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  1. Tnx man. We in U.S.V.N. will be more then happy to see some new faces in our squads. Take care and best regards. CDR Delta 5 CO of the VFA-113 Stingers on U.S.V.N.
  2. Greetings to all simmers... We in U.S.V.N. proudly presents VFA-113 Stingers squad which is looking for new members intrested for flying. We invite all interested players who wish to go in any kind of virtual combat engagements (air, land or sea) to join us on http://www.usvn.net The U.S.V.N. is a group of military simulation enthusiasts, ranging from people who support the Navy and its mission in the world, to people who have been a part of the Navy and its mission in the world. This community encourages friendly competition, comraderie, service pride, and spirit de corps. We honor the Traditions and Standards of the US Navy. The U.S.V.N. currently support the following sims: Jane's F/A-18E MSFS 2004 & FSX Dangerous Waters Ghost Recon 1 GRAW ArmA You can also see our video here... And if you are interested to see some work of VFA-113 Stingers you can see it here... We are looking forward to meet you. CDR Delta 5 CO of the VFA-113 Stingers
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