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  1. me too.. if I was to make a serious flight model system, I'd try to make the program smart enough to consider aerodynamics, besides basic physics. you see, in Falcon 4.0 AF, from what I played, it seems to me they set up a maximum angle of attack, engine power and weight, but all the flight models were left to that. I made it so that I could fly the EF2000, F-22, MiG-29, Mirage 2000 and Su-37, besides the F-16s. the Su-37 performed horribly. had a good alpha number, but a bad thrust/weight ratio. I don't think it could even do the Cobra. so, to me, F4:AF is a bit overrated. the flight model
  2. ever wondered why sim sites, like SimHQ or this one don't have a NovaLogic sims.. sorry, I mean, games forum? this is why.. enjoy.
  3. haha, you already have it as PDF as well, trust me on this.
  4. actually I picked this place because it was desolate.. and yeah, because it had a TAW forum. those two things go together unfortunately.. but that's fine by me.
  5. in the act of modding of course! doesn't matter what the site is. as long as the download links aren't deleted. har har har, and what a joke it is!
  6. to all who got it, be glad, you're lucky.
  7. well SimHQ is down, because of bad weather. I remember when me and my SimHQ buddies were having a thread about where to divert if SimHQ ever shut down the TAW forum. I'd pick this place. too bad it seems so.. desolate over here right now. does anybody play TAW anymore? just curious.
  8. well, glad you got it. sending you a PM.. and BTW, come visit SimHQ (google it). we're more into TAW.. but I'm sure we could arrange some ADF MP too.
  9. hi to all, I'm new here. I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in playing TAW or ADF online. post here.. then we can discuss this further.
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