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  1. You're welcome, but you've done most of the work. Dixons? I only see them at the airport these days. I miss the time when we bought games from the shops... Anyway, glad you got it sorted out. I find dgVoodoo the best match for TAW as well.
  2. mikew

    Sunday music

    Not much fun is it? ...and not much of this left after they've taken their cut.
  3. mikew

    Sunday music

    It's just that I'm using the PC to sort out some tax numbers instead of what it should be used for, like playing games or downloading pr0n.
  4. mikew

    Sunday music

    Bah! Sunday, and I need to sit in front of the computer. So, need some appropriate music...
  5. If I do a search for 'DDEnterExclusiveEnv()', I get 2 hits. The first is your question and the second is this post from 10 years ago: https://community.combatsim.com/topic/21201-patch-helptaw-20-help/ ...where the problem sounds similar. There may be some mismatch between the between the game.cfg and the exe version of the game that is running which you can either try fixing by following Home Fries' suggestions in the above link or reinstalling TAW. At least we now know that it is a Windows Volume Mixer setting that is causing the lack of sound, so thanks for your help with that!
  6. I've experienced this myself, where the sound was OK with the Direct3D but missing with Glide although I can't remember how I got into that situation. This is especially strange since the the only difference is which 'f22.dat' file is run, but Windows must differentiate them somehow. I didn't solve it at the time, but thinking about it now leads me to suspect the Windows Volume Mixer and somehow the default volume has been set to zero. So, I'd probably try the steps laid out here: https://www.howtogeek.com/352787/how-to-set-per-app-sound-outputs-in-windows-10/
  7. At least those that offer passenger flights to offset the maintenance cost. Not sure any any extra regulation is required, but if I went up in one, I'd expect it to have been maintained properly and flown by pilots that are qualified and fit to fly. Just like any airline flight really.
  8. Thanks!...but adding a third alternative isn't exactly helping. The reputation of the internet as a reliable source of information is at stake here.
  9. From the pedantic proof-reading department... Was Yvonne DeCarlo married until June 1974 or sometime in 1968? There seems to be a bit of a conflict of information.
  10. Don't come to San Francisco NOW ...or you'll be wading knee deep through human faeces. At least that's what I'm hearing these days.
  11. Might be better off setting the type to 'ch'. Does the rudder move OK during the calibration routine? In my case the joystick is calibrated OK by the config program, but has barely any effect in-game.
  12. I've looked a bit deeper into this, and there's not much that can be done. The original game displayed the engine info as a single number, eg 'ENG 100%' which is a combination of both engines. Now, Home Fries has done a great job in making the HUD more dynamic, but it's the same information that has to be worked with. If you're interested, the HUD layout is defined by the script 'f22.hud' in the 'huddle' folder. It can be seen that there is only a single parameter, RPM, that is passed from the game engine.
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