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  1. Yes, I hope it is a good one like in DID's EF2000.. If they could make a campaaign engine like DID ef2000 did I would be very happy.. not that I am not happy now but would be more so hehe!
  2. WEll this was done with Dosculus.. in VR you always need two images then when you look through the headset the 2 images look like one.. I was not able to get it working on the headset but it showed up on the monitor like that.. I beleive if we where able to get that working on a modern VR Headset it would be in 3D but to get it working on modern VR Headsets is the trick.. but it looked hopefull with Dosculus..
  3. Well look at this Scorpion82:
  4. yes it works under win 10 I was just playing it last week.. I am not sure what you would need to do to fix it have you looked in the reloaded thread for answers?
  5. I can install this and is it possible I can pay some upkeep or whatever.. If I am coming back I would need to get a bigger monitor or something but I could muddle through with my 24"..
  6. Well without source code probally not happening.
  7. Well it has been an interesting few hours I found DOSculus and even aquired the source code.. so maybe just maybe this has a chance but I will need alot of help from MikeW
  8. Hey Are you still trying to do this I can join a game one night maybe?
  9. Hey guys, I know this is a very long shot but I was wondering since Mikew got this working how hard would it be to get the VFX1 thingie working with a modern headset like an Odyssey plus.. I was thinking about this last night. I was wondering how possible it would be or just a pipe dream.. thnx guys hopefully I patientl;y wait..
  10. Yes but currently I only use 2 Projectors. but I still have the curved screen it is sweet still
  11. I was talking to a buddy of mine I think he said he had the digital chip. I gave him the link here I thought he was going to contact you I will see what he wants to do with and find out what he has..
  12. Well if that is true and we are no londer enemies with Japan why don't they just admidt they had her prisoner during the war.. they need to put this story to rest and give them both peace..
  13. Well I do not think F-18 Works with Win 10, I was running Win 7 when I had this working..
  14. getting real close know.. did you guys see the E3 vids?? they also released a official video..
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