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  1. I wouldn't have made that connection. Saw 'The Driver' in the cinema when it first came out. Proper 1970s car stunts. Probably should give 'Streets of Fire' another chance. Might work better now... Here's the other Steinman contribution to the soundtrack:
  2. Not sure what this one is about.
  3. Great song. Not Jim's fault the movie was a bit mediocre...
  4. Sad news this week. This guy could write songs...
  5. Nice! Do you get 'bounced around' in that weather, or is it just visual? As a matter of interest, I just checked the local supply of 3090 cards, and there aren't any. When the 3000 series was released, the 3080 was impossible to get hold of, but there there were 3090s for about $2300. Now they've jacked the price up to $3000 and are sold out anyway. Crazy times
  6. mikew


    15°C and sunny. Supposed to be snow later, but difficult to believe right now.
  7. bidi bidi bidi RIP bidi bidi bidi I saw in the obituary that he was in 'Kentucky Fried Movie', but it was the 'Catholic High School Girls in Trouble' sketch that I'd better not link to here...
  8. Wonderful! Maybe I should fire up DCS again, but I fear that the 980Ti on my Steam PC means I'm never going to see anything as good as your videos. Does having that PC performance also help shortening the 'Desktop to Cockpit' time? which is my pet peeve about all modern games.
  9. Ah, you're already in-game, so you mean a shortcut to the unmute app? I misunderstood. It would be better to try and find out why the TAW exe is being muted in the first place and stop it happening somehow. I hadn't thought of a possible link to earphones. I suppose plugging them causes Windows to mute any existing sound device (like HDMI) and TAW comes from a era were we generally had one sound card.
  10. Yes, if you go back a couple of pages in this thread, you'll see a lot of complaints about lack of sound. Unfortunately, we don't know the root cause. It's like Windows 'sometimes decides' to mute this particular exe in the Windows mixer. Interesting idea. I think a shortcut should work if you provide the path to the game exe (f22.dat), by adding DID=<path to program folder> to the commend line. I don't have the TAW info to hand, but for SuperEF2000, I had this: DID=D:\progra~1\digita~1\SEF2000 quick_flag=1 gui ..not sure what those last paramete
  11. Looked good to me. You didn't run over any of those guys, so I'm not sure what rules you thought you were breaking. Your PC specs are slightly better than mine, but it all looks wonderfully smooth. Are there situations in DCS where your frame rate drops even with a machine like that?
  12. Ah yes, Lead Pursuit! I still have my F4:AF CD somewhere. Home Fries managed to land a helo on the Sphinx in Vegas. Can it be done in the AV-8B? Doing it in daylight is fine!
  13. Great stuff! Anything in the dark is always so much more intense. Allied Force by any chance? Seem to recognize the name...
  14. A bit short of time, so I still haven't got around to writing the Wine bug report. Despite being able to paste in your information which identifies the problem and suggests how to fix it, I'm not sure that will guarantee that they will act on it. Is there a performance gain in using the 'dialog window' over other types of window? There are more involved issues involving the keyboard and joystick with TFXplorer and Wine, so I want to work out the best way to deal with them... Only for the last few years. Everything MS do seems to annoy me these days, so would like
  15. mikew


    One of the 1860's originals?
  16. I didn't do much with flight sims between F15 Strike Eagle III in about 1993 and F22 ADF in 1997 and completely missed the FST era it seems. That Vogons thread you link to is great! A pity I can't help with any useful info...
  17. mikew


    Yep, inch of snow at 6am here. Almost not trace of it at 8am though.
  18. Not sure I understand the question. Do you mean you can't go above 50% ? 50% is the normal idle level of a functioning engine.
  19. Yes,thanks! It's just a case of formulating the question in a way that the Wine people can't argue against. I'll deal with that so that you can provide the finishing touches to TFXplorer.
  20. Looking at that screenshot, it looks like it's using the same size as the parent.
  21. Hard to say in the VM world: Here's a screenshot from Win 10. The dialog is the window with the OK button in it. The Win 10 window takes up about 2/3s of this 4k display that the host is using.
  22. Yes, that does it. If I just change to WS_OVERLAPPED I get a 500x200 window in both Win10 and Wine. If I then change the size parameters in that resource file to 32768, 32768, I get a big window in Win10 and a tiny box in Wine when I click the 'About ' button that triggers the dialog window. I'm not sure where I got that tutorial from, although it's pretty basic.
  23. I tried that yesterday with some other sample code where the 'About' box is a dialog window. I couldn't find a way to adjust the size by typing numbers into fields in the window properties. I'm sure it's there somewhere as you can't just size things using the mouse... Anyway, I opened the resource file and the size can be changed using the marked values, in this case x=500, y=200. If I set those those values to 32768 and rebuild, the program doesn't start at all.
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