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  1. IB? Were abouts are you located?

  2. Hi Eagle

    You was showed me how to make a "shortcut" for redirection to another post/web page. It used to finish up like this: here (but underlined). What was the process again? Thanks.

  3. Nice to know you like it here. It has to be good because they all put up with me. Ha.

  4. Welcome to TAW Forum. I liked your last post. All those interesting questions. There are others here who will give better answers than I can provide. It appears you may not be located in the "America's". Your MP question infers this. The other thing you might want to join is TeamSpeak3. Some of us hang around there (in Air Combat lobby). Its good to chat about TAW2.0. All the best.

  5. Welcome to CombatSim! Hope to see you posting shortly.

  6. Probably talking to myself gain ..... :-)

  7. Ummmmm ..... I see what you mean ....... thanks.

  8. This has been sent as a "Comments" entry

  9. Oh? If its 1.30am with you and 11.30am with me, you must be in Europe. A non-Yankee maybe then ...... like me. Ha.

  10. Eagle, how'd get your Speadbits results in your signature?

  11. ..... watched with amusement. The GG liked his drink, but it got sorted. We are governed by the Parliament. Don't need and don't want a PRESIDENT. They are just detrimental to democracy. But we are lucky we have a "King". Sorry, don't mean to come on too strong about this, but it works for us.

    By-the-by, where are you? I think its the US by what you've said: ...

  12. Well, not so much a King, but Queen Elizabeth. She's really just the figurehead, but appoints a Govern General of our choosing. Its just that if the Government "fails" (happened when the Opposite wouldn't pass the Supply Bill) the GG sacked to Government and all hell broke lose. But the constitution said he could do it and the next step was to have an election. I think the Queen...

  13. Been cut off again!

    ..... irrespective of Egypt.

  14. What's your thought on this Egypt thing. I'm trying to get some objective input, but struggling. The US are worried about their oil, the Israeli's their loss of influence, the Australian's about their tourists.

    Me? I worry that they may replace the Monarchical system here with a Presidential one. And 10 years ago I was in favour of a Presidential system .....not any more, ...

  15. Neph, have you tried post your hosting problem at other forums? I mean, you see me everywhere with my problems. FSim problems that is ..... Ha.

  16. Ceric are you in WA? Maybe China? Ha. Hope its WA as I'm from VIC. Gees another Aussie maybe. We could stick it right up those Yanks! Nicely of course. Ha

  17. ....... its a Christian God. Ha! We both ran over. Typical of me ..... just read my posts. Ha

  18. That's good. I thought you liked to debate, hence my response. That book I mentioned: its my lady friend son-in-law; she frightened to even discuss religion with him. Me? I can't wait! It'll will be discussed amicably, no histrionics, over a cuppa. Did I say I was a Freemason? We believe there is a Grand Geometrician of the Universe but I'm a long way from convinced that it...

  19. Hi Ramjet

    Hope I didn't offend with my responses to your post regarding "your opinions". I had no wish to and tried to reflect that in my replies, but it doesn't necessarily come over that way. Hence this PM.

    Regard, Mal

  20. Falcon4.0AF

    1. Hawkx


      Can't send you a PM. Am I blocked?

  21. Didn't realise you redid them! Original 365 I thought would just fine and repeated daily each year. Hope you keep backups of the earlier versions. They would make a wonderful book if you could over come copyright problems. A screen shot of the girls when they are/were older (old?) would be interesting. They are still beautiful as only the old realise. Its just they are just not as p...

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