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    how do you assing targets in campaings?

    yes but the thing is planes carry more than just one JDAM... however you can only assign one target per plane. how can you assign 1 target per 1 JDAM? or even 1 target per maverick missile?
  2. some missions like interdiction have an option to configure targets. but when I'm doing it I can only assign 1 ground target per aircraft. How do I assign more than 1 target?!? I mean, there's aircraft that can carry loads of JDAM's but then only have a single target?
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    thank you so much!
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    where can I find the keyboard map for F-22 TAW? I've looked into the manual and there's nothing there. I've also searched the forum and can't find anything
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    F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Here I am again to personally thank you for your great work. imo the download count is meaningless. 2500 is nothing for such a great mod. I'm sure if it was widely known you would easily get 250k downloads. Also, I would like to donate so you can keep with your great effort.
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    Thank You

    I felt the need to say thanks too. There's no words for your amazing work HomeFries. Thank you so much really.
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    error installing f-22 taw :(

    the problem in the AWAC is the same as in the other missions. the game crashes randomly. the file is not there Anyway I can play for about 30min not so bad lol
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    error installing f-22 taw :(

    I installed with no music. I'm getting this error sometimes "Failed to find .\cgadat\p_fligth.pcx" I'm just playing and having lots of fun and then suddenly... the game crashes and that error message appears It's very anoying >.< plz help? (again) lol and thanks
  9. __-_-_-__5

    error installing f-22 taw :(

    When I installed f-22 taw I selected keyboard instead of joystick and the error occured then I changed it to joystick and the error still occured. I have 3 controllers installed "usb to serial" (wich I don't known what it is...), a XFX wirelss gamepad and a microsoft sidewinder force feedback 2. Thanks for the tip, I deleted all the controllers and just installed the joystick and I was abble to run the program. thank you so much. Now the only error I get it's in the AWAC missions and that were my favourite ones.. :/ I can play just a few seconds and then the game crashes
  10. __-_-_-__5

    error installing f-22 taw :(

    When I click f-22.exe to play or when I lunch the taw extractor in windows xp I get this error: Failed to get DirectInput Proprety DIJOFS_X The requested object does not exist or another application has a higher priority or this property cannont be changed Can someone help me please?