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  1. I just thought I saw one in the store real cheap Stag in the bargain bin..let me know if you want me to find it for you, or i'm gettin it and putting it on ebay BTW please chexk out what I have for sale inder "cobraj59" thanks for looking..
  2. morning all..remnant of hurrocane Ivan crossing over us now..got in touch with my parents. They are ok but are without power, real mess in south Alabama..
  3. yeah Gunny it's bad...what a mess!
  4. pity that photo is at the wrong angle...but nice anyway! thanks Donnie..have a safe trip.
  5. Nein! I me no...he wants me to sponser him and I keep saying no..What way to feel like an American than to brag that you got a good ole fashtioned woopin' he's alway's copying my stories!!!
  6. cobraj


    owld Stag is Grumpy isn't he...* more hours of work, then yipee!~ be rainy but i'm not workin'!
  7. yeah, haven't been able to call my parents they live 1/2 hour north of pensicola..Hope my Brother made it down there to be with them..haven't been able to reach his cell either..
  8. oh oh old guys in here..now it definately will never end...at least I hope it doesn't!
  9. I'll have my black leather jacket and ripped jeans...
  10. Geg my man! what folder do I zip these thingmys too....
  11. afternoon evening all! rainy today so I'll drink inside today...
  12. it totally sucks Gunny, my parents live half hour north of Pensicola, my brothers going there to get them out just in case... Glad you guys missed this one..
  13. Hey thanks for the info! I'll try to find out where my grand parents came from to figure out just how English, Irish or Scotish I might be! Thank God I'm probably not French!
  14. of course he would have to get the flag option for the fenders...
  15. found a place for Rommel to buy 1.. West Africa International Co. S.A. Abidjan Address: Boulevard Valery Giscard D'Estaing,01 Phone: 011-225-28-0790 011-225-28-0790 Fax: 011-225-28-0790 E-mail: westafrica@usa.net
  16. make sure to take some extra Riech-marks for me to !
  17. Hey Arch...I have always been curious since my grandparents and way back are from Newfoundland. What nationality do Newfies consider themselves? French? English? Irish? was alway curious. My Dad always said we were mostly English...Just wondering
  18. I'll try to help out.. all my Kin folk on my father's side are Newfies!!!
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