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  1. I hadn't realised that different items in the .asc file would lead to the same ssd file, in this case, rvfors_1.ssd. No reason why not though. By the way, here's the heights of the edge vertices of those tiles: Index 238 used: 201 \tfx3\sh\env\river\valdst\s\1\rvdsts_1 80 80 80 80 80 0 3 3 3 0 0 19 19 19 0 0 3 3 3 0 80 80 80 80 80 Index 268 used: 91 \tfx3\sh\env\river\valfor\s\1\rvfors_1 690 690 690 690 690 480 7 7 7 480 480 19 19 19 480 480
  2. Hmmn, looked at this in more detail and that isn't a particularly realistic test. The time between when the print line appears and when Python exits (according to 'top') seems to be taken up with giving back the vast amounts of memory/disk cache that script uses. So that doesn't explain my earlier problem with the last file in the decompression list. The reason I did this was that Python was running the same scripts noticeably faster on the weakest Apple M1 machine than any of my normal PCs, so wanted to do a more substantial test but that one was a bit extreme.
  3. A general question about how computers work. This is related to the problem I get when I lose the last file when running my Python .dat extraction script which calls a dll containing the decompressor code for each file. Earlier in thread I wrote this: To which I got this reply: Now I'm running into a similar situation if I run this Python script: import random from datetime import datetime time_start = datetime.now() l = [random.randrange(100, 999) for i in range(100000000)] squared = [x**2 for x in l] sqrt = [x**0.5 for x in l] mul = [x * y for x, y i
  4. Yep, and that was the trigger to buy a bunch of games that I'll probably never play. With GoG it's not worth going through the login process for just one game, so I wait for some trigger then buy a bunch. I probably could have found some more, but ran out of time. Hmmn, now I feel a bit ripped off about paying full price for Subwar2050...
  5. Great! Obviously you shouldn't have to change your system settings just to play a game, so that's something we need to fix in any new release.
  6. I need to get to a Windows PC so see how we set this up. I'm suspecting a problem with SDL which Dosbox uses to set up the window, handle the mouse etc. The only quick thing I can suggest is to right click on your desktop, go to 'Display Settings' and make sure that the setting under 'Scale and Layout' is 100%. SDL can have problems if its not.
  7. Then it should 'just work'. Actually, you shouldn't use full screen mode due to some issues with Dosbox. So, if you try a smaller resolution like 640x400 you should see a window that size. Is that not the case?
  8. Not sure. What's the resolution of your monitor? Is it part of a multi-monitor system?
  9. mikew


    They didn't even kick off here until after 12:30am, so didn't watch more than the first couple of minutes. With Green Bay out, I didn't have any dog in the fight. So, the pre-game stuff was the highlight for me. Most amusing was seeing the reaction of people to that 'artistic' rendering of the national anthem.
  10. Cool! There was a rocket launch from Florida which tracked off the the east coast of the US which can cause that sort of effect, but that was 5 hours earlier.
  11. mikew


    Your groundhog is providing some detailed information there. Here 12F and another couple of inches of snedge.
  12. ..on to SN10 if it survived the debris.
  13. mikew


    Yep, that sucks. Dumped a fair bit of snow here last week, but since then the weather has had the decency to stay below 25F, so things are still nice and crunchy.
  14. mikew


    Evening. 12F, so a cold walk to the pub.
  15. Technically impressive and the 'correct' way to do it, no doubt. I certainly wouldn't notice the difference. I haven't started up FS2020 since August, even to try out VR which I believe is implemented now.
  16. Hey, I get a mention! Thank you for doing this. It's great seeing the story brought together in this way. 15 minutes? I've spent hours going through those archived threads.
  17. I've looked through this thread and where we've discussed this previously, and have really come to the end of the road in terms of the archaeology I think. ...and just like those archaeology programs on the Discovery Channel where there they recreate an ancient city based on a bit of pottery, here is my theory about how they may have gone about things in the early 1990s. Unless the .lbm and .asc files are planted as a bit of misdirection by DiD, I'd say that these are fairly fundamental to the design process. redsea.asc contains a mixture of upper case and lower case characters
  18. Combining the path names and palette indicesfrom redsea.asc, the ssd names from redsea.lst and the heights of the edge vertices from the COLLISION_TRIANGLES section of each ssd to try and get an idea of how the 3D mesh might be created. The palette indices are the middle 9 numbers in each block and are surrounded by the height values. Need to find a better way to display them, but you get the idea I hope... 16 \tfx3\sh\env\sea\sea 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
  19. ...or maybe the year after that. 2021 now, and while I've been receiving the Kickstarter updates, I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. The Discord channel is very 'noisy', so have you been keeping up with things? The last significant thing I heard was some new VC funding. For CastAR, I thought this was a negative thing since it went from a cool PC peripheral to some android-y ecosystem thing. But the main reason I'm posting this now is that I was doing a search for some old 'Graphics Workshop' SW and found this: http://annex.retroarchive.or
  20. mikew


    32F and snowing. So, is that guy with the viking hat in charge now?
  21. mikew


    Morning. 28F and a few snowflakes, maybe more later. Day off today due to Epiphany, so we're celebrating Jesus taking down his Christmas decorations or something.
  22. mikew


    ...or an opportunity to earn a few hundred bucks just turning it off and on again.
  23. Thanks for your insight. For all I know, Linux may be totally compromised and it would be 'safer' just to do whatever MS want us to do. Back on topic a bit, I've just looked at redsea.asc and index 171 isn't there at all, so any tie-up between these files is not perfect. There could be plenty of reasons for that though, particularly as redsea.lbm is not used at all at runtime, and neither is the bulk of redsea.asc.
  24. It feels a bit bad to be derailing DKD's thread with complaints about Win10, especially since he's still blissfully using WinXP. ...but does that mean you could create your own 'Krycztij Store' using MS's tools, or is everything dependent on a link to MS? I'm still going to continue using Linux for non-gaming stuff because it's awesome (except when it's not, when it becomes unbelievably annoying). I'm not sure what the future holds when Torvalds gives up though. Might have to save up for a Mac.
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