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  1. Yes but currently I only use 2 Projectors. but I still have the curved screen it is sweet still
  2. I was talking to a buddy of mine I think he said he had the digital chip. I gave him the link here I thought he was going to contact you I will see what he wants to do with and find out what he has..
  3. Well if that is true and we are no londer enemies with Japan why don't they just admidt they had her prisoner during the war.. they need to put this story to rest and give them both peace..
  4. Well I do not think F-18 Works with Win 10, I was running Win 7 when I had this working..
  5. getting real close know.. did you guys see the E3 vids?? they also released a official video..
  6. Well I never seen the above post but for anybody who would like to try it.. just set your Desktop resolution in Windows to your double or triplescreen resolution then in JF18 config set resolution to desktop voila it should scale ingame to a double or triplescreen resolution.. I tried it the other day it still works..
  7. Well If I don't always have the right answer but look for one Hope it works out for you and your Brotther ..
  8. Yes that scroll button should be the throttle
  9. Well the keyboard should work with a stick plugged in but not sure why the throttle did not work?? I remember hitting G for the gear and other key presses tho.. could you get a throttle for the other stick tho??
  10. well according to Papavan his brother the op does not have a throttle?? so is it with or without??
  11. yes, you can have him either play with the keyboard (All Functions should work) or buy a throttle for his stick.. I don't think this game was intended for a single stick with NO Throttle..
  12. not really gonna be able to help without more technical info?? Like are you playing a game and it is not responsive, new keyboard and you did not plug it in?? System specs would help also..
  13. where the hell is the Cobra??
  14. Well if you would have been here some years ago you would have been in the 2nd Golden age of TAW.. If it had an Online Campaign mode I am sure most here would be all in. but since there are only so many canned missions we must have done a hundred times each we might go back. but since DCS is out and some good modules are going for it, Plus F4 BMS has new life too it is hard to go play TAW in my Opinion.. We gave it a good go and played the hell out for every thing she was worth.. it is a Good sim but played out I guess Hopefully you can come join us for some DCS or something. I hear there is a Typhoon in the works sometime in the future, I for one would love to see that plane out to buy.. heck I would preorder it ..!!!
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