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  1. cobraj


    Productive day today, two PIA servers up and running finally only took 4 motherboards between them to find ones that worked!
  2. cobraj


    evening all.. Snow on tap tonight into tomorrow 3-5" another unproductive day due to lack of parts!
  3. cobraj


    Evening all, seems the more I tried to fix things the worse they got. Old systems, old parts, I'm old.. try again tomorrow!
  4. cobraj


    Morning all, Sunny, super cold. loving the heated steering wheel in the jeep today!
  5. cobraj


    Afternoon All, you call this cold.. Here in the Colonies I had the roof panels off the jeep today. Fun in the sun!
  6. cobraj


    Morning chilly and Sunny. back on my normal shift so get my sleep pattern back in order!
  7. cobraj


    Afternoon all, dusting of snow out there, Trip to New Hampshire tonight to replace a 60lb power battery backup in a huge EMC storage array. my aching back!
  8. cobraj


    Morning all, not too bad today. Have to work in Boston at 7pm tonight so hopefully no riots! probably won't be. The far right has to get up and go to work in the morning!
  9. cobraj


    Morning all, Brisk, sunny have a good day all
  10. cobraj


    Hard days night.. long day but at time and a half!
  11. cobraj


    Afternoon all, sunny and super windy today. nice to see the sun!
  12. cobraj


    cloudy cool one on tap. have a good day all
  13. cobraj


    evening all. Finally got that 18 year old server sorted I think! Hardware looked good, customer just has to clean up the unix and it will be done! On call shift coming up so working second shift. so get to sleep in a few times!
  14. cobraj


    evening all, not very productive today. ongoing issue with a server kicking my butt! it is 20 years old and long past it's prime
  15. cobraj


    Morning all, Sunny brisk morning. trying to get motivated to do things around the house!
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