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  1. I was wondering if anyone dared comment on my deranged 3dfx blog. 'Enterprising' isn't really how I'd describe it. That's a nice list of Stephen's environment variables. His Watcom 'includes' don't seem to contain any third party stuff though. I never knew there was an editor called 'Brief' but it's still available. http://www.briefeditor.com/index.htm While I should use something like that for the retro vibe, I think I'll stick to VS Code for the modern 'niceness'. Most of the Watcom stuff is similar to mine though. Here's the batch file I ru
  2. Works perfectly with the 2.1.1 SDK. All the examples I've tried build without the slightest complaint from the Compiler or Linker. Don't think I've ever experienced that before. Running the exe's results in more sluggish performance though compared to the dynamically linked ones from the v2.3 SDK. This was the case for the pre-built binaries as well. I thought it was maybe something to do with Dosbox-X, but I installed the EF2000 Reloaded version of Dosbox with Wine and see the same thing. Anyway, we'll worry about that later.
  3. After setting up the Watcom environment, we can try to build 'test00.c'. Almost surprisingly, it compiles without any warnings, but there are linker errors aplenty. So, reducing the program to one function call, the linker complains it can't find _grGlideInit. Looking at the lib file in a hex editor, we see it labelled all in capital letters. If I manually edit it from GRGLIDEINIT to grGlideInit, I get a different linker error. I thought DOS was fairly case insensitive but maybe the underlying Linux system is having an effect. With this SDK, it doesn't loo
  4. ...and I seem to have a choice between MSVC or Watcom according to the 3dfx SDK readme. So, let's start with Watcom, (open-Watcom 1.9 DOS package) https://sourceforge.net/projects/openwatcom/files/open-watcom-1.9/ This may take a while...
  5. For reasons, I'm going to waste some time looking at 3dfx again to see if we can do anything at all for EF2000. To start, we need to get the 3dfx SDK contemporary with that version EF2000, ie about 1997. So, I'm using the second one down from here (CD-ROM : 3dfx Software Developer's Kit V1.0): https://3dfxarchive.com/reference.htm The intention is to use DOS as much as possible, but maybe ancient Windows may come in handy so I've extracted the SDK to 'drive_c' of the host PC's .wine folder as I'm using Linux (Fedora 32) for this. The SDK comes with some test progr
  6. I don't think the 12,000lb ground penetrating 'Tallboy' was used until 1944. It's more likely this raid used the 12,000lb Blockbuster/Cookie.
  7. Where can I get one of those Scotch outfits? Might be useful now when out shopping...especially if the rifle comes with it.
  8. mikew


    Good morning! About 55F and raining. Wait a minute! Are you allowed to start the 'Good Morning' thread???
  9. Thanks for the history lesson. Unfortunately, it isn't a holiday here so better not play any music...although I could probably get away with it as I'm about the only who turns up at work these days. Anyway, after a bit of research, I found out that the incorrect spelling of 'labour' in the USA took off about 1840. https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?year_end=2000&content=labor%2Clabour&smoothing=3&corpus=5&year_start=1800&direct_url=t1%3B%2Clabor%3B%2Cc0%3B.t1%3B%2Clabour%3B%2Cc0#t1%3B%2Clabor%3B%2Cc0%3B.t1%3B%2Clabour%3B%2Cc0
  10. mikew


    Yep, plenty of rioting around here, so back to the nicer Sundays of the 70s
  11. mikew


    A whopping 59F here, somewhat later in the day though. Let's cheer ourselves up with a song about September... ...or maybe not.
  12. Sounds terrible, but great to hear you're OK. On the bright side, you've got a good excuse for the house looking like there's been a 5 week party going on...
  13. It's probably because the Windows Volume Mixer has disabled sound for TAW. At least, that's what happened to me.
  14. mikew


    Yes, that might be a bit marginal... Looks pretty good to me. The visual artefacts on the ground (of which there are many) are more amusing than anything. Hopefully, most of the problems will be addressed by updates which should be automatic as you need to be connected to Microsoft all the time. Normally, I hate that, but I only use this PC for games and is usually connected to Steam anyway.
  15. mikew


    It doesn't recognise any of the joysticks I have (a 15 or so year old Logitech Wingman, and a 5 year old generic stick), and doesn't even try giving them some default setup. I started trying to set one up manually, but the unintuitive interface and long start up time makes experimentation painful. Then I realised that I have an Xbox gamepad, and that is recognised fine. Not my ideal way of controlling an aircraft, but at least I can fly around now. I have turned any weather effects on yet as I'm still in the sightseeing phase. I'm using a 4+ year old PC with a 980
  16. Adverts straight into the brain! Great!
  17. What happened to the Moller Skycar?
  18. Not sure I'll have the time this weekend to start it up. ...and time is something you need, as desktop to cockpit is >5 minutes.
  19. mikew


    Probably the last warm weekend of the year coming to an end. Down to 71.6F, which is quite pleasant. With what's going on in the world, I thought I would cheer myself up by getting Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Not hugely impressed though.
  20. Is that the same kid and power tool as in the last picture here?
  21. I see what you mean, but I suppose I could live with it. According to the new layout, the 'Combat Simulations' section has 19k posts, but with the old layout, there's a mere 18988.
  22. It'll be a while until I get that far. Going from startup to cockpit is like 5 minutes, so I don't think I'll be playing this much. Also, it doesn't recognise my joystick. I got it from Steam, and it downloads a 500MB installer first, When this is run, the play time clock starts ticking, so the download of the next 95GB is counted as playing. This means that if the download takes over 2 hours then you go over the time that you can get your money back. Plus, you need to sign in to the microsoft empire. I did it via Github, but it managed to connect
  23. I was wondering if it was possible to use the Openstreetmap ecosystem as a way of making the basis of a flightsim world, not necessarily the real one. That's what these guys have done, but in a totally over the top way in terms of level of detail. https://opengeofiction.net/#map=3/22.11/85.25 Anyway, I couldn't resist getting FS2020, so I'll be enjoying more comedy ground movements soon. Well, not exactly soon, as there's another 91GB to go.
  24. I don't think you can just rely on height coordinates for traffic flow over bridges. There are mechanisms like layering to help with this: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:layer
  25. But how are MS going to insert ads into transcendental functions if you've taken away all their hooks? I had a run with the new version on Linux before going to work. Looks as good as ever! Control is another matter though. I'm not really seeing the benefit of the 'vastly improved HID error messages' as the joystick is deemed to be working normally. FS2020 is looking gorgeous, but my eyes are always drawn to things which are out of place. The ground vehicle movements are absolutely farcical, so that's what I tend to look at.
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