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  1. I guess you need to have: RealisticGunnery=0 in your eaw.ini file.
  2. mikew


    I agree, but I see some big insects! Not sure I want to visit Maine after reading some Stephen King books about what goes on there.
  3. mikew

    Weekend Music

    No. I thought he just did movie soundtracks... Nice song. Someone with a slightly higher profile.
  4. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Yep, the later ELO stuff and even the star-studded Travelling Wilburys felt a bit over produced. Similar for this band, apparently supper really is ready so I need to leave for a while...
  5. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Funk! Old school rock! This thread's got it all.
  6. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Just taken a week to catch up... So, continuing the live theme.
  7. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Nice body movement. On that theme and since there's a Swedish artist involved, it's enough of an excuse to roll this out again.
  8. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Yep, in the 1990's Sweden was only behind the US and UK in terms of music exports and responsible for things like this. I think the international sanctions are still in place.
  9. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Then there's the 'trying to be American' era. Not sure which side they're supposed to be on
  10. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Ah, happy days. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a backlash against nice songs in Sweden following the Abba era
  11. mikew

    Weekend Music

    That's better than the studio version I think, although I prefer the earlier days with Mr Hackett. The album after Abacab was pretty good, but then a steep decline...for my taste at least.
  12. Sweden. It's actually better than the UK since there hasn't been a lockdown. People are generally avoiding shops, bars and restaurants though, so that part of the economy has tanked. Unfortunately, consumerism is what the economy is mainly based on these days.
  13. mikew

    Weekend Music

    ...and inspired by Queen:
  14. mikew


    Not sure how welcome a feature request will be, but here goes: I'd like to be able to specify the map and palette combination manually, or maybe a map then a series of palettes that can be cycled by SHIFT+S with the current palette name at the bottom of the screen. It would be fine to specify the maps and palettes via a text file, but that kind of negates the reason to have a GUI...
  15. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Best live performance of a song evah!
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