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  1. cobraj


    TGIF! have a safe weeekend all.
  2. cobraj


    rainy today, getting cooler. here comes fall
  3. cobraj


    afternoon all. turned out to be a stellar day!
  4. cobraj


    Morning all. Good PATs win yesterday. Big Ben looked old and fat yesterday, He is a favorite of mine but Steelers weren't ready for prime time yesterday...
  5. cobraj


    morning all, coming off working second shift in a project. TGIF! have a safe weekend everyone. watch out for Dorian Stans.. good luck!
  6. cobraj


    afternoon all. nice weekend on tap, have a safe labor day weekend all!
  7. cobraj


    morning all, nice stretch of weather on the way have a geat day.
  8. cobraj


    beginning of half way through trhe week! have a good day all
  9. cobraj


    Hink's bait is my Son in law's family Business. They sell Blood worms. they are supposed to be the best worms for fishing and they sell them all over the world for big money. It is back breaking to dig, but they have a lot of people who dig them to sell to them. the diggers I think make about 50 cents or so a worm and can usually dig 3-500 in a low tide. Blood worms are nasty buggers if you have ever seen one
  10. cobraj


    beautiful day on ta today getting warmer. Been like fall last few days!
  11. cobraj


    4 cars out of 11 got really tangled up, so he was lucky!
  12. cobraj


    Morning all, Coming off a great weekend. Second place finish for the team this weekend. here is a photo of my grandson telling daddy it's ok to be the first loser!
  13. cobraj


    starting my grandson off by putting in the hood pins
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