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  1. Cn366

    SAM avoidance in TAW

    Try this if you get a lock on dive fast as you can an low as you can to the deck over water the missile will hit the water. if there's a ship near by, fly towards it an as you pull up just above the ship it will hit it. I've evaded missiles that way so what if it's a friendly ship the missile is gone, you're alive.
  2. Cn366

    SAM avoidance in TAW

    Your right at altitude there are other factors to take into account such as how far will that lock on track you before loosing you, how high can they go into the sky for you. I manage to dodge a few by flying towards an enemy or going as high as I possibly can or diving for the deck if I'm out of chaff or flares I'll try maneuvers to dis-lock the tracking sam.
  3. Cn366

    SAM avoidance in TAW

    Not to take any thunder away from of you better pilots out there, but I find fast in really low flying an using the mountains as well as a good way to loose a missile lock on.
  4. Cn366

    Where to download TAW?

    try this site it has a download http://www.f22taw.net/ hope it works still.
  5. Cn366

    Jane's USAF

    hey all, I'm trying to get Jane's USNF'97 to work on with my XP - sp2 pc, with no luck the game crashes all the time as soo as I enter a mission. Is there any fixes for it?
  6. Cn366

    error installing f-22 taw :(

    I can play this game for 8 hours str8, but I wish I could get that updated patch some one made a few years back. when installing into xp windows make sure you don't install music or the game mucks up everytime. I've had this game since 98 an dug it out again cos it still holds up today.