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  1. cobraj


    breakfast in the books, back to work on the closet organizing!
  2. cobraj


    I Beg to differ Herr Soren Fink. Found the Japanese bayonet my Father brought back from World war 2. He was a tail gunner on a B-29 and got sent to Saipan. 2 weeks after he got there the bomb was dropped and the war was over for him. They had nothing better to do than explore the island which is when he found the bayonet. it looks like the bayonet on the right in the picture of Japanese bayonets. my father is in the picture lower left. I am sure those guys were a happy bunch! There is a Japanese symbol on the hilt. I think it says Itchie or belong to Itchie!
  3. cobraj


    Morning all, Wife gets up and says.. "I want to clean out the dining room closet" This is a big closet that was originally a pantry in my 1890 house complete with a small door to pass food through from the kitchen. It has been a catch all for everything we have accumulated since 1996. I will be like Howard Carter opening King Tut's tomb. never know what we will pull out!
  4. cobraj


    Long week over, lots of snow here today, felt like February!
  5. cobraj


    Evening all, still tired and sore from second shot but jot too bad. Friday in sight!
  6. cobraj


    Evening all, got second vivid shot and knocked me for a loop! Run down and foggy , but better today
  7. cobraj


    Monday over, on to the next
  8. cobraj


    I wish! it is a Bass Pro shop/Cabela's special. .45 caliber Henry big boy
  9. cobraj


    They are dreaming again. Lots of things going today. Painting, yard work and a trip to the gun range! Shoulder sore after many rounds with my Henry rifle.
  10. cobraj


    Afternoon all, free weekend finally. Much needed break
  11. cobraj


    Morning all, sunny cold one again today. Have a great day all
  12. cobraj


    Happy Easter, at the in-laws. have our first and second shots and just us family so staying safe!
  13. cobraj


    Friday, Sunny Cold one on tap today. Have good day all
  14. cobraj


    evening all, I find ignoring Helmet retires him from my life every day!
  15. cobraj


    afternoon all, back to the grind tomorrow, played around with the Jeep gladiator. Added this decal just for fun
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