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  1. I think you're wasting your time. The Dude hasn't visited this site for years... yes, the rest of the time they're playing this...the only band with an invisible banjo player.
  2. Those last two are are bit much on a Sunday morning when I'm trying to sort out my Q2 accounts...and without being ripped off my tits on drugs. Can we tone it down a bit?
  3. Not a big fan of the freestyle keyboard stuff that the likes of Emerson, Wakeman etc liked to do. House of the Rising Sun is a classic though, where the organ holds the whole song together. Some brilliant keyboard work in this ultra-pretentious take on Greek mythology..
  4. Well, that last one certainly challenged my preconceptions of what good music should sound like.
  5. Great! That puts Motown in its place. Nothing wrong with 1967. Love the organ sound in that Vanilla Fudge track...and this:
  6. Nasty fire. The band's pyrotechnics set it off apparently, so kind of a tragic vertsion of 'Spinal Tap' I don't remember the 1980's being much good music-wise, probably due to having other interests at the time. From the last good Genesis album....IMHO of course.
  7. Never owned a HOTAS, but DCS in VR with one would be awesome I'm sure. Slightly less hairy...on top at least
  8. HF, good to hear from you! What's the focus of your modding talents these days? I wonder where the the term 'hair metal' came from...
  9. This weekend has come around quick, as this thread is still on the front page...
  10. Aha, you want uplifting stuff with maybe a cheesy video....
  11. OK, have some hair metal...but I prefer the less cheerful stuff.
  12. Hmmn, what to do? 80's hair metal or 70s prog rock...
  13. Forgot how good that was. Let's have the whole thing in all its mellotronic glory...
  14. I don't remember any of them, but them's good tracks. Here's an angry group from the 80s
  15. mikew


    Aha, my comment only applies to the most recent "EF2000’s hidden Libya level". It occurs again is amongst Martin, Wales etc which are indeed from the EF2000 dataset.
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