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  1. Great analysis! ...and great that SpaceX provided a live feed for our enjoyment. Yes, I read that the Delta IV fireball is actually by design as it was cheaper to fireproof the rocket than not have the fire in the first place. Coincidentally, the the Delta IV Heavy that aborted after engine start a few months ago is going to have yet another try at 23:15 UTC today. I'm sure you knew that, but it's maybe news to the multitudes that visit this site.
  2. Not the most objective source of SpaceX news, but some great pics here: https://www.teslarati.com/spacex-starship-nearly-sticks-landing-high-altitude-debut/ The loss of methane header tank pressure causing an oxygen rich situation seems a plausible reason for the engine melt. Hard to say how many engines were supposed to be operating at a particular point. I assume turning the engines off one at a time on ascent was intentional although I don't think setting fire to the engine bay when each engine shut down was part of the plan.
  3. The green is the engine melting, what they call engine-rich combustion. Pretty close though.
  4. Attempting to get to about 12.5km, then belly flop back before relighting engines to land. There's a NASA WB-57 observation aircraft on the way, so that would make liftoff in an hour or so. Should be spectacular whatever happens...
  5. Just noticed that 'Project Wingman' was released a few days ago: https://store.steampowered.com/app/895870/Project_Wingman/
  6. I hadn't realised how fragmented the VR scene is. With the Vive you're basically stuck with SteamVR on Windows unless 'extended mode' can be enabled so it's treated like another monitor. I don't think you can install SteamVR without Steam though. On Linux, Monado can be used instead of SteamVR and that looks like it basically reverse engineers what SteamVR does in an incomplete way for the Vive. 3DOF headset tracking seems to work, so that's probably enough for EF2000. Also on Linux, an alternative could be to use 'Extended Mode' and OpenHMD for EF2000. This would be something similar to wha
  7. mikew


    A bit like a leaf blower but for snow. Used for efficiently moving snow from your property into your neighbour's property.
  8. It's similar with ADF and TAW, where ADF's scripted missions are generally more interesting than TAW's campaign generated mission where there's hardly any ground action at all. This is something I'd love to try and improve if I had the time.
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    About the same here except for the rising above 35F bit. In an increasingly desperate retail sector, today marks the start of Black Friday fortnight. Can't really blame Covid for this, as Black Friday has been thrust upon us with an expanding time frame over the last decade or so.
  10. mikew


    At least he could find it. Normally, after 20 years, nobody can find the physical server if it goes down.
  11. Probably too hard for me. The only VR headset I have is the original Vive, and the only PC I have with a GPU capable of driving it runs Windows 10. For Dosbox, we don't particularly want to be stuck with a particular headset or OS, so I've been looking at 'OpenHMD'. It sort of works in that the gyro information from the headset seems to be read OK, but I've yet to be able to turn on the Vive's display. This may have something to do with SteamVR that is already on the PC though. It's deeply embedded and difficult to circumvent. So, I need another PC untai
  12. A bit of a gap due to work, but with Dosbox-X rev 0.83.6 the coloured polygon problem mentioned above is now fixed...even without me asking them. So might try to look at non-stereoscopic VR first. I have the OpenVR demo working so just need to write the SDL output buffer to a texture and feed it to OpenVR in some way. How hard can that that be?
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    Please can you get a move on with that? We want our normal news reporting back.
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    Raining continuously for the last 24 hours and windy. Temp around 50F. Remnants of Hurricane Zeta apparently. Thank you, USA!
  15. I found my ADF installation disk, and knowing I'm going to have installation problems with 64bit Windows, I installed it first on Linux via Wine. I then ran 'Quick Combat' on Linux and it seemed to run at normal speed. Then I copied the DiD folder to a Win10 machine, but can't get past the pilot login screen. Setting compatibility of _f22.exe for Win98 or XP gets me to the mission selection screen, but if I select 'Quick Combat', it crashes with "ChangeSampleRate line 713:BUFFERLOST" with the f22.$$$ file generated. So, maybe you'd be better off running Linux
  16. Maybe we should look at the reason for this as well: This is the approach I'd take, and I'll try it out when I get back to where my ADF installation disk is in a day or so. Note that if the program crashes, there's sometimes a logfile called f22.$$$ generated in the top level C:\ directory.
  17. Well, it is 'combattimento rapido' Does the XP clock run fast as well? Maybe you could limit resources available to the guest OS in VirtualBox's settings to slow it down?
  18. Both ground and air mobile units can probably be identified by the palette colours used, so it's theoretically possible they could handled separately. There is another problem though in that distant objects jump around on screen probably due to rounding errors when converting the object's position in 3D space to screen coordinates. This is OK on a native 640x400 monitor of the day, but not so good when the vertex positions are scaled up to modern resolutions and screen sizes. VR is something else I'd like to do. While EF2000 did support the VFX1 headset and we use the tracking part
  19. I haven't had time to look into it yet, but the problem is somewhere in the Dosbox-X code for SDL2. Reloaded uses the original Dosbox SDL1 code with the 3dfx patch, and I didn't do so much except add some vertex scaling. It's maybe not impossible to add 'smart scaling'. I 'just' need to identify the polygons associated with a ground vehicle as they come down the 3dfx pipeline, and modify them. Probably won't be my first priority, but this is the sort of thing that SDL2 would be useful for, as multiple windows can be used.
  20. Hard to say. How much does the game clock differ from real time?
  21. Not me, but there's some advice here: https://www.gog.com/forum/f_a_18e_super_hornet/windows_10_compatibility
  22. I think the first thing I'd do is turn off the music. That can be done by editing the file 'game.cfg'.
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