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  1. Not sure if yall know or care, but there was/is a real John Rambo. Go to the virtual wall and find his name. Sad really that this joker steals the guys name.
  2. Negative...Fishing boats on site, bikins will soon be the uniform of the day for those sweet little ladies down on the boats. I will be standing on the had rail watching said activity and enjoying the change of view.
  3. You know I've dove a crap load and all I find is boots, crap and fish. I only wish I'd found that myself, I'd take all you guys to Vegas and you know "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" unless it is a STD from the Bunny Ranch, then you take it with you.
  4. Can't do it bro, I'm already signed up for shark sniper duty then I got to clean the canal feelers
  5. Shepherd

    Hey Gunny

    Ditchie, I meet your mama san and she gave me the glap, makes it hurt when I pee...
  6. I'll trade you some dehydrated water for some of that camo face spray paint.
  7. Only if you can also supply the underwater NVGs and stand 4 hours of helo watch in the quad.
  8. Shepherd

    Hey Gunny

    Have a bandit day
  9. Roger that Gunny, would you like large or small grid squares? Possibly can I get you to entertain some 10x10 bulk head or over head? Chem light batteries and prop grease is on back order due to shortages cause the war. I also may not be able to get these to you after Monday as I have been accepted to the Space Shuttle Door Gunner program at Kenedy Space Center.
  10. Could someone go to the Gunny and ask him to turn his PRC-E7 down, there is no need to sound it off so early in the AM, when some of us are just getting to work.
  11. Wiz, nope it is a Cotton Hill quote from King of the Hill, a very insightful and informing program.
  12. lutefisk="The smelly man"
  13. Just got here, 85 degrees, winds northwest 5 to 12 mph, seas 4 to 7.
  14. Never take dramean and drink Red Bull..........Oh and morning, night or whatever it is.
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