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  1. mikew

    EF2000 Reloaded

    I've just tried to see what's happening by zooming in on a couple of distant aircraft at a resolution of 3200x2000 (to maintain original aspect ratio) just before they disappear...and there does seem to be some structure there, and not a single pixel. In game, these 'dots' jump around a lot though. Anyway, I've found out the 3dFX DOS version of the game runs fine with the data files extracted from the did.dat archive. That wasn't the case with the Windows version I was running when I last tried this in about 2007.
  2. I think that's a TrackIR error. If you don't have TrackIR, make sure the "TrackIR Enabled" box is not ticked in the "EF2000 Options" part of the Configuration Menu of EF2000 Reloaded.
  3. Probably his best solo. I'll finish things off with this. I can't think of anything memorable that Tony Banks did outside Genesis.
  4. Same theme...a bit more obscure...very 1970s prog.
  5. Great! That was from the last good Genesis album IMHO Maintaining the Genesis thread...
  6. Loved Flash Gordon. Here's some appropriate lockdown music
  7. I'm not familiar with vJoy, but TAW only sees the 'first' controller as designated by Windows. I'm sure that people have got TAW to work with ppJoy in order to combine multiple controllers.
  8. In all these years I have never come across that error. Do you have more than one controller plugged in?
  9. Was there a story in that song? If so, it was too deep for me. I prefer wafer thin plots...
  10. You have a personal stylist? I just walk around the mall until I find a barber who's sitting around idle. A bit of a lottery regarding quality, but at least I'm out in 5 minutes. Still waiting for our lockdown, but when it comes there'll be plenty of time for:
  11. mikew

    Stay home!

    To be fair, they probably looked like that before infection.
  12. mikew

    Stay home!

    Wait, maybe that wasn't meant to be funny... Yep, pretty grim here as well despite not much being shut down yet.
  13. mikew

    CD Audio

    The version of Dosbox with EF2000 Reloaded is basically the Dosbox SVN code (from the middle of 2013) + 3dFX patch + patch for TrackIR It doesn't contain the SDL_Sound component which may be needed for full CD sound. SDL_Sound was (and maybe still is) awkward to compile due the the amount of dependencies it needs. Personally, I don't listen to music in flight sims so didn't really think about it at the time. I don't know the current state of the main Dosbox project, but I think there are plenty of forks with the 3dFX stuff already built in (eg Dosbox-X). The lazy approach would be try to find one with the CD audio working as well and add the TrackIR changes to that.
  14. Another one doing the rounds (some of the terminology a bit NSFW)
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