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    A year later, and we have Wine 5.0. Joystick still doesn't work though. Some slightly different values reported by the TFXplorer console compared to my post above. The hardware is the same as last time. found HID "(unknown)" slider is z found HID "SDL Madcatz Mad Catz V.1 Stick" axis 0130 (0000): 0-65535 axis 0131 (0001): 0-65535 axis 0132 (0002): 0-65535 axis 0135 (0003): 0-65535 axis 0139 (000B): 1-8 button 0901 (0004) button 0902 (0005) button 0903 (0006) button 0904 (0007) button 0905 (0008) button 0906 (0009) button 0907 (000A)
  2. True, but it has its place in parodies. Doesn't anybody use DCS or IL2 to produce amusing videos anymore?
  3. I'm a mere youngster here, but was it you that recommended 'Off Armageddon Reef' as decent reading material some years ago?
  4. Great graphics! Not a huge fan of the dance music though. Generally prefer the 'natural' sound of the engines and cockpit/radio chatter for these types of video, eg: .
  5. Yep. Here's a good article summarizing the current problems: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2020/01/737-max-fix-slips-to-summer-and-thats-just-one-of-boeings-problems/?comments=1
  6. Probably true for 50 years or so after this ad came out. Now not so much...
  7. Since I have Python everywhere, I've been using SCons for my experiments. Probably good enough for hobby use, especially if you start a project from scratch with it. It's pretty much impossible to convert an existing MSVS project to SCons though. I found that out while using a PC that has the Windows SDK, but not Visual Studio.
  8. End of an era. I updated my Win7 PC (that was my main machine 2011-2018) to Win10 while it's still free to do so. Not that I'll be using it much again, but at least it should be safe to connect to the internet after tomorrow... So, Win10/Linux from now on and I'm still looking for some cross-platform 'no strings attached' development environment. Now, I never did fix that KC-135. I wonder how practical would it be to use its dll in isolation from TFXplorer for flight model testing? Probably not very...
  9. Well done! A nice recovery to shoot down those planes after crashing a minute after takeoff.
  10. That was my recollection as well, and is why I'm giving it another go now. I have to admit that I didn't play it much back in the day, as F-22 TAW and Falcon 4.0 came out at about the same time. Plus 1998 was awash with games like Caesar III, Grim Fandango and Half-Life which I spent too much time on.
  11. An 'old map' gets me a theatre populated with targets. nGlide seems to work great. Thanks! Apart from the horizon fog, the wrapper allows the rendered polygons to be mapped to the screen resolution rather than 'rendered then stretched'. IMHO this provides a more pleasing result, although the non-integer scaling factor tends to provide its own artefacts. I still need to find out why I'm losing the bottom 100 or so screen pixels in the 3D world, but hopefully I'll find the right nGlide setting. Anyway, while the middle distance can look a bit confused if high-def terrain is being rendered, it generally looks wonderful for a 1998 game. Well, that's my 10 minutes of EAW time up for today. The next problem to solve will be to find out why I get such undefined behaviour when I haven't got a joystick connected...
  12. OK, next time I'll use an 'old map' exe from the 2020 download. The next thing I need to do is get a Glide wrapper working. I've only tried dgVoodoo2 so far, but without much success with the settings. Maybe I'll have another look at it over the weekend. The DirectX default graphics are pretty good, except for the middle distance where there is some mipmapping problem by the look of it. From this angle, the terrain between the plane wings and the sea in the distance is a shimmering mess, which you don't really see from a still picture.
  13. So, the 'Part1' file I downloaded first should give me the standard ETO careers? and is feature equivalent of the original game?
  14. No need to put too much effort into it for my benefit. For me, it would be great to recreate the 1998 experience of the original game but on modern hardware and OS. You seem to have gone a long way in achieving that. If you've expanded the game with new planes and theatres, then that's a bonus, but to maintain engagement they would need an associated career/campaign. That's just my opinion of course...
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