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  1. Ah, yes . All 4 tests work on Wine now. So I need to replace HWND hWnd = CreateWindow( with something like HWND hWnd = CreateDialogWindow( ...hang on a few weeks while I work out how to do that.
  2. Yes, that tutorial seems to show this fine: If I make these changes: HWND hWnd = CreateWindow( szWindowClass, szTitle, WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, 0x8000, 0x8000, // Test 4 CW_USEDEFAULT, CW_USEDEFAULT, // 0x8000, 0x8000, // Test 3 // 0x8000, 0x8000, // CW_USEDEFAULT, CW_USEDEFAULT, //Test 2 // CW_USEDEFAULT, CW_USEDEFAULT, // CW_USEDEFAULT, CW_USEDEFAULT, // Test 1 Original code // 500, 100, NULL, NULL, hInstance, NULL ); ...all 4 tests work fine in Win1
  3. mikew

    spoiler test

    Yep, that does it. Thanks! I wish they wouldn't change things though.
  4. Wow! A lot of info there. It may, of course, be the fault of my setup. Your STL viewer behaves the same way on startup, and expanding it shows some strange 'smearing' of whatever is above the white box. While I'm at it, the arrow and information symbols in the TFXplorer scenario menu don't display properly either. I like the idea of producing a minimal Windows program to show these effects, so that is what I may try to do next to see if I can control VS in any way.
  5. Hmmn, spoiler tags don't seem to work, so I'll just post it here and delete it if it's of no use...
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    spoiler test

    <spoiler> hide this </spoiler> nope maybe it was square brackets [spoiler] hide this [/spoiler] Hmmn.....
  7. Could be. It's just the one that comes with the Linux distro called 'Boxes'. I might give it a go. I've had situations where files 'disappear' from 'dir' in a command prompt in the shared folder and I need to restart the terminal to see them again. Nothing too exciting. I have a Mini PC (i5 NUC) that I usually take into work for times when I might get a spare minute or two to do personal stuff. So, the more things it can do, the better. I've been wondering why TFXplorer/3View/Lean Viewer always start in a small window. You explained it elsewhere, but I
  8. What, really? Is this just an alternative to the ! operator? Yep, that PC has only ever had VS2019, but the only update it was nagging me for was for some web component. So, it seems useful updates have to be 'pulled' from MS but any frivolous 'social' stuff get 'pushed'. Right now, I'm back to the other PC with Linux+Win10 VM. I added that CFF tool and followed your instructions more carefully, and this time I get a _deploy folder with all the DLLs in the right place and now I see the scenarios. It even runs them to some extent, so Windows must have some s
  9. I have no idea what's happened to this native Win 10 PC as it's the one I started this thread with and VS was working fine. Now it doesn't understand 'not'. I'll just post the error here and go back to the machine I was using yesterday.
  10. I only had a few minutes with it, but there's a 4 day weekend coming up so will try those suggestions. I just ran the main exe from wherever VS built it and paid no attention to where the DLLs were. Once I'm up and running again, I'll try and help with my new programming skills but I can't see where you've put the #include "windows.h"
  11. Wonderful! Builds like a charm, both automatic and manual. Not yet sure why I'm not seeing any scenarios though. so haven't had a chance to see what happens when there is no 3D hardware acceleration whatsoever. Anyway, I'm off to make some new planes with the 'Vehicle Builder'
  12. Thanks! 1. didn't work, but 2. did. Now a bunch of Linker errors, all msvcrt related: Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error LNK2001 unresolved external symbol __acrt_thread_detach TFXplorer E:\kry\TFXplorer source (2016-12-26)\TFX\TFXplorer\msvcrt.lib(utility.obj) 1 etc... Sounds like something that should be included with VS.
  13. A year or so later and getting this compilation error on Win10+VS2019 This Win10 is a VM, but wouldn't expect problems at this stage because of that...
  14. Yep, clocks go forward tonight, so definitely need something to send me to sleep
  15. ...and Supertramp have suddenly decided to use YT as well. They used to get everything taken down.
  16. Sorry I'm late! Bit of a water leak up at the camp. I reckon 'Piano Man' was the best of that bunch, but nearly all good tracks. Robert Fripp seems to be finally putting his stuff on YT, so here's Greg Lake (RIP) again.
  17. mikew


    Actually my first comment was a rhetorical question to set up my Win 10 rant. Hard to tell what I was thinking from what I wrote though. I suppose what would calm my soul would be a hypothetical version of Visual Studio that runs on Linux but can target Windows. I'd pay for that.
  18. mikew


    ...and can you make it cross-platform as well? As I had a few hours to myself yesterday, I thought I'd 'help' by starting up the TFXplorer .sln on my Win10 PC. The VS studio license had gone stale again though, so had to login to a MS account to reactivate it. This probably triggers some OS feature which uploads all my activity on that machine to MS since it was last online. This may not in fact happen, but such is my disenchantment with these big companies that I kind of assume it does. I checked to see if I could buy a standalone copy of VS, and it seems you c
  19. I assume that's a DirectDraw error, which will be tricky to pin down. If you have the full installer, I'd suggest the Glide version and a Glide Wrapper.
  20. I'm not sure that's possible, but changing the colour of the text can help. Can't remember which button that is though!
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    Yep, equinox was a couple of hours ago, so just over halfway until it starts getting darker again here in the Northern Hemisphere. About +5 degrees Centigrade and sunny.
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    That would be nice.
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    Nice day. I have to use the Kelvin scale as I've forgotten the key sequence to get the degree symbol, so it's 278K. 42F? That's a lot of capacitance you have over there.
  24. At least, we can discuss EAW here at Combatsim with a bit of decorum. I dread to open the EAW section at SimHQ, as this is what I was confronted with this morning:
  25. mikew


    While I've never actually played this game, it has recently appeared for sale on GOG so I've blown $3.55 to obtain a copy. Some years ago, another copy appeared on my hard drive from elsewhere. There are a lot of common files: What GOG seem to have done is package did.dat and the music into a 107MB BIN/CUE disk image, then add the music again in its own folder. This results in a total size of some 325MB, which is over 300MB larger than the directory on the right. This game came out after TFX, and did.dat can be extracted using the same rules. Th
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