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  1. geez man, you gave us the pictures as BMPs ("Bitmaps"). right. as for your WMP problem, maybe you should try this (GOMPlayer). I personally think it's one of the best around. also, look at this.
  2. I will try butchering them, after a better understanding of machine code.
  3. hello, sir. I myself, got my ban shot on a site today. it worked. may it last forever and ever, until my chips burn out and my binaries get zeroed, Selah!
  4. hmm from what I remember.. if you don't have counter-measures and no terrain to hide in, then there's no way you can shake off any missile. I don't think I'm wrong, but if you can give counter-examples, please do. this would be yet another thing I'd change if I (we) had the source code to TAW.. some missiles to be slightly dumber. other things: helos attacking other aircraft, tweaking the maneuverability of a couple of jets Su's MiG's and Rafale.. and making the F-22 supercruise at 1.7-1.8 M. but those are only dreams.
  5. have any problems whatsoever, post here.
  6. Spear


    today sucked, as usual.. but I've had worse.
  7. Spear

    SimHQ Status

    mostly the same.. and as if deliberately trying to prove me wrong, they're back now, on Monday, and w/ one hell of layout screw-up™. for me, anyway.. and this is the image to prove it.
  8. hello, enjoy.. feedback / help appreciated.
  9. Spear

    SimHQ Status

    I bet my binary they won't be online by Monday. right.. guess we should leave this thread die, huh?
  10. Description: F-22 2008 is a Total Air War mod, basically a hybrid between TAW, ADF and RSO, but with many extras. current version is v.1-R, a refurbished v.1 .. the version v.2 w/ the important improvements is yet to arrive. Features: * 30 custom missions * 3 custom campaigns, 28 missions * full ADF campaigns, 29 missions * full RSO campaigns, 36 missions * new HUD * partially new GUI * some new sounds * cloud enhancement * high-res 1024x768 patch * improved Level of Detail * new Moon THIS MOD IS OBSOLETE DOWNLOAD 1.5-B2 INSTEAD. Download: Link: http://rapidshare
  11. hey man, where the hell have you been?

    no.. I mean, where the hell are you now? LOL.

  12. Spear

    SimHQ Status

    I couldn't resist no more.
  13. what to do when dust gets under your laptop's keyboard? hmmm.. shake it upside down? (no, it can't be detached.)
  14. why worry, Polak? they're not going to scrap our TAW forum. not as long as there are people caring about it.. even if 90% don't even post. they'd lose the most dedicated TAW community on the internet today. right.. and even if they'd scrap it, again something highly improbable, we'd just get on w/ our modding here. it's not the place that counts, it's the people. the worst thing that can happen in my view is v.2 never getting released. now THAT's what really scares me.
  15. wow, major upgrade, man. haha. it's OK, I know how Falcon 4 is, it's a good sim, but I stick w/ TAW.. although I might get into online action sometime. as for SimHQ, well they're down for upgrading and stuff. and I really don't think the TAW topics will be eliminated. why should they?
  16. Spear

    SimHQ Status

    I will not post a picture of a mummy. but believe me, it's very hard to resist.
  17. yes.. the missiles will be dumb enough to hit the mud. but, what if you're at altitude? or above the sea? if you master some efficient technique for those cases, then you are truly good.
  18. hmm.. isn't the Cobra a stall maneuver? well.. I was impressed by LOMAC .. but as I said, I didn't play it too very much. [rant] either way, Nova's flight models are FUBAR.. as you already saw in the vid.. and remember that both the F-16 and MiG-29 can supercruise w/ the heaviest loadout possible.. and while climbing (~20 deg). and, I said before, they have an inst. turn ratio of like 40 deg/sec.. well CombatSim reviewers approx. it to 50-60 deg/sec. meaning I was a nice guy. [/rant]
  19. Spear

    F-22 2008

    some screens.. if you'd like the mod, use Google to find it.
  20. Spear


    test phailed success.
  21. haha wow. I started losing Counter-Strike skills after about half of year of no play.
  22. I think that would've been true if EVERYBODY wanted to make their own special F-22 TAW mod. hello!
  23. umm.. what should I (we) release v.2 w/, anyway? all I got right now is a greenish menu, still pondering whether or not it looks better on blue than v.1's TAW original gray.. and the darn new UFO mission which isn't working right ATM. small steps aren't adequate for our releases. I want to get v.2 done ASAP, but more than that, I want substantial improvements over v.1. v.2 will not be released otherwise. the version where I'd probably stop would be a v.3 .. or F-22 2009, w/ new aircraft skins, improved terrain, 100% fixed LoD's, special version of TAWC w/ mission creator, and EX
  24. haha, interesting avatar, Polak. is that you? hmmmm.

  25. so, Polak, I see you're the only one around ATM.. hope others read the "divert" thread. anyway, how are the new textures coming up? those screens you posted are really nice. so, if you don't mind, I'll remake the TODO list for v.2.. * new terrain/sea tiles * new aircraft skins * improved yellow Moon * fixed cloud tiles * more custom missions (my department ) if making that photo-realistic skin look good at night time is too hard, it's OK if you simply manage to create improved skins. DKD's Sudanese/Egyptian mix skin was very nice, as I remember. Sudanese/Saudi skin design pat
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