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  1. Rather than play Whack-a-mole, my philosophy has just been to let it update what it wants then turn off as many 'features' as possible and then only use Windows if I have to. I also use a Win 10 Enterprise Laptop that doesn't belong to me where things seem under control, but I don't think I can even buy that as an individual. All this is very tiresome and detracts from actually using the machines for things like TFXplorer. It's like I'm already in a bad mood after Win10 boots up.
  2. Just making sure my "contribution" isn't deleting your repo due to me pressing the wrong button in the git parts of the VS GUI. I've only ever used the command line 'git clone' to download someone's life's work from Github and maybe 'git pull' if I think there's something worth updating. A strictly one way process. ...but of course you're hosting this yourself and have control over read/write access. Anyway, I've fired up my Win10 VM to make the changes you suggested and noticed that it now helpfully tells me what the weather is doing right in the task bar! Wow, I never need to waste time looking out of the window ever again. What an age of wonder we live in.
  3. mikew


    They're showing the Indy 500 here as there's a local boy in it. It's like a Roman chariot race, now.
  4. Great version of Hotel California. That's a surprisingly good sound. It takes a few minutes to get used to it though. Reminds me a lot of the game 'Broken Reality' I like not-too-growly death metal, although I won't post any here. Anyway, off to Old Cape Cod
  5. ...and here's the other Canadian band. Had to search a bit to find one where Geddy doesn't open his mouth and ruin it.
  6. Indeed they did. Godley and Creme made some of the most memorable videos of that era. They left 10cc a couple of years before this song came out though so this is waht we got. Never heard of Los Bitchos before, talented but slightly too repetitive for my taste. Might be ideal background music for software development though. If I was a programmer, I'd be listening to something like this I think. EDIT: That reminds me that I need to work on that EF2000 terrain.
  7. What! Even in Texas? What you need is one of these... Now, to listen to that Madonna song...
  8. No holiday for me, but they usually end up like this anyway...
  9. Thanks for the info! This thread is turning into a classic.
  10. mikew


    Happy CSim birthday! Oh, about 60°F and cloudy.
  11. mikew


    There can be only one....and preferably doing every remotely from India.
  12. Looks good, although I have no available hardware for it to find on this setup right now. I assume it's your underlying Windows settings giving the dark mode? I don't see an option to change it in the program, but I'm not too good at finding things in GUIs. Also, I really hope that your GIT repo is read-only.
  13. Sounds good! I'll try it out 'soon'. I fixed my problems in the other thread by adding a space if the last 3 characters in a line were 'par'. I appreciate that we will not be putting this stuff in the source code forever so haven't spent much time on it. Incorporating the TFX2 and TFX3 GUI scripts would be good. EDIT: or at least define your 'rules' in a way so we can convert from the TFX scripts.
  14. Are these externally or internally stored AIM9X? I think there was some difference in how they were fired, but don't remember the details. Also, are you using a joystick trigger or the spacebar to fire?
  15. Looking forward to hearing what you think about it. I see the availability of these has improved and I can just pick one up at the local shopping mall, so I'm hoping for a negative review to save me some cash. I have the original Vive from 2016, and have flown around a bit with the P-51. An amazing experience in some ways, but the novelty wears off after about 5 minutes and then the discomfort of having a big lump on my head and some mild anti-motion sickness becomes the dominant factor.
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