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  1. Hi guys this is a fix I found I think at (members_driverguide_com). It fixed my vista32bit TAW sound problem: Polak, Mikew, Jolly, Hawx, Jaeger here. How to Install True Speech Codec on to Get Yahoo! Voice working 1. Open Windows Explore goto C:/Windows/System32 and Rename tssoft32.acm to tssoft32OLD.acm 2. Click Here to Download tssoft32.acm save in C:/Windows/System32 folder 3. In Control Panel, go to Add Hardware. 4. Click Next and after it searches choose Yes, I have already connected the hardware Click Next. 5. Scroll down to the bottom of the Installed harware list and choose Add a new hardware device Click Next. 6. Choose Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced) Click Next. 7. Choose Sound, video and game controllers from the Common hardware types list. Click Next. 8. Click on the Have Disk button. 9. Click Browse 10. Navigate to the C:/Windows/System32 folder 11. Choose $winnt$.inf Click Ok. (if you cant find that file try mmdriver.inf ) 12. Click Continue Anyway if you get a warning box. 13. Select DSP Group TrueSpeech Audio CODEC from the list. Click Next. 14. Click Next again to install. 15. Restart if necessary. 16. Done! Voice should now work if you followed the steps correctly... Did this fix work for you? Click here to Read or Send your Comments or this: Formatted for better viewing... I think my solution below does NOT work in Vista Business. I just installed that on my machine and had to change up the fix to get it to work. Installation of TrueSpeech Codec for WMP 11 – Windows Vista Business Edition The DSP codec can be installed on Vista using the following procedure: 1. Acquire tssoft32.acm and tsd32.dll (can be easily found by searching for them online) a. I found tssoft32.acm here: http://members.driverguide.com/driver/deta...p?driverid=7020 i. NOTE: just do the free sign-up, because the “series of ads” never ends!...use an alias b. I found tsd32.dll here: http://www.driverskit.com/dll/tsd32.dll/3632.html i. NOTE: they make you wait for 100 seconds hoping you’ll click on some ads while you wait…click a couple and they’ll make some $$$ 2. Copy both files to the “C:\Windows\System32” folder a. Note: If tssoft32.acm is present, rename it tssoft32_old.acm before you copy the new version to the folder 3. Place tssoft32.acm and tsd32.dll into the Windows\System32 directory 4. Create the following registry entry: a. Navigate to the following folder: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32 b. When inside the Drivers 32 folder, right-click and select New > String Value c. Name it “msacm.trspch” d. Right-click the new “msacm.trspch” and click “Modify” e. Set REG_SZ value to: “tssoft32.acm” f. No need to reboot, just close regedit g. The registry setting should look like this: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1076/958046988_5cb082830a.jpg 5. You can verify that it is installed by opening WMP 11 and under the Help menu, clicking on “About Windows Media Player” and then “Technical Support Information”. A webpage will open listing all the codecs installed. If tssoft32.acm is listed, you’re set! If not, I am sorry, but I cannot help you :-( Caution: Do not edit the registry unless You already know what you're doing.
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