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  1. fiftydollarjones

    Saturday Howdy

    Hello again COMBATSIM, This is not my first post to your fine forum here,but I only posted here before about 5-6 times as "Fifty Dollar Jones" before I lost my password file (actual paper) due to a change of residence while I was not in US...Not the first time and I had a backup but, well...I can't blame anyone but myself(as I look down the hall). When I applied for a new password,I must have actually applied for a new Registration.Hence the name change.I've used computers for 30 years and have had access to some form of the net for almost all of that timespan,and still I hang on to some bad habits.I am not very good with computers although (except for the past 3 1/2 years) I have used them almost everyday.I am also not good at car repair and I know a fair bit about them too.I suppose my talents lie elsewhere. I've been back about 3-4 weeks,and decided it was high time to get another password to say hello again.I usually write in about this time of year to wish COMBATSIM a very merry season before I head off again but this time I am here for good.I'm going to write a couple of books,chill out,and mess with some video games.And old wargames. When I had last posted here 12 months ago (as Fifty Dollar Jones)I was posting in threads about "Panzer Elite" and "B-17:The Mighty Eighth" and how they worked on the Vista OS.They work fine but I'm sure that's old news now. I never tried the tips that I saw on this forum about getting "European Air War" to run on Vista,but I read them.I actually picked up an old 1990s computer with Win98 and 600mhz so I'll just run all of the golden oldies on it or a 450mhz with XP that I had laying around from 10 years ago.It's nice to know that I could run it on this with a little tinkering in case I wanted to try it out online or something in the future. I finally tried out "Operation Flashpoint Elite" on the original XBOX.It combined "Cold War Crisis" and "Resistance."I had played both of those on PC some years back so I was able to see how they had changed it from the original.It was pretty close to the originals.I noticed that a few of the tougher missions had been either scaled down or dumbed down and I think a couple of missions (especially in Resistance) were gone altogether.Now that I think of it,I beleive there are about 1/4 or 1/3 less campaign missions,particularly When Victor Troska gets some tanks.It also won't let you hoard up weapons and ammo to the degree that the PC version would.Looting the victims of an ambush and stashing the stuff in trucks doesn't pay off that much in OF Elite. The mission editor is pretty good:It gives you all of the maps from both games,And you can add more units than I had feared,but not as many as I had hoped.I had a decent time invading a small island off of Everon.I divided up a company of Infantry into 4 separate missions and hit the beaches.Then I made 4 more missions using the still effective troops from the end of the previous mission to sieze the rest of the island against some other enemies.I didn't set up battles with many vehicles yet,but I really only wanted to see how it compared to the computer version.I had no idea that I would end up spending most of last week messing with it. Sorry for the long post.I have taken up drinking coffee in the morning and sometimes I drink too much,and start to feel a little wired.I get a little carried away. Just one more thing---I just bought a remake of two older Talonsoft games. It is collectively called "Eagle Day to Bombing the Reich".It is a reworking of "Battle of Brtain" and "12 O'Clock High: The Bombing of the Reich."They are not flight sims but command sims,for lack of a better term.I never had the originals,but the clunky interface problems that reviews of the older ones complained about seem to be fixed (although I am very patient when it comes to things like that or long loading times).I have just begun defending Great Britain in the historical campaign so I can't really say much about it except that it is pretty much what I expected.Which is good. Good Luck to you all.I'll be around.
  2. fiftydollarjones

    Happy Holidays COMBATSIM

    Hello Fellows. How are you?I saw a thread here last month or so about Panzer Elite and I found my copy of it in a closet file cabinet(christmas is good for that).I'll load it up later today and see what happens. I'll look up that other thread too,but now I'm going to go stand outside in the cold and think about those poor fellows being rousted from a cold sleep by searchlights and Heavy Panzers 65 years ago this early morning (Belgian border time..what is that GMT +1 or 2 I ought to know that.)At any rate plenty of people were going in early on a weekend in DC that morning. Happy Holidays again,folks.I always learn something good when I have the time to read you guys' stuff.
  3. fiftydollarjones

    To fellow lapsed Panzer Elite fans...

    Hello again fellows, I have Panzer Elite but it is one of quite a few games that I have never downloaded to this Vista comp.I've read the instruction manual and the WWII historical booklet that came with it,so now that I'm stateside for a couple of weeks I'll check it out.I'm also scheduled to return just before the christmas holidays. I tried EAW but it doesn't want to run.I have not tried looking around the internet for a solution yet. B-17 seems to be OK,but if I don't use it for a month or two at a time(which is necessarily all I'm able to do),I find that I must uninstall it and install it again.This is not the only older sim to which I must apply the tactic. Back to reading and learning from COMBATSIM.Have a good day,all. EDIT to ask: Zhukov,is your avatar a still from the movie "Point Blank"?
  4. fiftydollarjones

    Live RPG Removed from Soldier

    My father(USN 1963-1968) always used to tell us about an ARVN ranger he saw who had an unexploded mortar round in his chest.He said that the doctors operated with some sort of plexiglass shield or something so that if it blew up,maybe they would only lose their arms.
  5. fiftydollarjones

    Vista blues with CFS3

    I have gotten CFS3 to work on Vista OS,but I did it around Xmas '08,or a year or more after the last posts here.EAW-no.I haven't tried falcon 4.0 yet but Falcon 3.0 wont run in fullscreen(it says) and then clonks out.A lot of other Microprose* games don't work either. *I know, Spectrum Holobyte did 3.0 but apparently Microprose bought them before dying off themselves.
  6. fiftydollarjones

    I am a Noobie who will be asking for ALOT of help here!

    Hello everyone.Hello Chuck. I'm not around much(travel tons due to job/not much of a webhead) but I try to keep up with Combatsim when I'm home. I hardly ever post but I read a good bit of it,and these guys are the real deal.You're right chuckp,you don't have to go anywhere else if they have it here. All backslapping aside ---I'm posting to say that I saw one of The Dude's posts from p.1 of this thread I believe,that said he wasn't sure if anyone had gotten B:17 The Mighty Eighth to run on Vista OS yet.I didn't see anyone on any of the other posts from this thread say they had or hadn't so I loaded it up on my Computer.It seemed to work fine,although I only fooled around with it for 45 mins or so.I didn't try the Campaign--just a Historical Mission.Also I didn't apply any patches to it yet.And I'm not sure if I will.I probably will,in the interests of science. It piqued my interest again though,so sometime in the near future I'll fly a few SC Campaign Missions and see how it handles it,and then report back the results,if there's even any thing to tell. Also in a personal aside- -On 22apr2009 my real life mentor passed on: Colonel Calvin W. Fite, Jr. USAF(Ret.) ---In WWII(at age 25) he was Squadron Commander of the 828th Squadron of the 485th Bomb Wing out of Venosa,Italy with the 15th AF.He flew B-24s.He became SC when his superior was shot down over Yugoslavia.The Colonel(then Major) became lead ship and took them in through some wild crap.*He got the DFC off that one.He was later the Base Commander at Carswell Air Force Base(SAC) in Texas(the movie Dr. Strangelove came out around this time--I doubt he was a big fan). -One more interesting thing he did---In 1947 he flew a transport plane to Roswell NM to pick up the thing that crashed out there and take it back to Dayton OH(Wright AFB--I don't think it was Wright-Patterson at that time)--He always believed the thing was ours,but he never knew because as a mere Lt. Col. he didn't rate security clearance to know what it was.Col. Fite was a good dude.I was lucky to know him. *Some guy wrote a book last year called "Flying Flak Alley" and Col.Fite is the subject of the last chapter of it.I forgot the author...I hope he's not on Combatsim. --EDIT to say:I probably should have put those last bits on the Military History Forum.I didn't realize it would be 2 1/2 paragraphs about C.W. Fite.
  7. fiftydollarjones

    Happy Holidays COMBATSIM

    I'm back for about a week or so...whole family and other folks coming around.So late at night I'm catching up on COMBATSIM reading. I've read the "what games are you playing these days" posts,and unfortunately my answer is: not much.But that's another topic. I wanted to say Happy Holidays;Merry Christmas Holy This Holy That Holy The Other Thing Rather than ask "what are you playing lately?"--I'd like to ask if there are any games that a lot of you all play at the same time? Not necessarily in the same unit or even on the same side,but for instance "every fourth wednesday on IL-2" or something.* *I do not yet have IL-2 I'll be back to computer sims soon,but it's going to take more time than I have to check all of my old stuff for this PC(vistaOS).---EDIT--clarification:to see if my old games run on this pc--- The Job is getting old(always will end soon---yet never does) Also(and I hope I'm not on sketchy water here) but a few years back I had a whole lot of fun on World War II Online.I played it off and on for about 2 years(summer '01- spring '04) and most everyone worked together.Frankly it was one of the best games I've ever played because of the teamwork. But I've been gone (literally) for a long time and something seems to be different from what I've heard,both from talking to my buddies here in town and from reading old posts here on COMBATSIM.--I have to add that I think I'm a lot like you folks,gamewise.--So fill me in on this,is that game still good?Lastly I'm curious as to how it became "the game that shall remain nameless"* *I read a post with this moniker some months back here on COMBATSIM. I'm stuck with playing microgames and smaller boxed games for now (they travel well and sometimes I get a smart partner) but I will be back to Simming as soon as is feasible. Again, Happy Holidays Smithson T. Jones (an obvious alias)
  8. fiftydollarjones

    Happy Birthday Whizkid!

    Lifting a glass to you.
  9. fiftydollarjones

    I Just Found This Site

    Ok here's a few boxes worth of stuff.It's not listed by preference,just the order I'm reading the stacks. Tabletop Games:(mostly Avalon Hill and Victory Games*) ----Tactics(the remake)---Storm over Arnhem---Bismarck---War at Sea---Victory in the Pacific---Tobruk---Anzio--- ----The Russian Campaign----Third Reich----D-Day---Battle of the Bulge(1965)----Guadalcanal-----Little Round Top--- ----Battle for Italy---Ambush,Battle Hymn and a few modules for them---Gettysburg('88)---Vietnam 1965-1975--- ----Shell Shock---Omaha Beachhead---Objective:Schmidt (the Gamers)---4th Reich (Task Force Games)--- ----Battle of Five Armies (Iron Crown Enterprises)---Greyhawk Wars (TSR,it's a Fantasy wargame)Moonbase: Clavius (Microgame). Computer Games---A bunch of old stuff(wargames--mostly SSI and Microcomputer Games/AH) for Commodore 64---I still have the machine too,monitor sound is gone.The notable games are: ----Panzers East---Guderian---Spitfire 40---Under Fire---Tactical Armor Command PC-Steel Panthers(original--doesn't like Vista)---Soldiers at War---Europa Universalis I and III---Hearts of Iron---Delta Force 2 ----Blitzkrieg + add-ons---Blitzkrieg II----Robert E. Lee- Civil War General---The Operational art of War II + Kosovo add-on--- ----US Navy Fighters---European Air War---Fleet Defender---Falcon 3.0 and 4.0---Gunship 2000---Commanche 1 and 3--- ----B-17: The Mighty Eighth---1942:The Pacific Air War---Combat Flight Simulator 2---Rogue Spear---Battleground 4:Shiloh--- I know there's more back there,because I don't see some things that I remember (Hitler's War -Wooden Ships and Iron Men and my A No. 1, kick-ass Flight Stick(probably a dud by today's standards)I hauled out a ton of boxes--I didn't even list the RPG and sports stuff, because I'm new here and it ain't SPORTSIM.COM.I do have some racing games.But I left that box unopened,our garage storage is a wreck as it is now,thanks to my rooting around tonight.My wife worries,I love my wife...some things stay boxed. I've got to put most of it back now,so as they said in Ancient Egypt:"Later on, man" And enough about me,anyway--what are you guys into? EDIT for *--Avalon Hill botched two orders of mine(simple easy mistakes and they always took care of it until they folded)that I never was able to redeem my refunds and they never replaced a missing rulebook for Omaha Beachhead and The main map from Shell Shock. I've been in touch with the wizards of the coast/hasbro but they don't know jacksquat.I only want to know if they still have something like their old "Games and parts pricelist"---AH owed me a little dough,but that's unimportant--I just want to know how to replace 2 things they never included. Any ideas?
  10. fiftydollarjones

    I Just Found This Site

    Hello Whizkid, My name: Fifty Dollar Jones comes from a character I made up in an Old West Pencil and Paper RPG called Boot Hill from TSR.He was a Bounty Hunter and he strongly resembled the guy from Stans' picture (who I actually met one night near Ft. Ord back in the late 1980s when he was mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea CA). Jones wouldn't take any bounty that was less than $50. But now I guess you could say I have a gaming jones(addiction)and most games run in the neighborhood of $50. I do not own IL2 in any form,but I've read about it over the years,and it looks cool...Just like that 14 in your sig,Whizkid. And speaking of the Crimean War, I travel a lot and therefore I tend to read a lot.I recently read a very good book by Terry Brighton called Hell Riders about the Light Brigade's charge at Balaklava.Mr. Brighton is the curator of the museum and archives of the unit that the Lancers,Hussars etc. became...I forget the precise name,Queen's Own Royal Lancers or something like that.The neat thing about the book is that it uses the existing documents that were written by the men who were actually there to tell the story.It's sort of like an oral history from 1854. Also, I don't quite qualify for senior status (40 in a year or so),but my knees,ankles and back are well beyond their years.I did a great many fun and foolish things in my time,and there is always a price to pay in the end.The creditor has come to collect the debt...in pain.Ah,well. When I said I hadn't trusted the Internet for years, I probably should have said I was "of the Old School".But I've spent my whole life learning useful things from those Elder and Wiser than I,so why should this be any different. My grandfather proved to me that age is often a damned relative thing,anyway.He still skateboarded well into his sixties,and he busted his ass occasionally,but it didn't slow him down too much. Glad to know you guys.I'm still dragging out boxes in the next couple of days full of things I packed away a few years ago.I'll try to list more of what I have then.
  11. fiftydollarjones

    Any Slot Kar Vhizzerz out zhere?

    When I got back home last year one of the first things my friends wanted to do was set up a slot car track...it was really fun for them,but only sort of fun for me.The problem was that I had been spoiled...by TCR. I can see the allure of slots if you have a lot of turns to even out the inside/outside lane thing,but with the slotless system you have craziness at every bend and really close races with occasional contact that the cars can handle.Just make sure that you have guard rails when you switch over to the outside lane or you'll go flying. For some reason TCR never took off. But I love it. EDIT: to say that Spectre's ride is very sharp.And that this digital thing seems really cool.
  12. fiftydollarjones

    I Just Found This Site

    I just saw that Mad Wallaby is one of your Charter members.Hey again.You are one of the guys that I was talking about in my 2nd post. I was in 4th brigade as well---with 10th Scout/Sniper platoon(attached to 2nd Div HQ) which folded into the Highlanders who became the 333rd. I ran the Scouts who went out and watched enemy movements.We were 2nd div's DEWS system. My screen name was/is Desenutz (yes, it is an unfortunate name,I always wanted to change it.).I am going back to WWIIOL pretty soon.I just got back to US last year after many moons.My new computer runs Vista OS so I didn't get right back onto WWIIOL.It is the only online game I ever played,except for fooling around on my Buddies' Xbox's and Playstations. I talked to BLOO a couple of weeks ago and got all of the info I need to get back on.All I'm waiting for is the assurance that my job is calming down and I'll be right back out there,calling Jerry out.
  13. fiftydollarjones

    I Just Found This Site

    I probably only played the tabletop Harpoon twice.A friend of mine back in high school had it.I'm sure I liked it,even with so much more stuff to keep track of than in Jutland or Bismarck.It's cool how they kept expanding it,and how a lot of people made their own scenarios(that's how I played it,with my friends homemade scenario).I had an old Harpoon (IBMPC) on 3.5" disks but the thing didn't like to run well,and I have no idea if I still have it.I just know I never got to play it. Unfortunately that is the sum total of my experience with Harpoon,which seemed to be a great game. Ive not played a lot of naval sims,but I've played a lot of naval games.Most of the sims were sub-sims(because there are so many)and some of the "sim" parts of some games are not so "sim"(PTO series and Battle Stations come to mind). I have some 5-10 yr old Flight Sims that I never got to spend much time with except for B-17: The Mighty Eighth.I have European Air War but that durn thing never unkinked so I shelved it---I liked it plenty though.Ive got about 5-6 others: MCFS2,Warbirds3, a couple of Commanches,etc...and my favorite flight sim of all time--the ancient(I mean old) Falcon 3.0. You can tell I didn't fly online...I didn't trust the internet for years(I'm kinda old too).But I went ahead and got a monster old computer(turn of the century) and disabled it's online functionality to store all of my business files on it.They'll have to break in to access that bad boy. Which tells you that I also meet your requirements for being a little nuts. Take care.
  14. fiftydollarjones

    I Just Found This Site

    Yes,thanks. I'll be around.I'm a bit of an insomniac and generally a night owl who's up and down at all hours.I used to roll around with a lot of ANZACS in World War II Online a few years ago.I can remember one campaign where I saw more of them than I did of my own squad. My career has eaten up substantial time(listen to me crying) but hopefully things will slow down soon,and I can get back to spending more time on my hobbies. ---Board wargaming.Everything from Microgames to the old AH classics to making up my own. ---Computer wargaming---I have a fair amount of games,but I generally play them solitaire or against a buddy on the same computer.I have two old computers upstairs that I always plan on linking up...but I never get around to it. I've been wargaming for almost 30 years now...I bought my first one when I was 9.It was Victory in the Pacific,and I went and got War at Sea two weeks later so I could put them together for a global throwdown.I was lucky enough to have 2 or 3 of those thick old "Warships of the World" books and so my little pals and I starting tweaking the games we had from an early age. --We would combine the counters and casualty sheets from Tobruk and use Squad Leader maps for monster city fights---it was like Steel Panthers on cardboard(in the early 80s).Man, we had fun. I'm sure you guys have had a ton of fun here.It seems that you have your hands all over a lot of different interests.I've got a lot of different types of games,but I'm a gamer,not a collector.So don't worry about me trying to sell you something. But I will sometime in the near future throw out a list of stuff I've got,so if any of you guys have the same thing,we might learn something more about it.A lot of the games you have sub-forums for, I either own or am interested in,so I'll be seeing you all around.Good Luck.
  15. fiftydollarjones

    I Just Found This Site

    I was having some problems with an old talonsoft game and googled some "vista vs. this-or that" for some of my old collection,and stumbled across your site.I'd never seen it before (not much of a webster).I'd always looked for "wargames" or "board/wargames" or even (awgodallmighty)"boardgames"---which was a big mistake. COMBATSIM---It's pretty obvious,and straightforward.Where was I? I couldn't see the forest for all the damned trees I suppose. Sorry I'm late.I'm going to have a look around your place if you don't mind.I won't meddle.