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  1. Whatever. I hope it never happens for you to find out. For a group like this, who have always claimed to be so caring of one another, to mock someone else's suffering, is beyond words for me. Simply beyond words.
  2. Perhaps. I don't see this as someone's trying to claim 15 minutes of fame. I'm not sure how many of you are parents or if any of you have lost children from whatever cause. But, I am almost positive nearly everyone knows someone who has. Have you ever witnessed such sorrow? Can you imagine the pain? As I said, whether this woman is right or wrong, it is her right and I don't see how so many can find pleasure in her suffering.
  3. Whether any one agrees with the woman or her method of protest, I find it pitiful that she has to suffer ridicule along with the loss of her son. My 2 cents.
  4. Arch if you liked that one, you'll love this - http://www.simhq.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cg...44;t=000445;p=0 People set themselves up as "official/unofficial" spokesmen, then get unset when someone uses their name in a simple post. There was a time when that forum was a good place. I'm glad now, more than ever, that I had the mods un-register me last year. It means absolutely nothing to anyone there or here, but as a silent protest towards the types of posters and double standard I feel is allowed to exist for some, I found it embarrassing to be a member there any longer.
  5. Ogden, I remember chatting with you a loooong time ago on whatever the Microsoft server was called we used to meet on to fly EAW way back when...... that's one long run one sentence, isn't it? Anyway I remember chatting about your boys and my daughters and how close in age they were. It''s hard to put into words, but as they grow up it's a sort of a sad time but yet a very proud time as a parent. Anyway, I wish you well. That's a good looking young man you have there.
  6. I thought this sounded like a pretty good way to get waited on at home. You know, load up an inflight movie, order a meal and a couple of drinks. Needless to say, my virtual flight attendant aka my wife to me where I could go to next......
  7. You guys really P*** me off. How dare you question Oleg?!?! The man has stats. Good old fashioned Soviet data, mind you. You should be grateful for what you have. You can't handle the truth...... The truth is out there...... we're doomed. Momma!?!? Annnnnd, I'm back. Sorry, I thought everyone would want a taste of what this thread might be like about now on another forum. Seriously though, I like a lot of detail. I thought the cockpits in CFS2 were pretty "flat" looking. IL2's are mostly very good. I'm still disapointed by the P-47, it's ok but not as good as most of the rest. I'd
  8. For the immersion factor, there are two things that would make any sim more "real" to me. I'd like to interact with the simulation more. Like being able to move around my airbase, go from hanger to HQ to wherever on foot or better yet in a simplfied ground vehicle. To go along with that, and I don't see how you can do BoB without it, I want to run to my plane during a scramble, crew chief (or whatever you Brits call him) on the wing, ready to strap me in. PS2's Nascar games make it work in the pit stops. It's easily doable. Secondly, I would love to see high quality newsreel footage that to
  9. You know, I have more than a feeling you might be right. he he
  10. I've always wondered why developers always want to push the consumer to upgrade their machines just to play their latest and greatest? As flight simmers, we are always told how small the market is for these games. Little wonder. I'll be the first to admit my machine is no where near up to date. I wish it were. But if at this late date, PF can bring a fast AMD or Intel chip to it's knees just by turning on some eye candy, then it seems obvious that a mass market appeal isn't even considered when designing a new sim. And I know this has little to do with it, but I've been playing PS2's Gran T
  11. "We're the battling b*stards of the Sim Gulag. No momma, no poppa, no Uncle Oleg." I doubt many over there will recognize where that came from. It's a good one though.
  12. It won't do anything short of getting you banned. They're pretty quick with the banning wand there.
  13. Skipper, I know exactly what you're saying. I sent stuff to the man too during the first IL2. While I got thanked for the effort (which is enough for me), none of it seemed to be used. By limiting the number of sources for research, I'm afraid that too many errors occur like you mentioned. But when they do occur and are ignored, that's bad business. I know the holy grail of flight simming is online for some people and that opening up the game engine would ruin the sim for them. But limiting the game by personal bias is self defeating too. Maybe the day will come when someone else can create
  14. I agree with you, Schatten. I don't think Oleg has any real love for U.S. involvment in WWII. Like a lot of revisionist historians, I think the man chooses to ignore it for the most part and dwell on what is closer to his heart.
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