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    New here, questions (CFS3+OFF+Vista)

    I've been trying to register there - and it hasn't worked yet. I've emailed the webmaster, so we'll see.
  2. Hey all, new poster here... Long time WW1 wannabe (closest I've come to gaming was designing a large boardgame involving 1/72nd scale models etc., quite fun). Anyway, just purchased a new gaming rig (3.0G duo, 9800GTX, 4G Ram etc.) and I was drooling when I discovered OFF. Running 64-bit Vista on the new machine - does CFS3 run w/ Vista well? Heck, I even bought a joystick today (retro Saitek!). I may break down into tears if I cant run OFF on Vista. Also, Microsoft's website lists CFS3 as Vista capable - but all the ones I've seen for sale online only list XP. So, someone cheer me up and give me the skinny. Cheers, New Guy