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  1. And the legend checks in! @Krusade, we couldn't have done any of this without you!
  2. If you can't get it running in Reloaded (since DosBox is designed for use with modern PCs and OSs), you'll have a tough time getting it to work in Windows. However, take a look at this article on the TAW Wiki. The last part talks about CPU throttling in SEF2000. The article is old, so there may be a different set of throttles out there, but the principle is still sound.
  3. There is a section in the manual that says "Setting Up EF2000 in DOS," but this does not cover installation, and everything here can be done from the Configuration Menu in the launcher (i.e. click the wrench icon). You do need to run a DosBox session to configure EF2000 itself, but this is easily done by pressing the appropriate "config" button in the Config Menu.
  4. I'm not surprised. The cheats were probably written for Windows 98, and our baseline is now 64 bit.
  5. Hi Moqeeth, It looks like you are running the D3D 1024 version of TAW. I'm not so sure the D3D version is all that compatible with Windows 10. You might have better luck using Glide with one of the included Glide Wrappers. Same goes for the cheat. Cheats work by intercepting data in specific registers. The game and its cheats are over 20 years old, so there's no guarantee that they will work the same way in newer operating systems.
  6. In your F-22 Total Air War 2.0\players folder you'll see folders with number starting at 0 (up to how many players you have on the system). Choose the folder that you want (e.g. 0 if its the only folder you have) and then just copy logfile.dat to this folder (e.g. F-22 Total Air War 2.0\players\0).
  7. Hi Mike. I've been focusing on DCS of late, though less modding and more programming my TARGET profile. I'm sure the term Hair Metal comes from the fact that they didn't exactly have 50's buzz cuts in the 80s! Another Hair Metal classic:
  8. Never realized Milton Berle was in the Ratt video! Another hair metal classic: [
  9. The reason I didn't directly answer the question is because for most people the question itself is considered Overcome by Events (OBE) with BMS. BMS only requires a base install to verify ownership of the original Falcon 4.0, and is self contained. I know there is a 1.08 standalone patch (i.e. you don't need to install previous versions in sequence), and given its size I think that's the version you have on your drive (f4108us.exe). Also, your Allied Force patches are for a separate retail version and family tree of Falcon which was outstanding for its time, but is also obsolete with BMS. My recommendation if you're set on F4 1.08 is to install that patch to your base install, then install BMS. BMS is installed to a separate folder anyway, so you can have both versions on your drive and see what all the fuss is about!
  10. https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?35505-Falcon-BMS-4-34-Full-Installer This isn't the official 1.08, but it's much, much more. Anything else is tilting at windmills with today's systems. [youtube] [/youtube]
  11. I thought that helicopters were so ugly the ground repelled them.
  12. VRS is tricky. Two things you can do. Big thing is to make sure your VSI doesn't fall below 500fpm (or make an aggressive pitch pull before it approaches 1000fpm). If it gets below 1000, all you can do is move yourself out of the vortex ring into clean air. The other thing is to pick up a Jetseat and download Simshaker for Aviators. The feedback you get will let you know you're entering VRS before you can see it on the gauges!
  13. We'd love to have you guys. Tomorrow probably won't be a big turnout due to the playoffs (a few of us are Seattle Seahawks fans who will be watching the game), but we're definitely interested in adding folks. We already regularly fly with the Virtual Armed Forces (led by one of the guys who used to fly Total Air War with us), but we love to do missions with a lot of roles and things going on. We also primarily fly coop to keep the frustration level to a minimum, and when we do PvP (like during those Red Flags I mentioned) it's with an aggressor squadron that's more about training to objectives than it is about tea-bagging us online.
  14. I'll put in another plug for the Strike Fighters 2 series of games. They scratch the IL-2 itch of lots of aircraft to fly, varying assists/realism levels, and decent systems modeling without being <ahem> DCS. All of the games can be merged to the same install, so you can have one install with all theaters and flyable aircraft, along with a dynamic campaign. If you don't see the aircraft you want to fly, there is probably a high quality mod you can download. Only downside to SF2 is that it's single player only, which is a shame because the multiple aircraft and the campaign engine scream for multiplayer.
  15. I'll say this about DCS: It's definitely not for the faint of heart, but there are plenty of aircraft that don't require a Master's Degree to fly. There are no shortcuts to fighting the aircraft, but that's what makes it so satisfying. When you finally earn a kill (especially your first guns kill), it's special. I think the Huey is one of the most fun modules for DCS, and it's simple enough that you can cold-start it in six steps. The difficulty (and fun) is actually flying it, which is something that took me about 4 hours of practicing hovering before the proverbial light came on. Now I can land on the back of a frigate with regularity, do landings in hot LZs, and basically have loads fo fun. The only thing I'm terrible at is sling-loading, and it's just because I haven't put in the time to really learn it. For fighters, the Mirage 2000C has a very nice and comparatively simple avionics suite, and the best autopilot in the game. Just enable the autopilot and use the hat switch to set pitch and heading, or use one of the altitude settings. There are plenty of switches, but most of them are set-and-forget. As a first generation fly-by-wire, it's not a difficult plane to fly, but it will punish you if you abuse its envelope. Finally, there is the Flaming Cliffs 3 line, which has controls identical to Lock On (and Flanker 1 and 2 for that matter), but with much improved flight modeling. I think the best part of DCS is the multiplayer because everybody can contribute in a different way depending on how the mission is set up. We've done Red Flag exercises where F-15s and A-10s covered the rescue of a downed pilot (and yours truly flew the Huey), or having Hornets fly CAP while Harriers buddy-lase for others (like the aforementioned Mirage). Find the right group of guys, and they'll help the learning curve along, or even tweak the missions to accomodate people (e.g. allowing warm starts so you don't have to remember/perform an 8 minute startup procedure). EDIT: I almost forgot the free A-4E Community mod. This is a well-designed module that's easy to fly, simple to fight (though not necessarily easy), and the price is right.
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