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    Pretty much, but more of them.
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    Thought it would be on insect splattering duty in the summer.
  3. Yes, a thankless task. The decompiler output is useful, but unless you can decompile to a point it can be recompiled again, you're basically limited to making hex edits of the exe based on what you found with the decompiler. I was using Hex Rays for this sort of thing 15 or so years ago. Maybe things have moved on with free SW like Ghidra. EDIT: Krycztij posted a few seconds before me. He's the one you need to listen to about this.
  4. It's an "Arrogant Bastard" mechanical gaming keyboard. There's no sliders but has adjustable backlighting controlled by some keys which may present itself to Windows as a slider. By the way, when I run with Windows as a VM, there is no hardware at all detected by that hardware tab. I'm using the same wired keyboard and mouse.
  5. Something a bit strange, and this is on a PC running Win10 as host OS. Yes, there's a USB keyboard connected (which I'm typing on right now, so the driver seems OK) but just the one.
  6. That's what I'll do next time. The update finished after about 4 hours so I could do 'git pull' with a single mouse click saving a couple of seconds. Builds and runs OK, and some interesting menus now appearing...
  7. Well, I terminated it and then noticed Windows also wanted to update itself, so I let it do that and restart. Then started VS again and it's back to 99% 'Finishing up'. Task manager shows it still doing stuff at about 90% CPU...probably to punish me for being so impatient earlier. If this was my job, it would be great as it's a good excuse to goof off for a few hours. As I'm just doing hobbyist stuff 'for fun' it's immensely frustrating. It would be good not to have to open VS at all from my point of view as I'll never use most of its features.
  8. I'll try it out when VS finishes updating itself. It's been at 99% 'Finishing up' for half an hour now, so the dilemma is to wait longer or kill the process and risk an undefined state. It was 2Gbyte download, so I'm looking forward to the multitude of exciting new features it must contain.
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    Yes!...and you can too!....just send $1000 for the secret.
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    I'm working from home today, so have just been fishing. Too hot, >25°C even here in the arctic. Fish too lethargic.
  11. The existing EF2000 Reloaded dosbox build was compiled for 32 bit Windows in 2013. It links to some TrackIR libraries and TrackIR is Windows only, so that may be causing some issue. I'm pretty sure I've been running EF2000 Reloaded with Linux/Wine, but that may have better compatibility than Virtual Box. If you're not interested in TrackIR, the accelerated graphics version of EF2000 V2.0 should work with one of the dosbox builds that support 3dfx emulation. I've done some experiments with https://dosbox-x.com/ on Linux but not played long enough to judge its performance and stability.
  12. Well, winding at least. I need to stop these pedantic comments. Must be the heat.
  13. Which isn't actually part of the Burma Road proper. Slightly misleading from Goodrich there.
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    Absolutely amazing!
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    So the USA finally built this? https://www.theonion.com/addressing-climate-crisis-bush-calls-for-development-o-1819569191 "The strongest opposition to the plan has come from Canada. Because the proposed National Air Conditioner would cover 90 percent of the state of North Dakota and face south, the U.S.'s northern neighbor would be directly in the path of superheated air expelled from the machine's back vents."
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    75F-ish and sunny. Longest day today, so downhill now until winter. EDIT: Dang, I've effectively told the internet that I live in the northern hemisphere.
  17. Sounds impressive, although it's a bit like when my accountant tries to explain the tax system but all I really want to know is what numbers to put in what boxes of the tax return. The 3view dll was cool in that I could manipulate a single .3 object via exported C functions. I've been wondering what I need to do to be able to render a tile, then be able to manipulate some objects on it. Like having some cars drive down a road or planes taxiing around an airbase in order to explore how to define object behaviour. Obviously, I want to use TFXplorer modules for this, but I guess we're not there yet? Using something like the Castle Game Engine, https://castle-engine.io/, which has really good VRML support, so I can assemble last years poorly converted models into a single scene like this: ...but I need to learn Object Pascal in order to do much with it. It's far less scary than C++ though.
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    Whether the weather be cold Or whether the weather be hot We'll weather the weather Whatever the weather Whether we like it or not. About 294K and sunny here.
  19. Rather than play Whack-a-mole, my philosophy has just been to let it update what it wants then turn off as many 'features' as possible and then only use Windows if I have to. I also use a Win 10 Enterprise Laptop that doesn't belong to me where things seem under control, but I don't think I can even buy that as an individual. All this is very tiresome and detracts from actually using the machines for things like TFXplorer. It's like I'm already in a bad mood after Win10 boots up.
  20. Just making sure my "contribution" isn't deleting your repo due to me pressing the wrong button in the git parts of the VS GUI. I've only ever used the command line 'git clone' to download someone's life's work from Github and maybe 'git pull' if I think there's something worth updating. A strictly one way process. ...but of course you're hosting this yourself and have control over read/write access. Anyway, I've fired up my Win10 VM to make the changes you suggested and noticed that it now helpfully tells me what the weather is doing right in the task bar! Wow, I never need to waste time looking out of the window ever again. What an age of wonder we live in.
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    They're showing the Indy 500 here as there's a local boy in it. It's like a Roman chariot race, now.
  22. Great version of Hotel California. That's a surprisingly good sound. It takes a few minutes to get used to it though. Reminds me a lot of the game 'Broken Reality' I like not-too-growly death metal, although I won't post any here. Anyway, off to Old Cape Cod
  23. ...and here's the other Canadian band. Had to search a bit to find one where Geddy doesn't open his mouth and ruin it.
  24. Indeed they did. Godley and Creme made some of the most memorable videos of that era. They left 10cc a couple of years before this song came out though so this is waht we got. Never heard of Los Bitchos before, talented but slightly too repetitive for my taste. Might be ideal background music for software development though. If I was a programmer, I'd be listening to something like this I think. EDIT: That reminds me that I need to work on that EF2000 terrain.
  25. What! Even in Texas? What you need is one of these... Now, to listen to that Madonna song...
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