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  1. Such fond memories. Good to see the place is still going!
  2. geg


    Now we get some peace and quiet!
  3. geg

    New Rig online

    Incidentally, so are a lot of companies. They're sticking with XP until 7 is released; something like 4% of companies who use Windows as their operating system have made the transition to Vista. Not sure how accurate that number is as I've seen it quoted as high as 15% I think it suffers mainly because of two reasons: it's a resource hog, almost unnecessarily so due largely in thanks to things like Aero and the sidebar, which when disabled speeds up the computer tenfold. Secondly, I think it was released too early mainly for the reasons listed above. The minimum specs required for it me
  4. geg

    New Rig online

    Trust me, Vista is better than XP if you have the specs to run it.
  5. Kryten* And this is great news!
  6. Here and there, doing this and that, now and then.
  7. Cheers guys. The problem seems to have solved itself in the form of another timely present, in the form of SP2. No money spent
  8. Hey guys! A friend of mine currently received a Macbook Pro as a gift, and they want to have it dual booting OSX (or whatever the mac thing is called) and XP. Thing is, they don't have an XP SP2 disc, and when they tried to install from the original SP1 disc it failed. I'm not entirely sure why, but apparently you simply can't install an SP1 XP onto a Macbook Pro. It HAS to be SP2? Anyway, I was wondering if it was at all possible to copy the entire content of the old hard drive on the Xp Laptop to the new Macbook pro hard drive, and be able to boot XP? I have a feeling for that to
  9. Moving away from netflix slightly, saw There Will Be Blood in the cinema the other day. Loved it so much I saw it again yesterday. Probably my favourite movie of all time now.
  10. Recently got all the series of Deadwood. Now there's a ######ing good series!
  11. Tbf, Hillary served in the military. Heard she was a tank.
  12. A nice, cool, 25 degrees celsius here today in paradise. Have a good one
  13. First Australia Day away from home. Watched the cricket on pay tv though, good stuff.
  14. Always found the Soviets more fun to fight as than the Germans, TBH.
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