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  1. mikew

    Odd errors

    You're a tough crowd to please. I agree that not much effort goes into producing 'new' WW2 documentaries for channels like Discovery/History/NatGeo. The limited WW2 footage is going to be used over and over. When planes and ships are involved, I'm happy to gloss over the fact that they aren't necessarily authentic. In 'The Battle of the River Plate' from 1956, the Graf Spee is 'played' by the American cruiser USS Salem where no attempt at all was made to cover over US markings etc. It doesn't detract from my enjoyment one bit.
  2. mikew

    This Day in WWII 17 January 1939 - 1945

    Isn't there some treaty bannng 'weapons of mass disgustion''? Maybe the Manhattan Project was set up to develop a more acceptable alternative.
  3. mikew

    Odd errors

    Yes, but thanks to the Babylonians, we only have 360 degrees in a circle. So, that heading must mean that the pilot has been told to land in another dimension, probably full of dinosaurs and stuff. Sounds like an awesome book!
  4. mikew

    Odd errors

    I was thinking more in terms of military airfields. I can't remember a manouvre anything like your overhead approach when landing at Heathrow in a 767. Would be cool though... Runway 39? I'm sure that's just a joke told to rookie pilots, the equivalent of been sent to the stores for a tin of tartan paint on your first day as an apprentice.
  5. mikew

    Odd errors

    Are there standard names for airport traffic patterns? and can the pattern vary between airports, countries etc? They may do things differently in the Caucasus. I'm fairly tolerant of incorrect details, but get annoyed by bad physics, eg in a book I've just been reading, it had something like 'the satellite stationed 1000 miles above New York'. It ruined what was otherwise quite a good book. I don't mind if the physics is totally made up like in Star Trek's warp drive as long as they don't go into too much detail of how it 'works'. What was ridiculous was Kirk fixing the aforementioned warp drive in one of the reboot movies by climbing inside it and kicking a vital component into place. 😠
  6. mikew

    Ocean: The History

    Thanks for posting! A pity there wasn't more on DiD, but they were just a developer. I almost wish I'd got involved with the games industry back in the day, but I guess it wasn't all fun.
  7. mikew


    Yes, one should always clear temp internet files after a browsing session. I don't get that particular problem using Chrome, so it's probably the fault of Firefox.
  8. mikew

    OG wanders into DCS World

    Tooling around in the P-51 or A-10 is about all I've done in DCS as well, but that was ages ago so there may be updates. I may fire it up again if I get any time over the weekend.
  9. mikew


    This is Firefox on Linux, so I'm not sure I want to mess with any settings or it won't work at all. Easier just to zoom in or out until the problem goes away... Thanks for your input. There's more to fonts than meets the eye.
  10. mikew


    -- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. . ..--..
  11. mikew


    I don't think, as I only see the effect on the Combatsim forums. While I sort it out, would you all please avoid using the following letters: b, d, ,h, i ,k ,l ,p , t thank you!
  12. mikew

    F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    In the default game you need to earn the right to unlock those campaigns. Where the game is installed there should be a 'cheats' folder which gives instructions on how to do it the easy way.
  13. mikew


    What have you done to my monitor? Any double L on CSim is coming out blue.
  14. mikew

    Cartoons and Movies You Can't Make Today

    Let's not forget gender equality...
  15. mikew

    Cartoons and Movies You Can't Make Today

    There's plenty of stuff like that made today, although usually set in older times eg Tarantino''s 'The Hateful Eight' Nothing wrong with a bit of stereotyping for comedic effect though