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  1. Here: http://combatsim.invisionzone.com/forums/i...showtopic=20202
  2. We discussed this a fair bit here: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...tml#Post2646273
  3. I forget the details, but only a proportion of the enemy planes are equpped to attack the limo, and it's these that you need to deal with first. This mission was kind of a watershed for me. If I failed it a few more times, I'd probably have given up on ADF.
  4. What you've done has much more finesse than what I usually do. I generally test each new part as I go along by using a picture box to print out debug information in association with breakpoints.
  5. Does it crash, or just not work properly?
  6. mikew

    No GLoC

    I would expect any RAF pilot to handle 9G without any problem. The hard part is keeping the tobacco in their pipes in such conditions.
  7. Looks good......and I think you've overtaken me in VB interface skills. Sounds like you need to set the radio button control values when you load in the datafile.
  8. You could try what has become known as 'The Paradox Tactic' as described here: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...DOX_TACTIC.html I'm not sure the Highland campaign can be won without doing something like this.
  9. mikew

    I'm dumb

    You need to press T to add the the target to the shoot list. This should put circles around them.
  10. If you're using autopilot, it will disengage as soon as you make contact with the refueller. If your throttle setting is not in the range 60-65% you will be disconnected immediately.
  11. OK, but it's still frustrating not to be involved when there's so much new stuff going on.
  12. It has nothing to do with joysticks. It would just be useful to monitor certain variables when the game is running. Also, this could be used as a basis for displaying flight data on different screens which I promised* Nephilim I'd have ready by 2013. CE gets us access to the variables, I need to see if CE can be configured to send these on via a UDP packet for example. * Legal notice.The word 'promised' above is used in its loosest possible sense and does not imply any actual guarantee of successfully carrying out this project.
  13. Excellent work Eagle_flight! Personally, I'm not interested in cheating in TAW but I'm very interested in how you've achieved it. Do you know whether it would be possible to use this technique to export a parameter like the fuel level to another application?
  14. Not sure. There's the Vista TrueSpeech codec problem as described in the README but I think that only applies to the radio comms???
  15. Well, let's see how easy it is to change the lettering first.... Anyway, I'll see what I can do. We're changing 'FF' to 'AK' right?
  16. This should be quite easy to do, at least in theory. First create the new letter in one of the unused areas of an existing texture, and repeat for all times of day. This is not as easy as it sounds though. Then modify the appropriate F22 3d file 'commands' to call the new texture index and coordinates. I can probably help with this step. Using the mod would then be a case of choosing the appropriate 3d file before starting the game. I totally understand the need for this mod. If you have been in the military it must be horrendous to be forced to fly in someone else's (and obviousl
  17. Strange. This is what the first screen should like:
  18. Just downloaded using the same link as above on another PC with no problems whatsoever. Seems like there's something strange going on with Wombat's PC.
  19. Wombat, it works great here and Home Fries has produced one of the slickest installers that I've ever seen. I guess all the download sources should be the same, but this is the one I used: http://rs615.rapidshare.com/files/21694422...v15B2-setup.exe When it has finished, you should have downloaded a file that is exactly 110720830 bytes in size. If I double click on this file, the installer runs without any problems. Hope this helps.
  20. Ramjet, my problems were (I guess) down to the ISDN drivers I had at the time. Not many other people used ISDN. A year or so ago, I hosted an online game on a 11MB WLAN link in Sweden with a couple of of people on California and Polak in New York. There was no problem whatsoever with stability, so the original TAW multiplayer code was well ahead of its time. Wombat, Happy Birthday!....I still don't know what the "D" word means.
  21. Good to hear from you! I obviously don't have it so don't know what you mean. ramjet, Also good to hear you're still involved with TAW..it must be 10 years since we tried to hook up online......
  22. I think the idea is that you go into the '!2008_v1.5' folder and select the particular mods that you are interested in.
  23. It's maybe possible to repack did.dat although I don't know if the risk of failure is worth the effort. did.dat has a 12 byte header, the first 4 bytes of which give the file offset of the index located at the end of the file. The index starts with a list of directories and extensions and then a 12 byte entry for each file. There is a 4 byte 'identifier', then 4 bytes for the file size and 4 bytes for the offset within did.dat.
  24. There are plenty of USB-Gameport adapters which should work with CH stuff, such as this: http://www.usbgear.com/ijoy1.html I just haven't found one which is compatible with my MS FF1 yet.
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