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  1. Today's subject is lines, and while 'Lean Viewer' successfully loads the following, I don't see anything. There should be two lines which form the edges of rwyend20.3
  2. mikew


    Downloaded, and flown around a bit. No problems encountered.
  3. Ah... If I search for that exact error message, I just get a result that links back to this forum so I guess that message comes from TAW rather than Windows or VJoy. According to this: http://headsoft.com.au/index.php/index.php?category=vjoy ..you can add -autocenter 0 when starting VJoy from the command line to disable autocenter. Maybe that helps.
  4. Is this post any help? https://community.combatsim.com/topic/20202-f-22-total-air-war-230-final-released/page/26/?tab=comments#comment-5182436
  5. mikew


    Thought I'd do a quick test on Windows, but instead of copying over the zip file, I stupidly let Windows connect to the internet to download it again. Big mistake. Even though the connection is set to 'metered', within 5 minutes it was telling me that I needed to restart after updating something or other. So, I thought I might as well let it do whatever it wants to do to get up to date...which took about 2 freaking hours. After which I'm treated to an 'in your face' demo of the new Edge browser which really wants to be my default. Anyway, TFXplorer works fine and that controller interface is looking very slick.
  6. Thanks! I didn't expect that. I haven't got to the lights yet, so haven't tried to render them. As the lights are separate shapes, I was thinking of just raising them a bit above the ground and convert them to a VRML node rather than try to paint them on the base texture. As I can't think of an easy way around the runway problem without being able to specify a rendering order, I think I'll look at something else for a while.
  7. mikew


    Some general problem related to data format between Wine and TFXplorer I think...or more likely between separate processes of Wine, For instance, the throttle slider mainly registers as Y in your terminology but will change the value of Z slightly near the end of its travel. Even on Y, the values don't smoothly go from 0 to 1. It might start at 0 at one end, then give some indeterminate value where your indicator bar is jumping around as I move the slider before going back to zero at the middle of its travel. From the middle to the other end, Y goes from 0 to 1 in what looks like a 'normal' fashion. Also, no movements of the mouse at detected at all in the area above the joystick info (I can't remember exactly what it says, and can't run it right now). The mouse is working normally though. None of this is a priority for me as it is enough that TFXplorer works with the keyboard on Linux.
  8. mikew


    Cool! I've only tried it on Linux so far, so mine doesn't look like that. It does show how chaotic it is on Wine, and there's even some crosstalk between channels. So, it's not just a case of swapping axes.
  9. Not sure where that black border came from, but I work on that texture multiple times as I build up the layers and I think I've lost the alpha channel along the way. It's something I was going to worry about later if the approach showed any promise. The fun part was working with OpenGL's new fixed function pipeline. It avoids having to deal with complicated things like shaders.
  10. mikew


  11. Anyway, this is a stupid idea. The last layer is the runway markings. These are coloured polygons and while there should be continuous whitish lines running down the sides of the runway, they are reduced to a few dark dots when scaled down to the required size and rendered to my 2048x2048 bitmap. I could make the bitmap bigger, but I think I'll look for a smarter solution. Oh, and I see the runway still isn't correctly lined up with the taxiway anyway...
  12. mikew


    Thanks! This isn't new behaviour by the way, just thought I'd mention it as I ran TFXplorer on LInux and Win10 within a few minutes of each other and was a bit curious to find out why it was different.
  13. mikew


    Some more Wine weirdness is the keyboard handling in that I have to select US keyboard layout in order to turn on the right engine. The left engine works OK for some reason. On Windows, it works fine with my european layout. I have no idea how the keyboard is handled though. For TAW, I guess we want to know when the 2 physical buttons to the right of 'P' are pressed for engine start. On a US keyboard, these correspond to '[' and ']'. In Wine, if I use ']' to try to start the right engine (in this case Alt-Gr-9) it doesn't work either. So, neither the 'physical' or 'symbol' systems work in a logical way.
  14. mikew


    ..and with the same joystick on Win10 the axes are fine, so Wine is changing them around somehow.
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