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  1. I've rewritten most of my VRML parser for my own personal enjoyment and the cockpit geometry seems to work now. It's not quite usable as it is because there is a big polygon that cuts through the pilot and MFDs in the VRML version. It took a while to work out why it was OK in the 3View version. Also, transparency is going to need some effort as I can't just define a texture as a transparency mask in VRML. As I understand it, VRML needs an alpha channel.
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    That's not my world. With 90% of the company 'working' from home since March and now vacation, I can keep things ticking along nicely without much distraction.
  3. mikew


    Well, if you hadn't been so hasty with that independence nonsense in 1776 and remained a part of England, you'd be celebrating the pubs reopening today. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8489197/England-braces-pubs-reopen-Super-Saturday-fears-6am-mayhem-calmed.html
  4. Probably not as many as in the game. I believe the real F22 carries both chaff and flares but I assume the exact details are classified.
  5. Sorry to put you to so much trouble! I can just keep resizing the window myself. I suppose it may not be Wine's fault directly, but the stack that Wine runs on. Since I don't like the default Gnome3 on Fedora, I'm using the Cinnamon desktop which may have some negative consequences. I could try Ubuntu in a VM, but not today. EDIT: ..and the behaviour is the same with Ubuntu 19.10 (Wine 4.0.2)
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    Cool! I'll look out for it next time Wine updates itself.
  7. Ah yes, that's now 2 programs that show this effect. Here's TFXplorer at the top left corner of my screen...with its companion console for scale.
  8. Thanks for the detailed answer. Wine is probably maintaining compatibility for people still using CGA where that would seem quite big. It may be that approx.100x20 is the minimum size that can display the minimize, maximize and close buttons, which is about all I see. Anyway, Lean Viewer is the only program I've tried that behaves likes this, hence the question.
  9. Not 3View, but a Lean Viewer question... How does Lean Viewer decide how big its Window should be when it opens? On Win10, it opens at a useful size, but at the same size each time. ie it doesn't remember any resizing from the last session. On Linux (GTK based Desktop with Wine), it always opens as a small box about 100x20 pixels in the top left hand corner. I then have to either maximize the window or manually resize it so I can see anything useful. Obviously not a huge problem, but an extra step I need to do just to see if my model has loaded correctly.
  10. Wonderful! The meat looks absolutely perfect, and that's about the right amount of accompanying vegetation. I'd probably put some blue cheese on top of the meat, but then again I like cheese with everything.
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    Now, I'm getting hungry...
  12. I have a force feedback version of that, but mine has a USB connection. I can only assume that yours uses the earlier gameport connector: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_port There are far more buttons and axes on the joystick than the gameport was designed for though, and that's handled by the driver software in some way.
  13. Yes, go to the '!ADP/cheats' folder where you installed TAW2.30 and follow the instructions in the text file 'cheats.txt'
  14. Glad you got it working and thanks for posting the solution.
  15. Great footage as usual from the onboard cameras. Shame about SpaceX's SN4 Starship prototype yesterday. Spectacular though.
  16. I guess you need to have: RealisticGunnery=0 in your eaw.ini file.
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    I agree, but I see some big insects! Not sure I want to visit Maine after reading some Stephen King books about what goes on there.
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    Weekend Music

    No. I thought he just did movie soundtracks... Nice song. Someone with a slightly higher profile.
  19. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Yep, the later ELO stuff and even the star-studded Travelling Wilburys felt a bit over produced. Similar for this band, apparently supper really is ready so I need to leave for a while...
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    Weekend Music

    Funk! Old school rock! This thread's got it all.
  21. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Just taken a week to catch up... So, continuing the live theme.
  22. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Nice body movement. On that theme and since there's a Swedish artist involved, it's enough of an excuse to roll this out again.
  23. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Yep, in the 1990's Sweden was only behind the US and UK in terms of music exports and responsible for things like this. I think the international sanctions are still in place.
  24. mikew

    Weekend Music

    Then there's the 'trying to be American' era. Not sure which side they're supposed to be on
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