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  1. I have absolutely no recollection of him or those songs, so had to look up his discography. Seems not to have had much exposure outside North America. RIP Eddie...
  2. Getting early Windows games to work is much harder than for DOS games. On Windows 8.1, I sort of got Jane's F15 and F18 working, but each with its own problems. I haven't had time to try with Win10 yet.
  3. mikew

    EF2000 Reloaded

    Yes, v2.0 contains everything in one install. As I understand it, v2.0 was only released in the USA and I got a got a 'big box' copy from there via ebay which included a cut-down version of the Strategy Guide as well as the manual.
  4. It's more about how a TFX terrain sized terrain would be handled if we wanted more variation, ultimately with every tile unique. As an experiment, I created 160000 tiles, each with a 2048x2048 elevation grid compressed into .hfz format and a 1024x1024 texture compressed to .png. It took about 8 hours just to create the files and the resulting directory took up about 16GB of disk space. That didn't seem too bad without any optimization, apart from compression. What was interesting, was that if I right-click in and select 'Properties' of the resulting directory in Win7 or Linux, I get an instant answer of 320000 files and the total size. With Win10 it takes seemingly forever to get the same result.
  5. mikew


    Aha, so you celebrate working by not working?
  6. I forgot that Lean Viewer can use PNG files for the texture which reduces the 3.5MB 1024x1024 bitmap into the ~100kB range. It would be good if the Elevation Grid could be handled in a similar way, but as far as I can see, it is always handled as text. Maybe the complete VRML file can be compressed though.
  7. mikew

    EF2000 Reloaded

    The Monster 3D is a 3dfx Voodoo card and would be plugged into the PCI bus. PCI bus handling is not included on Dosbox 0.74, so the 'EF2000 Reloaded' version contains a patch that does. The version that supports 3D cards is DOS only, but requires Windows for installation for some reason What's strange is that the 3D version was the last released, so I would have thought would contain all features. On mine, I get the menu with options in the following order: Quick Combat Simulator Campaign Multiplay Credits Quit If you press 'Credits', does the first line say ''DID Graphics Plus'?
  8. Only got time for one today...
  9. mikew


    Never heard of Blood worms, so had to look it up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycera_(annelid) ...seem quite nasty as you say. I haven't fished for decades, but we used Ragworms (that could give a little bite) and Lugworms which were totally harmless, but you could create a bit of a bloodbath putting them on a hook. Both of these could be dug for at low tide, but you have to dig faster than they can burrow which takes some effort. Much easier to buy them from a bait shop.
  10. mikew


    Cool! Nice to see pictures of some activity. I'll be sure to get my worms from 'Hink's Bait' next time I'm passing through wherever that is.
  11. That Van Halen song in particular was worth watching listening to a few times. We want moore...
  12. Nice! I reckon this lot are hairier though...
  13. No, that isn't feasible, as a few of those tiles would have the same total number of vertices as the current terrain. This is more for my own personal enjoyment where converting each terrain tile to a heightmap and texture allows for some experimenting with 'standard' tools. Here I'm using World Machine to slightly modify the terrain around Luxor. A bit pointless really, but it was either do this or go to IKEA.
  14. I speed read that as 'sniff the driver's seat' 🤢 Some more nondescript 80's stuff...
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