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  1. Hmmn, I'd say it's more like having to have a driving license to show that you'll not be a menace while sharing the road. I think I can get a voluntary vax certificate, but nothing here requires it just yet.
  2. Those guys seemed immortal. Well, except for Brian Jones.
  3. Now, we don't know what years the husbands were born or died. Information which was cleverly encoded into those serial numbers, now lost...
  4. mikew


    ☁️ 🌡️ 19°C
  5. Not really a movie, more a documentary so not much love interest or special effects...
  6. Well, it sounds like you'd be better off reinstalling XP or Vista on that PC, although I have no idea if that would work even if you had the original installation disks as both XP and Vista needed activating. Running XP or Vista as a VM in Windows 10 might also be an option, although might be tricky to get GPU passthrough etc working properly. There's also the Linux/Wine route. There's no guarantee that it would work, but it's free to try. Not much help I know, but it depends a lot on the effort you want to put into it. Personally, I gave up trying to maintain old hardware to run old software. I think I have Mig29 somewhere. I'll try and see if it works on Windows 10 if I can find it...
  7. No easy answer to this. I suppose it depends on which games you are trying to run, how old your old PC actually is, and last but not least, how much effort you are prepared to put into it. In my experience Windows, 10 is actually pretty good at running old games although there's often workarounds that are needed. There's some troublesome flight sims though, like 'Mig Alley', 'Jane's F-15' and 'Jane's F/A-18' which I've never heard of running perfectly in Windows 10.
  8. mikew


    Thanks for the insight! It certainly seemed to go down well.
  9. mikew


    Hit by Kevin Costner no doubt. A strange concept to an outsider, especially with the expense of building a special field near the original movie set. It seems to have worked in getting at least one person that doesn't normally watch Baseball tuning in.
  10. I haven't played this for over 10 years, but weirdly I got an email from 777 Studios trying to flog me some ROF DLC around the same time I responded to this question. In fact, maybe a bit before...so these ad bots are getting quite sophisticated.
  11. Isn't the career progress saved online, so you have to be logged into something? I didn't play this game much though...
  12. mikew


    ...and Captain Kirk's birthplace.
  13. On the few occasions that I've bought PC components in the last decade, I've gone for Asus branded stuff. Probably comes from the same factory in China as EVGA and Gigabyte though. The last two 'big box' PCs I bought (2011 and 2016) came from a national chain of electronic stores that put together their own 'Gaming PCs' with various specs. They've both performed fine, and if they didn't, it would have been just a case of driving a couple of miles to take it back to the shop. In the decade before that, I built a couple of PCs, but with substandard results. Maybe the fan noise would be too high, or I missed some Windows parameter so it wasn't performing as it should. Too lazy to do it properly. After writing all that, for 99% of the time these days I only use 4" square MiniPCs, as their onboard GPU is good enough for what I want to do.
  14. Here's part of a documentary on this subject:
  15. mikew


    Good luck with that! Trying to protect the school IT system against hordes of extremely computer literate evil schoolkids whose number one priority at that age is to take over/down said school IT system sounds like a fun challenge.
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