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  1. cobraj


    tgif! first total free weekend from work in a month.. touring Vermont tomorrow
  2. cobraj


    morning sunny nice again but lot's of wind and rain on the way..beats snow!
  3. cobraj


    spring at last! just a few more snow storms and it will be nice
  4. cobraj


    afternoon all, sunny clear again but big mess on the horizon..hoping for rain up north.. don't need my camp buried any more than it is!
  5. nice Jim.. would have loved to be a part or have seen it
  6. Never miss an opportunity to shake a Vietnam veterans hand and welcome him home. They are always appreciative of my gesture. Hopefully I made a small part of their day..
  7. cobraj


    sunny dry day..it's Monday
  8. cobraj


    oh no.. keep that snow away form here!
  9. hey saw Curvature Corp my new company. as a sponsor.. cool
  10. cobraj


    60's possible today here in the colonies. Spring in the air!
  11. cobraj


    another clear day, rain on the way. hopefully to melt the snow
  12. cobraj


    another sunny one on tap closer to spring.. need the sun strong to melt the snow at my camp. hoping to be able to drive up to the front door mid April! Almost 3 feet of snow on the ground last time I checked!
  13. amazing how many songs he drummed to. A radio station here ran clips of the songs.. so many classics. Wish he wrote a book. imagine the stories of all the people he drummed for!
  14. cobraj


    melting snow means flooding in Minnesota!
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