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  1. ...or maybe the year after that. 2021 now, and while I've been receiving the Kickstarter updates, I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. The Discord channel is very 'noisy', so have you been keeping up with things? The last significant thing I heard was some new VC funding. For CastAR, I thought this was a negative thing since it went from a cool PC peripheral to some android-y ecosystem thing. But the main reason I'm posting this now is that I was doing a search for some old 'Graphics Workshop' SW and found this: http://annex.retroarchive.or
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    32F and snowing. So, is that guy with the viking hat in charge now?
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    Morning. 28F and a few snowflakes, maybe more later. Day off today due to Epiphany, so we're celebrating Jesus taking down his Christmas decorations or something.
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    ...or an opportunity to earn a few hundred bucks just turning it off and on again.
  5. Thanks for your insight. For all I know, Linux may be totally compromised and it would be 'safer' just to do whatever MS want us to do. Back on topic a bit, I've just looked at redsea.asc and index 171 isn't there at all, so any tie-up between these files is not perfect. There could be plenty of reasons for that though, particularly as redsea.lbm is not used at all at runtime, and neither is the bulk of redsea.asc.
  6. It feels a bit bad to be derailing DKD's thread with complaints about Win10, especially since he's still blissfully using WinXP. ...but does that mean you could create your own 'Krycztij Store' using MS's tools, or is everything dependent on a link to MS? I'm still going to continue using Linux for non-gaming stuff because it's awesome (except when it's not, when it becomes unbelievably annoying). I'm not sure what the future holds when Torvalds gives up though. Might have to save up for a Mac.
  7. I use a program called mtPaint on Linux. This is good in that you can hover over pixel with the and see the coordinates and palette index. Unfortunately this isn't visible in a screenshot. Anyway, here I take those greenish pixels from the redsea.lbm derived picture and can see that they are palette entry 171. In the redsea.asc derived picture they are palette index 3. If I then look at the spreadsheet of ssd files, there is 'desrtm_1.ssd' at these positions, as there is for the areas around the box canyon area. The reddish pixels around the green ones are palette position 170.
  8. I was using a PC that doesn't belong to me yesterday, so was just using built in Windows 10 tools plus Python. Not impressed to see this with Paint: So, we've lost Freecell, now Paint. I guess the XP era Paint etc will still work if I can be bothered to copy them from an old install.
  9. I haven't done a byte comparison, but there's a couple of greenish pixels towards the top right of the image in the background which aren't there in the foreground image which hints at a slightly different .wld being used. If I take the palette colours from redsea.lbm and match them with the text from redsea.wld we get this: ..with just enough effort to produce a picture with text on it, but not enough to space it out properly.
  10. I don't have those answers yet, but I'm trying to find scripts from years ago and adapt them to python3 while extending them a bit. I've converted redsea.lbm to .bmp format and saved the palette which I've reused to make another .bmp from each middle index of redsea.asc using the index from redsea.env. While these are not 100% identical, they are near enough I think to say the ssd indices in redsea.list, the .lbm palette, and the entries in the redsea.asc are related. Not sure about redsea.wld yet... Spot the difference.
  11. It's been a long time since I've looked at this, so can't give any intelligent comment. Do you know whether pipelines are always at the same elevation, or can they be put on slopes? All I had was a vague theory about how the world creation could be automated, and am visiting it again for some holiday season programming fun. This time I'm starting with TFX1 and see how it goes. I think the first thing thing is to work out the elevation transition rules...
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    January 1, 2021

    Nice. Don't remember that from the Eagles. I can't listen to funk without thinking of this: https://entertainment.theonion.com/national-funk-congress-deadlocked-on-get-up-get-down-is-1819565355 Some easy listening from the 1970s...
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    January 1, 2021

    Probably more pure laziness. Happy New Year! Hendrix good, but I'm going for something a bit more laid back.
  14. Totally understandable. My interest here is the world building aspects where it's possible the .lbm file was quite a fundamental part of the process and where the palette is used for more than just colour. For me, .bmp is the simplest way of joining a palette to a bitmap with having to turn it upside down the only annoying thing.
  15. Actually, the 'seaworld.lbm' above came from the TFX2 dataset, but still matches quite well with my .bmp derived from the TFX1 .asc file. So, I'd like to perform a pixel by pixel comparison, but this requires converting the .lbm to .bmp and I can't find anything to do that while maintaining indexed colour mode. Doing it myself, I'm having trouble with the bitplanes. After the RLE decoding stage, for this 320x200 bitmap, we have 200 rows of 320 bytes. As I understand it, I have to take 8 rows at a time and cut them up so the first byte in the new bitmap will consist of the MSBs of
  16. Hmmn, a problem already with my theories from last time I looked at this. The simplest map is 'seaworld' from TFX1 and only uses 11 different tiles. The problem is that if I just plot out the 'middle' value from the .asc file, I miss the dock that's the yellow square in the picture below. Wasn't expecting that. In the picture, the upper left is all the .asc parameters plotted, upper right is the .lbm file that comes with the game, and the lower plot is just the middle value from .asc. As the dock (palette position 143) is on the edge, it is missing... Need to rethink those
  17. I've just had a quick look at redsea.asc and there are more 23s where you wouldn't expect them. It's been a while since I looked at this and I don't remember ever getting to the bottom of it. I had a theory of how the world might have been created from a basic bitmap and I think the .asc file was part of that process. Whether it was an input or an output, I have no idea, but none of the information after the first line is used when running the game. I suspect that while there was an attempt to produce a fully automated terrain system, it required a fair bit of manual overridin
  18. Who knows? Elevation might be one reason, but I think the TFX worlds just use a small number of discrete heights with a slope between them, and I think I've seen a river going a slope in TFX3 with no change to the texture used. Even in TFX1, at least three palette colours for water can be used on the same map. This is from Colombia.asc, and the result of plotting out all the middle numbers (index 5) from the 200x200 map. I've zoomed in a bit, but each little square is one pixel on the original 200x200 bitmap.
  19. Yay, seasonal greetings to all! 32F and snowing.
  20. I posted this elsewhere some years ago, but here's an example where water is defined twice: Palette index 11 is used for most of the rivers and lakes, while 1 is used for the sea, plus a couple of lakes and some short river sections. I'm guessing two types may be needed when a river meets the sea, so an appropriate transition can be made. Here's an example from the 1200x1200 map where all 9 numbers from the .asc file are plotted. 11 is the darker blue colour: EDIT: Here's the same area as seen in the 400x400 norway.lbm. This corresponds to only plotting the middle (5th) number
  21. That's going back a bit, but the middle digit denotes the tile function as defined in the .wld file. The 8 digits surrounding it define the transition to the next tile...or at least provide a means to test whether a map is consistent. Maybe that wasn't the question though...
  22. Cool! So, he did that game's archiver in 2000, then TFX's RA decompresser in 2006. What next? I think we've found Satoshi Nakamoto. That game looks typical of a bunch of Java games from that time that used the exact same game mechanic, but just varied the background and the things to shoot. That one looks like it is slightly more complex with multiple 2D layers giving some perspective. Interesting to see what 'kids these days' make of old games. From what I've seen , they're (ages 8-10) not interested unless it's an 'action' game for phone or Nintendo Switch. Maybe it
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    Could do with some of that. Exactly 0.0 hours sunshine here so far in December.
  24. A bit of a mishap with SN9 as its stand has collapsed apparently. Can be seen if you spool back to 9:07am in this feed:
  25. Good analysis, but no pictures so I prefer Krycztij's version. That Delta IV Heavy launch has been moved to 01:00 UTC so too late for me as well.
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