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  1. cobraj


    morning all TGIF..off from working my second shift rotation. what did I miss? Government still shut down? Gotta get bread and milk the big one is coming our way this weekend!
  2. cobraj

    Odd errors

    I get OCD watching old WW2 movies showing airplanes.. seems every time they would show an airplane attacking it would show stock footage of Dauntless dive bombers whether american or Japanese!
  3. cobraj


    morning all cold and clear one on tap. have a great day all
  4. cobraj


    afternoon all, sunny chilly all good!
  5. cobraj


    morning slick one this morning, dusting of snow enough for people to forget how to drive!
  6. cobraj

    Very Cheeky

    when I saw that at first I thought.. Dang things must be rough for Donny he's tuned to crime!😂
  7. cobraj

    Tales of an aging gamer....

    wow small world! just remember the Hueys all day long every day!
  8. cobraj

    Tales of an aging gamer....

    Hey Jim, in the 60's my Uncle had a farm in Opp Alabama and I remember the Huey's training near by all the time. wonder if they Were from Rucker. I would visit every Summer and loved seeing and hearing the whup whup whup of the rotors! summer of 68' I was walking in the road with my cousin we were about9 years old and we saw a Huey off in the distance. he came zooming up the road low level and about blasted us over! he pulled up in a graceful arch and I remember to this day the door gunner flashing us the peace sign as they whipped by again! We had the thrill of ouryoung lives!
  9. cobraj


    It's Monday.. but sunny so have that going for it!
  10. cobraj


    TGIF..another one of those long short weeks!
  11. cobraj


    morning all, light snow and chilly. warming up to a balmy 46degrees later
  12. cobraj


    afternoon all, dragging back to work today!
  13. cobraj


    morning all, Wishing all my old and new friends a very Happy New year. Stay safe!
  14. cobraj


    black ice on the road and ice on the side walks! tread carefully!
  15. cobraj

    I did it! 50,000 posts!