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  1. cobraj


    so glad my nephew asked me if I wanted a couple of air conditioners because he got central air. Have a new 10,000 btu ac ready to go tomorrow and a portable ac at the camp!
  2. cobraj


    morning all, overcast rain today.Hope we don't get the flooding rains we got yesterday!
  3. cobraj


    another nice one on tap today. have a good day all!
  4. cobraj


    nice stretch of weather ahead till at least Thursday! have a good morning all
  5. somewhere there was a dive bomber pilot that was in lot's of movies and he didn't even know it!
  6. sometimes you just cant help it.. how many war movies have you seen when airplanes are attacking. the planes will be japanese, but the stock footage is US Dauntless dive bombers. must have seen that clip a hundred times in as many movies!
  7. cobraj


    TGIF rain over and looking to be a perfect weekend. Have a safe one all
  8. cobraj


    another beautiful one here in the colonies, picked the wrong week for vacation!
  9. wow would never know that was him from 12 oclock high photo. I know I saw that episode. loved that show when I was a kid. My Dad watched with me and always tore it apart for any inacccuracies. He flew in a B-17 as a tail gunner!
  10. cobraj


    afternoon all, long day that just got longer! gonna be a hard day's night!
  11. cobraj


    afternoon all. Nice day today , just trying get through the day and this cold! BTW if any of you blokes are on facebook Bilko is in France touring WW1 battlefields. he is posting amazing pics. search facebook under Robert Shaw
  12. cobraj


    afternoon all, back from vacation.. it is a scorchah out there today (in my best Boston accent)
  13. cobraj


    Morning all, half way through the Vaca..off to a campground next few days with my daughter and son in law. Have great day all
  14. cobraj


    morning all, TGIF! plodding through today and then heading to the camp till next Friday. looking forward to some time with the grandson. have a great weekend all
  15. cobraj


    rainy blah one today.. have a good one
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