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  1. No, but why do you want that game anyway? I bought it from the bargain bin years ago and it is crap. Nothing like the original EF2000. They were fools to think they would get more sales by going arcade.
  2. Wonder what Andy Hollis is up to these days? I used to see him posting on Usenet around the time of Longbow/2 but I guess he got out of gaming completely after that.
  3. Use dosbox for old dos games on XP and up. http://www.dosbox.com/
  4. The big flaw in TAW's DC was/is an incessant re-spawning enemy. Each side should have limited resources and once those are depleted it is campaign over for them, like it is in F 4.0.
  5. Pink Panther


    Don't they have emergency dental services there? In Canada they are required to provide emergency dental services and every city has a number to call for that service. I needed to use them once on a weekend and the dentist I called said she couldn't do it at that time and to go see her Monday. She broke the law when she denied me emergency service but I never pursued the matter and went to a different dentist that Monday. An abscessed tooth can be life threatening and a few years ago a boy in the USA died because his mother didn't have the means to pay so they refused to treat him. In the UK dental service is/was covered just like regular health care is so no one is ever denied service for lack of funds.
  6. I love winter, it's the hot and humid summer I can't tolerate.
  7. CH sticks have lighter feeling throw to them than the MS sticks even. They are very well built and accurate though. Logitech sticks have the twist handles like MS sticks used to have. I still use MS PP and FFB, boith USB. Used to have all CH but didn't want to spend that much again when I went USB. My CH gear cost me about $400.00 CAD, that's too much for a hobby that rarely gets any new games any more. I did spend $200.00 CAD on TrackIR though but I can use that in racing sims and flight sims. http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/gaming/p...s/&cl=ca,en
  8. This is my favourite funk song. Classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxwCCdTGvOM Grandfather of funk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwkYxuJUDO0
  9. I've used the pantyhose filter before but now I have a better method. Don't use an intake fan. If the case has good ventilation and a large 120mm outtake fan, decent cpu HSF, video card that ventilates heat to outside the case and a large fan on the PSU then an intake fan is not really needed. My cpu is overclocked and I use no intake fan and heat is not an issue.
  10. Don't know what the problem is with their FW-190 but mine starts first time, every time, in IL-2. Probably needs new spark plugs.
  11. Yep, bong boy is me. It's only a security risk if running games in online mode. Steam has an offline mode which is what I use mostly except for online games like Red Orchestra. Most online games have anti cheat software (Punkbuster etc.) and they have to be run in admin mode for such software to work. Steam uses anti-cheat software called VAC. Punkbuster runs as a service too now to get around issues with Vista. All online games can be a security risk to a degree. It's a risk I am willing to take so I can play online games. There has to be a command line switch I need to add to IL-2 1946 in the steam launcher. I will go to the Steam forums and see what I can dig up. Thanks.
  12. How does one get a Steam game to run in admin mode on Vista64? If I set the Il-2 1946 exe to use admin mode then Steam claims the game is currently unavailable when I try to launch it. I need to run it in admin mode so as I can use TrackIR. TrackIR does not work on Vista64 unless the game is running in admin mode.
  13. I bought TrackIR just a few weeks back. Have it working fine on Vista64 and XP and quite like it, Makes simming much better. Now I just need 3D glasses. I have IL-2 installed so need to get this 6DOF mod installed. Not sure if I can patch Il2-FB up to the needed version though.
  14. I just recently formatted my two main computers so was busying getting games installed etc. Went with Vista64 on one and XP on the other. On the Vista64 PC I lost SPDIF on my X-Fi thanks to Creative's drivers but I see they have a beta driver I haven't tried yet so will give them a go.
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