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  1. Something strange which seems to be TFXplorer related but may be the Intel graphics driver on this PC that I've just set up. I start TFXplorer and let the F22 drop to its death. Then I cycle through the other vehicles using F12 Smartview. The 13th time I press F12, that 747 and all subsequent planes have black areas on the model depending on which angle it's viewed from. eg: But the question I wanted to ask was if these planes are flying with an aerodynamic model or a following a predefined path?
  2. mikew

    Chill out music

    Not really. Linux is very good these days. Better than Windows in many ways and a bit of a hedge against Microsoft going to a subscription model...or making Cortana the only way of interacting with it.
  3. Thanks! Up and running now. A release build works fine with that console edit. The debug build only runs in the debugger, but maybe that Xaudio error becomes fatal in this mode.
  4. Ah yes, and that error isn't fatal anyway. It crashes further on though, and it seems to be having trouble finding the module 'TFX to UAW x64.dll'. I put all the dlls in the same place, ie 'UAW/plugins x64/XXX.dll' but maybe it shouldn't go there. This dll is new to me.
  5. It gets much further, but doesn't get quite as far the 3D window. Call Stack: TFXplorer x64.exe!COM_SHOULD_SUCCEED(int call) Line 43 C++ TFXplorer x64.exe!OS::Win32::COM::tryToInstantiate(const UUID & clsid, const UUID & iid) Line 139 C++ TFXplorer x64.exe!OS::Win32::COM::tryToInstantiate<IXAudio2>(const UUID & clsid, const UUID & iid) Line 93 C++ TFXplorer x64.exe!OS::Win32::XAudio2::tryToCreate(IXAudio2 * & toXAudio2, IXAudio2MasteringVoice * & toSpeakers) Line 39 C++ TFXplorer x64.exe!tryToInitialize(Sound & audio) Line 685 C++ TFXplorer x64.exe!tryToCreate(UAW_UI & result, const TFX::ADF::CFG & settings, OS::Region & temporaryPool, OS::Region & finalPool, TFX::FileSystem & files, ErrorReporter & reporter, const Supervisor * supervisorOrNull) Line 2990 C++ TFXplorer x64.exe!main() Line 570 C++ [External Code] This is just the 'Normal' Community version. It's the only choice I have apart from Professional/Enterprise. I've only tried to build x64 so far. This can wait. Don't want to ruin your Win10 christmas.
  6. There seems to be a different mechanism affecting 3view: Call Stack: 3View x64.exe!copyNonOverlappingBytes(void * toDestination, const void * toSource, unsigned __int64 size) Line 5190 C++ 3View x64.exe!GFX::load(const GFX::SBGRC_8888 & memory) Line 205 C++ 3View x64.exe!TFX::horizonColor_sRGB(TFX::Rasterizer & glide) Line 1265 C++ 3View x64.exe!ThreeView::Session::beginDraw() Line 222 C++ 3View x64.exe!ThreeView::ShapeSession::draw() Line 322 C++ 3View x64.exe!main() Line 154 C++ [External Code] ..and 'Output': Maybe there's some setting in Visual Studio that I need to change. The problems only seem to occur with exes that I compile myself.
  7. The Output window just says this: The release version behaves the same way. I've just opened a cmd.exe window on the same PC, and it can be resized manually.
  8. The Call Stack sayeth this: TFXplorer x64.exe!breakOnWindowsError() Line 330 C++ TFXplorer x64.exe!WIN32_SHOULD_SUCCEED<int>(int call) Line 16 C++ TFXplorer x64.exe!OS::Win32::resizeConsole(OS::Win32::File & console, unsigned short newX, unsigned short newY) Line 560 C++ TFXplorer x64.exe!main() Line 546 C++ [External Code] There's a little arrow pointing to the top line in the GUI. I reckon it's a WindowsError. Hopefully, there's only one type of those.
  9. mikew

    Chill out music

    Thanks! Unfortunately, the 'Windows installation media tool' needs an existing Windows system to run on, so there's a bit of a Catch-22 situation. I downloaded and 'burnt' a Win10 .iso on to a USB stick using Linux, but was missing some vital driver that stopped the installation process. Anyway, I got there in the end with my 2018 vintage Win10 USB installation stick. At least I could then download the required drivers on the Linux PC to get it working with 2019 hardware. It look a long time to get it from 1803 to 1903 level though, but it's done now with all exclamation marks in 'Device Manager' cleared. Phew!
  10. Yeah, a bit of a disaster for us who use this thread as a calendar. Probably explains why I seem to be the only one at work today.
  11. mikew

    Chill out music

    Just had the most painful experience installing Windows 10, so this seems appropriate:
  12. Just spent Friday evening on a long fight installing Win10 from scratch. Linux and Windows seem to have changed places in this regard since after the basic install, I needed to use a trusty Linux PC to download various drivers to get ethernet, wifi, HDMI audio working properly. Then there's the hour long update process to get to 1903. Then it's getting rid of the 'creepy best friend' stuff Microsoft thinks I want. Why the hell do I end up with 'Candy Crush' installed when I start with a genuine 'Win10 Pro' installation USB stick? Anyway, it's as tamed as it's likely going to get, so the first thing non-MS thing to install is Firefox and an ad-blocker. ...which is needed for the second vital thing, which is of course, TFXplorer. So downloaded it and it runs!...except no audio, but the DirectX runtime fixes that. Can I build TFXplorer? It's 2019, so it must be 'Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition' with the C++ toolset that I need. After installation, I open the .sln file and 'build'. Oh, no!: Build: 2 succeeded, 6 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped Phew! The failures are caused by some 'Copy' commands (due to some environment problem I guess) as the binaries seem to be present. So I just need to copy the binaries into the same structure as the existing TFXplorer and start it... Disaster! The terminal starts up, but there is no text. The overlay logo also appears but both shut down after a couple of seconds with no obvious sign of error. If I drag a .3 file over the '3View' icon, the terminal starts up OK, and displays the expected text, then the 3D frame is visible of a fraction of a second before it and the terminal shut down. Again, no error messages. At least 'Microsoft Solitaire Collection' works.
  13. mikew

    Tilt5 hardware...

    I hadn't seen that. Thanks! One would hope so. Let's reconvene next year when hopefully we'll get our hands on it.
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