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  1. Now that's Season 2 of ST:D out of way, and a dramatic improvement over Season 1 it was too. Sets things up nicely for Season 3...
  2. ..and Jailhouse Rock is apparently loaded with innuendo about certain activities, but pop songs can be analysed too deeply. It's still the weekend here thanks to Jesus, so here's some ELO...
  3. Thanks but noticed no difference. If I try to associate .wrl files with Lean Viewer, I just see 'Initializing' for a few seconds and then the window crashes, but a process is left running. I'm not sure if it always did that. In general, I just start Lean Viewer and use 'file->open' Note that I'm using Fedora which is quite bleeding edge with Linux 5.0.7 and Wine 4.5. Using inbuilt Intel graphics probably isn't ideal either.
  4. No hurry as it's perfectly usable as it is. I know how you like general feedback though. ...and it fits in with the general Linux experience where most things work but nothing is as polished as on Windows.
  5. Yes, although it's good if you know what debug channels you're interested in otherwise it's a bit much. If I run from the command line, without extra debugging, I get the following when the VRML file loads: 002f:fixme:dxgi:DXGID3D10CreateDevice Ignoring flags 0x20. 002f:fixme:dxgi:DXGID3D10CreateDevice Ignoring flags 0x20. 002f:fixme:dxgi:wined3d_bind_flags_from_dxgi_usage Unhandled DXGI usage 0x40. 0031:fixme:d3d:state_linepattern_w Setting line patterns is not supported in OpenGL core contexts. 0031:fixme:d3d_shader:shader_glsl_interpolation_qualifiers Unhandled interpolation mode 0x3. 0031:fixme:d3d_shader:shader_glsl_interpolation_qualifiers Unhandled interpolation mode 0x3. Pressing the left/right buttons doesn't add anything to this list, so seem to be ignored. It'll probably be fine again in the next Wine release.
  6. Just checking in, although nothing really to report in this debytecodeification project as I only get to look at this stuff now and then... I fixed the hanger with the shared vertices problem (sep 18th 2018) by creating a new vertex index if used previously. The problem now is 002d. I don't seem to be rendering all the submeshes, although the ones that are rendered are OK. I have no idea what's going wrong, so need to introduce a diagnostic system. To get the information required for a VRML file, I need to run all the bytecode in the 0015, 002d, 0008 etc subroutines and sort out the resulting mess. By the way, Linux/Wine support for Lean Viewer has deteriorated for me recently. It takes about 5 seconds for the image to be rendered and the next/previous function doesn't work, even from the menu.
  7. Indeed it does. There may be an F22 at about the 2:28 mark as well. Great find!
  8. Vietnam...Interesting place. My tour occurred some 50 years after OG's and in markedly different circumstances, so not much common ground for discussion. Thinking about the political events in SE Asia in the 1960s is enough to give anybody the blues...
  9. Splendid! That reminds me of this tune which also came out in 1967, although I don't know which came first...
  10. I'm afraid that's slightly too old, but I'll meet you half way...which is about 1970.
  11. No need for words like that...at least if I can find all my receipts, which I have. 😇 So just a case of putting on some pleasant music on the gramophone while I scan them.
  12. Better get around to sorting out my Q1 accounts, so some background music is needed...
  13. Sorry, I meant 1920x1080. It's an 24" Asus with an 'Nvidia 3DVision Ready' sticker on it.
  14. Thanks! My MFDs work now after following those instructions. The only monitor I have that supports this is 24" but is effectively about 19.5" since I haven't found out how to stretch the original aspect ratio to fit 1920x1024. That would have been great 20 years ago, but a bit small now.
  15. With the risk of causing some temporal anomaly, I'm going to link to an older post in this thread: If the underlying reason is a missing file from the extracted file set, then I wonder what it is...
  16. OG, I fear your literary talents are going to waste here. Your audience appears to want less character development and more probing of orifices...
  17. Relax...He's already on top of this: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-44033656/trump-s-space-force ET has got it coming...
  18. Not content with firing a bullet into asteroid Ryugu a couple of months ago, it seems the Japanese have now bombed it as well. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-47818460 I find this stuff fascinating from a scientific point of view, and with the bonus that this will deter any aliens watching from attacking Earth.
  19. Do such people still exist? Anyway, those pics are great!
  20. Same here. The hours I spent on ADF then TAW in 1998/9 probably explain why it's left a lasting impression on me. I don't know of any changes that could affect weapons performance, but it's possible. What could affect it is which difficulty level you are/were playing at.
  21. While the GameFront link is broken, the Google Drive link seems OK to me. What error message do you get from Google Drive? Might there be something with your OS or Browser which is preventing the download of .exe files?
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