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  1. hmm from what I remember.. if you don't have counter-measures and no terrain to hide in, then there's no way you can shake off any missile. I don't think I'm wrong, but if you can give counter-examples, please do.

    this would be yet another thing I'd change if I (we) had the source code to TAW.. some missiles to be slightly dumber.

    other things: helos attacking other aircraft, tweaking the maneuverability of a couple of jets Su's MiG's and Rafale..

    and making the F-22 supercruise at 1.7-1.8 M. but those are only dreams.

  2. ezfxjp.png


    F-22 2008 is a Total Air War mod, basically a hybrid between TAW, ADF and RSO, but with many extras.

    current version is v.1-R, a refurbished v.1 .. the version v.2 w/ the important improvements is yet to arrive.


    * 30 custom missions

    * 3 custom campaigns, 28 missions

    * full ADF campaigns, 29 missions

    * full RSO campaigns, 36 missions

    * new HUD

    * partially new GUI

    * some new sounds

    * cloud enhancement

    * high-res 1024x768 patch

    * improved Level of Detail

    * new Moon




    	  no password.


    RapidShare detects download accelerators, and will deny download.

    Furthermore, if the archive is corrupted, post here immediately and a mirror will be provided as fast as possible.

    If you have any questions or experience any problems, feel free to post about them.

  3. Perhaps Hawx's dark and quite pessimistic prognostics

    may unfortunately become true and sad reality. This break from daily SimHQ TAW forum activity is not healthy for sure. Nothing is really happening here, what makes us think and hope that this would change once SimHQ goes back on.

    why worry, Polak? they're not going to scrap our TAW forum.

    not as long as there are people caring about it.. even if 90% don't even post.

    they'd lose the most dedicated TAW community on the internet today. :rolleyes:

    right.. and even if they'd scrap it, again something highly improbable, we'd just get on w/ our modding here.

    it's not the place that counts, it's the people. :thumbsup:

    the worst thing that can happen in my view is v.2 never getting released. now THAT's what really scares me.

  4. Hi Jolly07.

    My TAW & ADF runs great on my new "Quad Core" CPU box with my 3dfx pass-thru card & Nvidia 8800 GT card, using Win XP.

    Neph & I still fly online using TAW Battle Commander.

    I gave up on flying TAW online with anyone else.

    I moved over to Falcon 4 with Striker's Saturday campaign guys.

    Will SimHQ BB come back online? Will the TAW topics be eliminated?

    wow, major upgrade, man. haha.

    it's OK, I know how Falcon 4 is, it's a good sim, but I stick w/ TAW.. although I might get into online action sometime.

    as for SimHQ, well they're down for upgrading and stuff. and I really don't think the TAW topics will be eliminated. why should they?

  5. The not so good news is it's taking a long time.

    No problems, just time. The latest estimated return is this weekend. Possibly sooner.

    I will not post a picture of a mummy.

    but believe me, it's very hard to resist.

  6. Thats Fuun jolly I alway thought the LOMAC flight Models are Wrong. I just cant see it Stalling like that on a Turn with that much Power..

    hmm.. isn't the Cobra a stall maneuver? well.. I was impressed by LOMAC .. but as I said, I didn't play it too very much.


    either way, Nova's flight models are FUBAR.. as you already saw in the vid.. and remember that both the F-16 and MiG-29 can supercruise w/ the heaviest loadout possible.. and while climbing (~20 deg). :o

    and, I said before, they have an inst. turn ratio of like 40 deg/sec.. well CombatSim reviewers approx. it to 50-60 deg/sec.

    meaning I was a nice guy.


  7. umm.. what should I (we) release v.2 w/, anyway? :rolleyes:

    all I got right now is a greenish menu, still pondering whether or not it looks better on blue than v.1's TAW original gray..

    and the darn new UFO mission which isn't working right ATM.

    small steps aren't adequate for our releases. I want to get v.2 done ASAP, but more than that, I want substantial improvements over v.1.

    v.2 will not be released otherwise.

    the version where I'd probably stop would be a v.3 .. or F-22 2009, w/ new aircraft skins, improved terrain, 100% fixed LoD's,

    special version of TAWC w/ mission creator, and EXE hacked to have more engine power. :)

    that's when I'll stop and say to myself, "yes, I'm done here." and leave it all to you.

    .. unless we get the source code.. then I'd never stop.

  8. so, Polak, I see you're the only one around ATM.. hope others read the "divert" thread.

    anyway, how are the new textures coming up? those screens you posted are really nice.

    so, if you don't mind, I'll remake the TODO list for v.2..

    * new terrain/sea tiles

    * new aircraft skins

    * improved yellow Moon

    * fixed cloud tiles

    * more custom missions (my department :) )

    if making that photo-realistic skin look good at night time is too hard, it's OK if you simply

    manage to create improved skins. DKD's Sudanese/Egyptian mix skin was very nice, as I remember.

    Sudanese/Saudi skin design pattern, Egyptian skin colors.

    never got the files, though.

    I'd like such improvements to be done for most aircraft in TAW.

    I'm thinking primarily of the F-16, F-18E, EF2000, and Rafale.

    also, did you figure out how to edit the object shapes themselves? you've imported some kind of

    space ship once.. that being said, I'd love to have the Mirage 2000 converted to a single seater. I simply dislike twin seaters.

    (pictures included to remind of the differences between aircraft camos from real life and from TAW. OK, the EF2000 one was a joke.)

  9. me too.. if I was to make a serious flight model system, I'd try to make the program smart enough to consider aerodynamics, besides basic physics.

    you see, in Falcon 4.0 AF, from what I played, it seems to me they set up a maximum angle of attack, engine power and weight, but all the flight models were left to that. I made it so that I could fly the EF2000, F-22, MiG-29, Mirage 2000 and Su-37, besides the F-16s. the Su-37 performed horribly. had a good alpha number, but a bad thrust/weight ratio. I don't think it could even do the Cobra. so, to me, F4:AF is a bit overrated. the flight models are simply incomplete. there's a missing aerodynamics factor, that's what I think.

    I didn't play LOMAC too much, because it runs slowly on my computer.. but I played it enough to sense it is a great sim. I would say LOMAC got it right w/ the flight models.

    haha.. LOMAC, TAW/ADF, EF2000 all seem to have gotten it "right". as opposed to NovaLogic, where both the F-16 and MiG-29 could supercruise w/ the heaviest possible loadout, and even when climbing by 15-20 degrees. :facepalm:

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