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    In the areas that M$ has mapped in great detail, MSFS is absolutely stunning. It's not much use for people like me that just want to do frivolous things like fly under bridges though. In FS2000, I used to take off from London Heathrow in the 737, follow the twists and turns of the river Thames and fly though Tower Bridge. After that, land at London City Airport that isn't designed for 737s. That takes a fair bit of airmanship, but FS2020 treats bridges as solid objects, so can't even fly through Tower Bridge in a Cessna172. I could never fly though the bridge in the 777 although according to Wikipedia, the 777's wingspan is an inch less than the gap between the towers, although I realize now that I might have ignored the height of the tail. Unfortunately, no footage exists of the incident in 1968 when an RAF pilot flew a Hawker Hunter through it... Anyway, here's the tune.
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    I have MSFS2020, but haven't started it up since just after it came out. Apparently it supports VR now, so I should give it another go I suppose. It takes ages to start up though. That was also the problem with XPlane10 that I loaded up with hi-res terrain, then took like 5 minutes to get going. Software is utter crap these days and has completely negated the hardware advances over the last 20 years or so. Far too much waiting...
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    I don't do anything requiring huge CPU performance these days, so haven't bought a 'big box' PC for 5 years or so. I get a lot of terrain tearing in things like this though..
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    AIO=Water cooling? I've never been down that road...
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    That blows... 36°F and sunny Not much of this right now...
  6. That should work. I think you have to come to a complete stop on the runway though, and maybe tun off the engines and put the wheelbrakes on.
  7. Hmmn, I did a fresh install of TAW2.30, then applied the Nostalgia mod and started that mission. I couldn't see what you're seeing though. Since that's on the Saudi-Yemen border, it's pretty easy to find that area in TFXplorer and the the area of interest should be somewhere in this picture. I can't see a problem, even at different times of day. That picture should be 2560x1600 but this board cuts it down.
  8. Still can't see anything like that. Do you have an example location that I can fly to?
  9. I'm having trouble reproducing that. As I understand it, you're running TAW2.30 with the Nostalgia mod, but if I zoom around with TFXplorer using the Nostalgia mod dataset, I don't see those problems. It's a big map though. My guess would be that you're seeing some texture indexing problem, but don't understand the mechanism right now.
  10. I just used to press the 'print screen' button, then alt-tab out to Windows, open 'Paint' and paste the screenshot in. There's probably a smarter way of doing it though...
  11. The link in this old forum post post seems live. http://www.mech2.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=64 I'm not responsible if it's not what it seems though.
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    Cool! We could do with movies like this again.
  13. If you have Python installed, you could use these scripts to unpack the original did.dat yourself to provide a 'reference' set of files: https://app.box.com/s/aq3uxsiq8vccvnqts72wfarn2potvbsj Unzip to an empty folder and follow the instructions in ReadMe.txt.
  14. Then, your eF2000 Reloaded config page looks something like this?
  15. Strange. You need to select 640x400 in the 'config' program, but does it specifically say 'GFX+ Configuration' like this:
  16. I assumed that the 3D window in the AWACS module is rendered in software mode with a lower resolution. Does it look any better with the original textures?
  17. It's subsets all the way down... Of the probably millions of current TAW players, only a certain proportion of them are going to post on old-fashioned internet forums, and even less on this forum in particular.
  18. Hmmn, this may be one of those half myths about TAW that 'proved' the game is not worth playing. According to stratval.txt, the windsock has a value of 1, so taking it out may put the level of damage of an airfield over the threshold that it is deemed destroyed in certain circumstances. Just destroying the windsock isn't going to have much effect though.
  19. There's exactly 100 airbases on the TAW map. About half have windsocks I'd guess, so we've saved a lot of work already. It's been a decade or so since I last looked at the AI system, but TAW's campaign AI is quite opaque. While you could generate the .mdl/.udl etc files (like what TAWBC does) to place planes and ground vehicles on the map, there is no way to harvest the result of a session without decoding the .sav file which looks like a memory dump with no obvious structure. For EF2000, text files are generated so you could conceivably produce a closed loop campaign, which I think is what 'Strategic Command' did.
  20. Yes, it's a known issue that I don't think is addressed by Dosbox even now according to this thread at Vogons: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=63606 Thanks for bringing it up!
  21. That's what I'd like to do as well, but have no idea where to start. Krycztij may have something to say about this, but I'd consider 'TFXplorer' to be 'done' in terms of rendering the current state of game objects on screen. What is needed is to create that 'database' of state that gets updated every frame for every object in the world. How this was achieved for TAW relies no doubt on a lot of smoke and mirrors, but the overall effect is impressive even now.
  22. Good stuff! A lot of nostalgia there, and I fondly remember randomly changing bytes in tent_3.3 in order to see what effect it had. We know a lot more now. Tent_3 consists of 10 vertices and 8 polygons, and could be created in seconds in any 3D design program. That's far too easy though, so instead I've programmatically converted it from .3 to VRML format. While it can be viewed by 'Lean Viewer' or the 'Castle Game Engine' viewer, it seems Blender's importer doesn't work, so probably need to look at a different format.
  23. I thought that there may be other files that might benefit from that treatment for both TAW2.30 and 'EF2000 Reloaded', but it's only the TAW Manual (which is now done) and 'F22RSO_Manual.pdf' which I can do later if required. Me too!
  24. With a Python script, I've tried to convert the TAW Manual pdf so that each page is separate. The result can be downloaded here: https://app.box.com/s/gmgtyqak25xxknct4u7ek79kymsuxjmk If that's of any help, I can convert some more.
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