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  1. Quote: HF: " …… will zip it for you. In the TAW Launcher, go to "Graphics and Applications ……" Good-day you old bastard …… 😉🤩 Gees …… its been a long time. Take care. Luv's u mate …. 😗
  2. Just an awesome sim. Hi guys. Just back from 6 months in Bali.
  3. Good-day mate ....... been a long time. Great to see you're still here. God bless you.
  4. Keep up the good work boys. Great to see its still going. I'm away (Bali for 6mths) but still follow your work with interest. Unfortunately can't fly from here ...... but what's new ..... I never could, period ...... ha!
  5. Ye ..... Ye ..... forgot that ....
  6. Thanks Neph. Doesn't <SHIFT> <S> step (move) you to the runway in SP? Doesn't pay to step into the air though! Can't think how many mid-air collisions I've had .......Ha!
  7. I think what HF says above is the key. There's been many other poor features that HF has been able to "fix", we just have to overlook those remaining. Sometimes I have to ignore the Tower and AWACS and take the initiative myself if playing in SP. In MP? I just wait for HF, Neph, my Lead ...... to tell me what to do.
  8. Strange ...... this is what I got after a couple of hours when using the SKIP button .... http://s47.photobucket.com/user/Wombat1940/media/taw_zpsgznkr0vf.jpg.html
  9. Hello Neph ....... yes I'm still alive and kicking. Thank God some decent smilies here. Nightblade? You running TAW2.30? Try one of Home Fries 3 new Campaigns and strap yourself in mate . Be patient ....... ........ ........ ....... here they come!!!! ..... :whoa:
  10. Hello boys! Back from Bali. Went for 2 months stayed for 4. And my mental health is good, hence me dropping in here. Take care, Wombat PS. But my memory is getting worse! Ha! So be prepared for me to repeat this message tomorrow, and the next day, and the ........
  11. Well done mate! That walking your daughter down the aisle is quiet something ......
  12. Keep it up boys ...... I'm still watching ...... Not sure about those rectangular icebergs though .....
  13. Wombat1940

    ANZAC Day

    Been a big day here. 60 000 at dawn service in Melbourne. 91 000 at commemorative Aussie rules football game with 1 minute's silence before the game: you could hear a pin drop. Awesome.
  14. Forget Fittop ......... I'll pay top AUD$ if I need them.
  15. I have a 3 year old mobile phone. It can take pictures. I regularly go to my local photo self-serve shop to run some prints off. Staff: "Sorry sir, we've update our hardware/software and it now doesn't recognize your "old" mobile phone. You'll need to download the new app to the phone so as to take prints" Me: "But my phone has a USB connector ........." Staff: "Sorry sir, the phone's too old ......" Me: " ":
  16. That's better than I dared hope! Good luck with the testing.
  17. Not sure about this week's flyin. If I'm not there by flyin time please proceed without me. Good hunting.
  18. Thanks HF. All good advice. I was "tongue in cheek" (ie. ) about the Warthog. Something new versus dentist and you know me: "if it ain't broke don't fix (replace) it!" Hence why I'm still running with XP. Who cares about the 8th April.
  19. Very true. I have my Sidewinder Precision 2 (no force feedback) running with Win8.1. No buttons, just the X, Y, Z axes, throttle, HAT to look around and of course the trigger for firing weapons. Its very stable, even after 15 years of irregular use and probably cost me about 40 bucks. Why irregular use? I've got a TM Cougar now, but I still use the Sidewinder with my Notebook.
  20. $$$ .......... but I think you know this ...... No new Warthog now ......
  21. Nice post HF. I've followed this thread feeling the pain experienced by Whiz. Suggestions: If your X52 still works program the Z axis (rudder movement) to a rotary knob or HAT switch. [My TM Cougar has no Z axis so I have to use a rotary.] or As HF says: buy a CH 'stick. or Buy a MS Sidewinder (if available). [if your fly WWII Hurricanes, I doubt they came with a HOTAS 'stick much more sophisticated than Sidewinder with its X, Y, Z axes and 8 buttons. ] or Take the X52's to somebody who can solder wires the size of human hairs and pay then the $70. Sorry ....... just trying to help. My TM Cougar Y axis is starting to spike ......... but in my case its a matter of cleaning the pots.
  22. Thanks. Need cheering up. Sorry I haven't been around, but the dentist visit proved very unsatisfactory. For me that is. Two molars, one top, one at the bottom, both on left hand side of mouth, only two left on that side ......... abscess under each. BUGGER!!! Just another reminder of how old I am. I could have them out, or root canal filed. I'm going for rcf but have to wait 'til the 29 April. (Two and half G's). What a pain, literally. On anti-biotics 'til then. Battie: "Wombat!!!" Wombat: "Sir?" Battie: "Off topic again!!!"
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