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  1. cobraj


    Snow! And too much of it! Have good weekend all
  2. cobraj


    morning all, cold raw again.. heavy rain tonight and maybe some snow!
  3. cobraj


    Hump day! raw, cold, blah again.. The "S" word for tomorrow! booo! have a good day
  4. cobraj


    blah morning, Sun on the way though. have a good day all.
  5. cobraj


    Morning, rain.. cold.. miss my wood stove at the camp!
  6. cobraj


    Morning all, blah morning rain drizzle. have a good dayy
  7. cobraj


    afternoon all, working second shift this week, another balmy one perfect day for late October. have a great weekend all
  8. cobraj


    Evening all, been done right Balmy at night. Wont last much longer but enjoying it while it lasts
  9. cobraj


    Heat on this morning. plum wore out! 9 hours yesterday on the tenant apartment. finished the floor, removed and replaced dishwasher, installed and cut new counter top for new sink and faucet. 3 more base cabinets and counters and will be 90% done!
  10. cobraj


    Morning, frosty start today. Off soon to work on the kitchen at the 2 family. finish the floor, install base cabinets , sink and dishwasher. should be done by midnight!
  11. cobraj


    Morning all, Rainy start but sun on the way. Flooring work today at the income my 2 family, my back is already complaining!
  12. cobraj


    evening all, Beautiful day today, but rain on the way. Busy Busy week and no let up in sight tomorrow. feeling my age!
  13. cobraj


    All Hail Donster the magnificent!
  14. cobraj


    evening all, Back From Maine. Camp closed up, want to forget this year and hope for the best next year. Cases steady at 500 or so a day in Mass. This state has to get it's sheiss together.. tired of it! My town is a hot spot again and the next town over where I work is as well!
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