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  1. Thanks! Out of interest what do you guys tend to fly in these fly ins or is it a mixture of all available aircraft? I.e. Do some of you fly A10's while others fly the F15's?
  2. When flying online do you guys use the steam version, or the version downloaded from the DCS website, or are they interchangeable? Can someone playing via steam play with people running the game downloaded from the website? Ignore this Found an answer here - http://community.combatsim.com/topic/37315-dcs-world-should-i-get-it/#entry5174471 I'll get it from the website so that the modules downloaded from ED website will work.
  3. I don't seem to have any key vs hotas (section at the bottom) conflicts going on. I think the problem was editing the profile with IL-2 running. Once I'd closed Il-2 made the changes and then ran it again it seemed to be ok
  4. I've used the Saitek software to program maps the buttons on my x52 pro to the keys I've set up in game in IL-2. The engine start key is key I in game, I've mapped Toggle 5 to this. When pressing toggle 5 the engine starts but it also brings up the comms menu. The slider is mapped to Mixture increase and decrease (Shift + - and Shift + =). When moving the slider the mixture changes, but some console(?) text is shown too... Any ideas what's going on? Screen shot here - http://postimg.org/image/tcfqndodv/
  5. Thanks. The problem seems to be that at least some of the campaign missions start with you in a line down the centre of the runway.
  6. Say you're 4th in line on the runway for takeoff. You can't see over your nose so how do you tell when the runway is clear? Do you turn your plane slightly to the side so you can see? Sit and listen for the first 3 engines to rev up and then go? Continuously ask ground control for takeoff clearance? Or something else?
  7. Hey everyone! Long time since I posted here, but I come back and read now and again. I was just wondering if IL-2 works on Windows 7 or if they're any known issues, same question for Falcon 4 also. Cheers.
  8. Afternoon all. Nice and sunny here but still cold. Very windy too.
  9. Thanks Dude. I guess I've just been playing on servers with full difficulty settings.
  10. I've been trying my hand at playing online and I just can't tell who's friendly and who's enemy until they trun on to my six and blast me out of the sky. Any tips?
  11. So let mne get this straight- the first mission - I'm an American , dressed as a German, killing Russians who are my allies?
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