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  1. Sounds good! I'll try it out 'soon'. I fixed my problems in the other thread by adding a space if the last 3 characters in a line were 'par'. I appreciate that we will not be putting this stuff in the source code forever so haven't spent much time on it. Incorporating the TFX2 and TFX3 GUI scripts would be good. EDIT: or at least define your 'rules' in a way so we can convert from the TFX scripts.
  2. Are these externally or internally stored AIM9X? I think there was some difference in how they were fired, but don't remember the details. Also, are you using a joystick trigger or the spacebar to fire?
  3. Looking forward to hearing what you think about it. I see the availability of these has improved and I can just pick one up at the local shopping mall, so I'm hoping for a negative review to save me some cash. I have the original Vive from 2016, and have flown around a bit with the P-51. An amazing experience in some ways, but the novelty wears off after about 5 minutes and then the discomfort of having a big lump on my head and some mild anti-motion sickness becomes the dominant factor.
  4. The text is rendered using the 3dfx Linear Frame Buffer. For resolutions exact multiples of 640x400 it's all fine, but other resolutions cause this tearing when scaled. Probably needs a dedicated shader to fix. I got a 64 bit version of Dosbox-X working about 6 months ago. I didn't do any performance tests, but was going to use Dosbox-X as the basis of the next version of Reloaded.
  5. Do you have a screenshot of that? As I understand it, all the versions of dosbox handle 3dfx in a similar way but I haven't been following all forks.
  6. mikew


    Ha, truth is stranger than fiction. Luckily Landru only lasted 17 days this time... http://chakoteya.net/StarTrek/22.htm
  7. mikew


    Without freedom of choice, there is no creativity. Without creativity, there is no life. The body dies.
  8. Ah yes, it's 0x0d, 0x0a in a hex editor. I think that's \r\n, but need to check.
  9. OK! I haven't learnt to think in rtf format yet. Note that I'm just blindly treating the rtf file as lines of raw text. I've opened it in Notepad, and that space after the \\par just isn't there. So Wordpad must insert one when it opens the file. I guess I can do that as well.
  10. The colour cycling must have been a manual editing error on my part. Now, just those missing characters to find. This may be a line ending problem, as I may lose something when reading the rtf file as text. But if I read each line, add quotes and double space, I get this: ..and pasted into TFXplorer and compared with the original in Wordpad, gives me this:
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    Was it you that reactivated Landru?
  12. You could put the text into a "Quote" tag, so the forum stays tidy. Only recently found that out myself. Thanks for contributing!
  13. mikew

    Warbird ditches

    He raises some good points, but the presentation is a bit irritating. If you know who DB Cooper is, just tell us... Anyway, I guess it's not economically viable to run these old planes with proper maintenance etc. It's a pity to ground them, but I don't know what the alternative is.
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    Well. here's Joy Division. Just makes me miserable to be honest...
  15. Awesome indeed! I'm a bit biased, but that closed in murky weather effect is fantastic. Apart from some transient artefacts, there's some problems: 1. That jitter that occurs sometimes. Looks to be some conflict between TrackIR and the game. 2. When zoomed in to a MFD, the area around the MFD is corrupt 3. There's a couple of rows of pixels at the bottom that are doing something strange. I only really see these things when watching someone else's videos. Also, I'm not sure what resolution that screen is, but the further you go from the
  16. Is there any situation where a single backslash is required, or can I just convert them all to double? By the way, if I use the NUMPAD navigation in explorer mode, there is no block on going off the map except for south.
  17. Not sure we're allowed to choose our own theme with Win10... Anyway, that was just a flippant first attempt with RTF, so no need to analyze it further, I suppose the really hard part is coming up with an artistic theme and layout. From that, it should be relatively easy to script the RTF generation.
  18. I think I need to refine the workflow somewhat. 1. Create document in Wordpad 2.Save to rtf format 3 Open in Notepad 4. Copy and paste into cpp file 5. Add quotes to every line 6. change single backslashes to double backslashes Could probably automate some of that though. Not sure why the colours are out of synch with the original document, but might have missed a backslash or two.
  19. Looks good! Is the difference between the two pictures just artistic style?
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    Well, we're all chatbots here, so there may be a database mixup?
  21. The Beatles were a bit before my time, so it was with this band that I got to see mass hysteria by the female side of the classroom for the first time. Boys hated them for it of course, but I secretly liked this song: ...hopefully none of my classmates are around here to see me admit it.
  22. Don't really remember that, but no mistaking who wrote it. Another not from the usual suspects like Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler
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