstaller that the setup program generated. on the other hand, check out the default directory C:\Program Files\F-22 2008 -- maybe it still contains traces? in the end, there's a thing to know: both TAW and ADF will use a Registry key for designating where should they get configuration and pilot data. if the key is missing, they'll use the current program directory. now, that Registry key is ONLY generated by the original TAW installation program.. which is said not to run at all on Vista. right.. my hunch is that you once installed the origina
  11. the texture mod doesn't look too good in this screen.. but right, it's software mode, and it's also Linux. let's give it some respect.
  12. don't know what's going on w/ the others.. Polak is probably working on the textures, I hope.. Wombat beta-testing.. whilst me, I'm just messing around, wasting time.. for instance, I just played F-22 2008 under a 64-bit Linux. I was "confined" to Software mode and 800x600 resolution, there was no radio chatter or B-Betty, but thing is, it worked, and was completely playable. so.. using a 64-bit WinE emulator, I was running an "obsolete" 10 year old simulator under a 64-bit Linux OS. could've also used the joystick, but because I was too lazy to calibrate it I switched to the keyboar
  13. it'd be nice if someone copy-pasted this in SimHQ as well, but not at all compulsory.. since ITE, SimHQ opposes the project -- right.. we need mission makers. and I'm talking especially about custom dynamic campaigns. we need GFXers. Polak, you should compile a re-texturing tutorial for TAW and then we'll look around for GFXers. -- in case you think you'd need help to speed up the re-texturing process. we need beta-testers. lack of feedback from Wombat leads me to believe he gave up? missions need to be tested, problems spotted and fixed.. -- everything from inappropriate brief
  14. well.. the problem may be Vista. I'm pretty sure that's what you're using too. sorry people, but I never had such crashes, and I'm using XP. here's maybe an easy way out, rather than messing w/ installing XP on a Vista machine. go to http://www.ubcd4win.com/ and I hope you have an original XP SP2 ISO or CD. create the bootable CD and it'll be sort of like a WinXP running directly from the CD. you may try running '08 in that, and I'm quite confident it'll crash no more. as for the graphics looking bad, I heard stories that in some cases the Glide version looks better than th
  15. thank you for your appreciation, HF. unfortunately, I always had problems playing TAW in multiplayer. I must confess I'm completely out of the subject. as for the bugs in the "patched" version, they are more or less expectable, as it's a hack rather than something fancy and "clean". I even prefer to play TAW at 800x600 because the view isn't "squashed", and I'm satisfied w/ the details anyway. all in all, sorry for not being helpful in your problems, HF, but for technical stuff (and I say this w/ apologies to The Dude), I don't think this is the right forum to consult. you should go
  16. Olivier, I sent you a PM asking again if this happened in the dynamic campaigns or the scripted missions. you didn't reply, so I think you didn't receive the PM, maybe.. right, I wanted to say, if it's in the scripted missions, I can test it and fix it if necessary. if it's in the dynamic campaigns, then maybe it's a game bug, or the OS is to blame, or you have a virus, or the high-resolution patch messes things up. to sum it up: - uninstall high-res patch - check for viruses
  17. no joy in your recruiting efforts, eh?

    oh well, maybe add more games to the list?

  18. hello there. well, about the problem.. if it happens during any mission, then maybe the OS or video card are to blame. if it happens in one particular mission, then please point it out and I'll see how I can fix it. hope this works: http://www.MegaShare.com/546031 and thank you for downloading. v.2 won't be released anytime soon it seems, but let's keep our hopes up.
  19. the important things: * using Pause ("P") is OK * flying w/o G Effects turned on is OK (everyone hates them anyway) * you can play w/ whatever controller type you want the main idea behind this is: I simply slammed a lot of missions in F-22 2008 that I didn't make myself. and I'm too lazy to check them for problems. like I said, check so that the missions aren't embarrassingly difficult for the common player. note, the time to finish a mission does not matter.
  20. yes, loadout = weapons load. you should play the missions at Medium difficulty. playtesting that is.. for instance, if a mission is really, really unreasonably tough, and you think that you'd be better of w/ AGM65's instead of LAU68 rockets, tell me about it. note: this applies to missions from Covert 1, Covert 2 and Covert Campaigns sections. I wish to leave the Air Dominance Fighter and Red Sea Operations campaigns untouched. as for making missions, manually, all you need is Notepad, imagination and sheer knowledge. my role would be to instruct you on how missions are structured i
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