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  1. cobraj


    afternoon all, finishing up the day to head upta camp with the grandson. looks like a great stretch of weather on tap after the heavy rain expected this afternoon
  2. cobraj


    afternoon all, trying to plod through the day. welcome break coming up. will be heading north tomorrow afternoon to Sunday. can't wait.
  3. cobraj

    Spitfire No. 944

    how cool was that having the grandson there and giving him all the movies!
  4. cobraj


    works ugly head showed up and was unable to go... but did see it fly over.. enormous plane. cannot imagine when there were hundreds taking off!
  5. cobraj


    afternoon all, worked a 23 hour day yesterday running on adrenaline today. hope to see the b-29 FI-FI tomorrow in Nashua NH fly tomorrow!
  6. cobraj

    Time for my annual check in.

    hey Maine.. I have a place in Starks Maine now!
  7. cobraj


    afternoon all, long stretch of perfect days..of thetre is I'm working! of for a few datys next week, that's when the monsoon will hit Maine!
  8. cobraj


    afternoon guys, working half crew.. just popping in to say hello!
  9. cobraj


    evening all, busy busy busy... did I say I was busy.. and fricken HOT!!!
  10. cobraj


    afternoon all, found out I get to grace HPE with my presence for another month. we have been flat out working too hard for a company that kicked us to the curb!
  11. cobraj


    poking my head in..going through retiring from one job and going to another.. too much paperwork!
  12. cobraj


    yeah Donnie, nuke along the border of California so it drops off into the ocean!
  13. cobraj


    beautiful weather stretch in the colonies. Hope things work out in the talks. I just got some travel brochures for a newly planned resort in North Korea!
  14. cobraj


    afternoon all, nice one today leading into a good weekend. have a good day all
  15. cobraj


    afternoon all, day winding down.. I am tired today! and most everyday, but more tired than usual!