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  1. I hereby invite all those who checked out our F-22 2008 project to consider helping us. we are in need of people who can take on TAW texture format hacking, and program hacking. custom mission makers are also sought after. the major targets for F-22 2008 release v.2 are: (1) increased engine power for the player's F-22 (2) re-textured game world (3) more missions, and dynamic campaign "episodes" (4) presence of a game configurator * (1) requires Assembly knowledge. the executable f22.dat must be hacked, since the easy way, i.e. recompiling the game from its source code, is unava
  2. November 26th 2008 hope you guys don't mind this bump. it's a moment I've been waiting for.
  3. Spear

    Hello Monty

    don't know if you know/remember them, but by all means, check this out. seems nobody here posted about it. http://www.youtube.com/user/montypython also, Dude, how do I embed YouTube videos?
  4. Polak, can the position of the Sun and Moon be changed? we could do this, if so? it'd be nice to have the Moon hanging just above the sea.
  5. I did it for the video, and Fortunes.
  6. TAW has 2 versions: Glide and Direct3D, I presume the OS doesn't like the one you're currently using? for me, TAW sometimes freezes -- in which case, I press Alt-Tab then re-enter the game. in the past, when I didn't think this would work, I shut down the game, but, as I said, a simple Alt-Tab is enough and nothing is lost. CTD's could also be because you have enabled MIDI music? if so, disable it. please give us more info about this. you could check out the F-22 2008 mod, that's here on this forum, if you haven't noticed it.
  7. (don't know about you, but this "smiley" makes me laugh:)
  8. Polak, after more playtesting, I found some problems. * water is treated as solid terrain in some parts. this can be checked by firing bullets into it. * Situation MFD map is corrupted sometimes. * skins for aircraft such as the Rafale or F-16U don't look too good. (you mentioned this, though) also, maybe the Sun was shrunk too much, if you don't mind me saying? OTOH, the "clouds mod" needs to be applied here as well. and I'm still intrigued as to why TAW '08 v1-R didn't have the red1200 folder.. EDIT: I'm not trying to overload you or anything, I'm just reporting what I find.
  9. here's my video for it, Polak.. link: I recommend High Quality viewing. I'd come over and put it on SimHQ as well, but erm..
  10. after a fast test flight.. the report: * I'm a bit colorblind, but it seemed to me the sky was a bit greenish. * external weapons (MK20s and LAU68s) were definitely lime green.. I think. * caught a kaleidoscopic moment, I don't believe you can fix it ATM, though. what surprised me was that: * my TAW 2008 v.1-R did not have a red1200 folder. * you didn't modify the file \lev\redse_.lbm. I thought that file was directly responsible for the tile textures, seems I was wrong. wishlist: * new skins for other aircraft as well
  11. find it, buy it, install it, extract the files, gather the mods, apply the mods w/o corrupting the game. success for any of the above is uncertain. and you probably won't have the extra campaigns that you'd have in F-22 2008, because, guess what, you'd have to buy the prequels of TAW as well. but hey, if you're willing to buy a 10 year old game which is unofficially abandoned, do it.
  12. you should download F-22 2008, even w/o that mod included ATM.
  13. LOL OK, back on topic. - topic is F-22 2008 project. anything more to say on it?
  14. oh OK, buddy. yah, I wanted to ask about that banned account at SimHQ.
  15. there's a hidden meaning behind those italics. actually, you seem like wanting to start something here. c'mon, you don't care much about SimHQ's TAW forum. or where were you all this time? got anything to say, that's truly meaningful and straight to the point?
  16. still, this isn't SimHQ, so will you please stop trying to sabotage our project? leave it be.
  17. 1998 is a helluva long way from 2008. that's the point. in other words, TAW is dead and we're trying to revive it.
  18. no it is not included, and please do not use it (TAWC) in TAW 2008. the current version of TAWC does not "understand" the mods applied to TAW 2008, and will mess things up. MGonzales is the one to fix this issue. a compatible TAWC will be surely included in next releases. as for SimHQ.. I think they're missing the point of this project. so, go there to get answers for any technical questions you may have, and come here to have some fun.
  19. hello sir, glad you enjoy the improved TAW. be sure to check out the UFO busting missions, and I hope you like the new cluster'd HUD, but you can change it to the old one, if you want to. if you have any problems w/ TAW, post here -- or at SimHQ.
  20. TAW addict here. flied Falcon 4.0 AF for a short amount of time, but I was never interested in flying a hard sim. as for LOMAC, gave it a try and was OK overall, but lagged on my specs. ATM, TAW is my favorite since it combines gameplay and realism very well. you don't have to learn, for e.g. how to use certain RADAR modes, but you can apply real life tactics in completing your mission, if you want to go that far. not to mention, dogfighting is a true art, especially against human opponents. that's not to say df'ing in other sims isn't, but hey, here you have thrust vectoring.
  21. I have an idea.. long shot though.. and of course, I still have to study ASM/MC more. we know that the firing rate goes crazy when the user activates time skipping. we could try to make the cannon think time skipping is activated all the time.. but as I said, I don't know how to track such things..
  22. I could tell there was something wrong right from the start.. the smoke didn't change its shape..watch closely. then, when the plane "landed" the camera was following it as if it was on tracks. not to mention the rubber-ball bouncing scene.
  23. hello. if you want a flight sims w/ tons and tons of missions, medium gameplay difficulty AND realistic gameplay, I invite you to check out the F-22 TAW 2008 project here in the Total Air War forum. the only thing that could disappoint you would be the graphics.
  24. Polak, I see that all those above are variables. isn't there any way to uncover the constants? one thing I always wanted to modify was the rate of fire of the gun. for such a great sim, the gun should perform realistically. I'd like it to shoot at 6,500 RPM just like in real life, whilst having a max reserve of say 5,000.. in easy mode. in medium, say the game default, 1,760. and in hard, realistically 510. also, I'd like to take out that "fire 5 bullets at a time" thing.
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