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  1. To remove word WIDE from the wide angle screen one has to make the following edit in f22.dat (which is main executable). find this : E0 EF 67 00 and change to this: E0 EF 90 00 If there was a lollipop as a reward for TAW hacking, I would like to claim it now. If changing of the above makes too difficult I can send hacked executable. However, subsequent hacking may cause eventually some mess and proliferation of different versions of that main file. I will try to find the way to move this WIDE somewhere else on the screen.
  2. Yes it can. Place this in your redmoon.cfg ;ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ setsun bogus 2000 270 -10 and you will set the moon just above the land/see line. First digit - distance and thus the size of the disk 2nd - azimuth 3rd - elevation ...and it can be negative , but not too much or you will have to wait for it . -10 places just above the sea level - do not know what value is good here when mountains around.
  3. Size and texture of the moon as well as a sun is fully modyfiable. Procedures "how to" and examples have been fully detailed in one of the threads at simHQ. There were some discussions regarding color and true size of the moon and sun as seen from the surface of our planet. It was my contention that the size of both presented in TAW was not scientific true. To my knowledge the size of the disk of the Sun and Moon by very pure and lucky astronomical coincidence are equal ( thus we can observe sun corona during the eclipses) and is roughly measuring 1/2 deg (arctan=diameter /distance). T
  4. TAW runs on XP no problems. Look for some new stuff. However, the other campaign/operation level game was definitely Mig Alley. I myself would like to return there some day, but XP problems indeed are of greater magnitude in this game.
  5. Some of those are minor , others (MFD map) should not have occurred. 1200 folder did not existed in the original game.
  6. If you see some snow on MFD (?) there is something messed up, I am afraid. Post pictures and I try to correct the problem.
  7. Thank you for testing. Agree that some of the area may have questionable detailed finish, however at this point I wanted to test the principal of changing the textures before we move to full and detailed repaint. If ever.....
  8. Super EF2000 (Game) http://free-game-downloads.mosw.com/abando...hter_2000_.html Browse other old titles on this site. TAW Strategy Guide (Book) However, I do not know if any of Strategy Guide was by DiD.
  9. Link to 1200 TAW Texture Mod http://rapidshare.com/files/166572921/P1200TAWTxtv1.rar.html
  10. I agree that now we are in position to spread TAW gospel on other forums. Unfortunately I cannot post anything on Frugalsworld.com NOT that I am BANNED there but because my email address is hotmail.com, so I cannot register. I need help from someone who is on that forum to post short link to my video and in Typhoon forum folder. Links to other mods should have been there already. I would like also to try to engage as many participants from outside to mod and play with TAW or other DID's game for that matter. After all this research (2years) we have finally worked out some wrinkles and c
  11. This time, time for something new http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAEJ0Z8jas4 My work is done. It will be released immediately after short testing. I admit, that it is just partial repaint for 1 TOD (time of the day 12:00). I'll try to make the rest soon. Meanwhile then short video of whats in store. Video was pretty fun to make ...just those appalling frame rates. In real game the fps are much smoother and the true dynamism of TAW is preserved. Enjoy.
  12. Hi Wombat1940, It is nice of you to post such a passionate story about your attitude and attachment to TAW. Though I have arrived at TAW scene reasonable late ( approx. 2 years ago) I have also discovered some hard to explain charm and nearly mystique about this old combat flight sim. Over the period of those 2 last years and most importantly thanks to very ingenious unlocking the main TAW files we were able not only to learn something about structure and mechanics of the game and files, but what is perhaps more important to end user we also managed to make some modifications to it. I
  13. I know that increase of the fire rate of the gun is in our wishlist, but so far I have failed to establish what address is holding info about the shells remaining. At the moment I do not understand really why this is not found. If successful we could be able perhaps to modify the fire rate.
  14. Jolly07, Now that we know what we are looking for here is the list with more. That maybe are all memory addresses for TAW, but not sure. Based on my early toying with this topic I encountered this list in disassembled TAW code and I am quite convinced that those are memory addresses. All what I have uncovered before using the other method checks out here. So on this fact I suggest that they are all MA. IMHO there is a quite something we can do with patching and altering some of the ASM code, but surely we need either learn more about ASM syntax or get someone who can show us some tric
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