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  1. With ADF/TAW, the package works back-asswords from most programs. In most programs, you have the files in a single package, and then you can introduce fixes by putting the file of the same name into another folder to "overwrite." Examples of this are DCS with the TempTexures folder, the Strike Fighters series, and games using the Baldur's Gate engine. By comparison, ADF/TAW looks for the package and calls it first. If the package is not there, it looks for all of the individual files. So the only way to incorporate old stuff into 2.30 would be to extract the original package and insert the individual files. We would need 100% accounting of all files to make this completely seamless. IIRC, there are quite a few files we have no idea about, partially because they aren't actually used in the code (they're hooks and nothing more), and partially because we couldn't figure them out.
  2. Google Drive links have been updated.
  3. You can set "nostalgia mode" in the TAW Launcher, or there's also a GME mod included that will revert the graphics without reverting things like the HUD and avionics improvements.
  4. Polak, I can certainly provide the material I used. I took your proof of concept textures, tweaked them a bit to work in multiple times/palettes (and set the proper palette channels for lights, engines, et. al.), then just tweaked the palettes to make the different times. I have the photoshop files somewhere, and IIRC they're also on the cloud so I'll get you a link. And the TAW Wiki is my repository for everything I learned during modding. I knew I would forget it, so whenever I learned something new I put it on the site.
  5. That would require manually doing the job of splitting the pages, as this appears to be a scan of the spiral bound manual opened up to both pages. Unfortunately, I don't have the full version of Acrobat to do this.
  6. I would say that the big difference between DCS (which is the current rage) and Falcon 4 (including BMS) versus the ADF/TAW line is the excruciating level of realism. As I mentioned a few posts up, Falcon's campaign is a benchmark that may never be eclipsed, in no small part because its inclusion pushed the development cycle years to the right. However, both DCS and Falcon require a level of system knowledge that requires actual study (they take the term "study sim" literally). In contrast, you can get ADF/TAW/EF2000 figured out in a few hours, then spend the rest of your time honing your skills and tactics. I hesitate to call ADF/TAW/EF2000 "arcade sims" because they are clearly not. I consider them mid-fidelity sims, and they scratch a different itch than the study sims like DCS/Falcon 4.0. EDIT: Holy catfish, it's Polak! Welcome Back! For those who don't bother to read the credits, Polak is responsible for most of the texture work in TAW 2.0.
  7. It totally depends on what you consider "tries way too hard to be realistic." You need to learn the systems on the jet to a high degree, and there are very few simplifications for gameplay. Honestly, though the tutorials don't walk you through everything interactively (they put you in the scenario and expect you to read the manual/follow directions), the upside of this way is that if you want to practice something again, you can load the tutorial mission and not need to sit through a bunch of voice overs just to practice. And you will want to practice something until it becomes second nature. The approach I recommend is to take one lesson per day and just focus on that until you nail it (second nature). In about a month you'll be competent with the systems, and that's when you'll experience what it's like to be information and task-saturated as in real life. The Falcon 4.0 campaign is the only campaign that has actually given me flashbacks to operational flying, and learning how to use the different sensors and radio calls to build the picture in your head is one of the most rewarding experiences in military flight simming. It isn't easy, and it requires time. I got Falcon 4 when I was flying operationally, and I had to put it on the shelf while I was still operational because it was too much of a commitment. It wasn't until I got to a shore command that I started playing with it. And as far as which version of Falcon to run, BMS is the only right answer. It is a massive improvement over the original Falcon 4.0 and is still kept up to date for newer operating systems.
  8. There are no registry entries, other than for any of the Microsoft libraries you may have installed (e.g. VB6) and possibly if you used the Zeckensack Glide wrapper. Even then, the registry entries are for those programs, not TAW.
  9. Falcon 4.0 has been the gold standard of dynamic campaigns for the last 20+ years, and it's still around in the form of Falcon BMS.
  10. Hi @frankilvandalo. The integrated TARGET profile is still planned, but it is third on the list right now. Currently, I have separated IL-2 and Elite from the DCS profile and created CTS for Windows. It is currently in public beta to make sure that the separation didn't cause issues with legacy code. This will be re-coded to 3.0. The next version of CTS for DCS World will have IL-2 and Elite removed. This will allow room for modules like the Mi-24. 3.0 is also on the horizon to further maximize DirectX use, which should minimize an additional profile's impact on stack space. Once CTS for Windows hits 3.0 and I have a re-baselined code, I will port it to CTS Classic for TAW, EF2000, et al. I want to get CTS for Windows to the point where the only real difference between CTS Windows and CTS Classic is that Classic will directly support the rudder controller as an integrated axis. Unfortunately, I don't have a timeframe for this. Real life has put me about a year behind schedule; I was hoping to have CTS for Windows public beta released in November of 2020 instead of July 2021, and I'm further behind in working in the 3.0 features in parallel to the 2.xx beta.
  11. Threepio, have you tried Fear the Bones by Reflected for the F-14A? That's also an amazing campaign, though full disclosure, I'm the cheesy sounding CAG who gives the brief every mission.
  12. VFA-64...you must be doing the Raven One campaign!
  13. @Krycztij part of it may be the data compression on the pics and in the videos, but you have to see the clouds in DCS to believe them. I didn't believe the hype train either until I actually did tanking in a Tomcat near a cloud layer. After I finished tanking I did some cloud surfing and ooh boy! 😲
  14. Sort of. 50 is the idle setting, and 100% is MIL. 101-140 is variable afterburner.
  15. Hi Threepio! Great to see you around these parts. I do remember you from F4AF; I played that one a ton, and some of my fondest flight sim memories are with that version of Falcon.
  16. Only possible if you turn off an engine or it gets shot up.
  17. Hi @Atlantic, and welcome to the forum. We don't play TAW as much as we used to (we've since shifted to flying DCS), and I've retired from TAW modding after 2.30, but there is still interest on the forum for people to do TAW and EF2000 multiplayer. For AARs (and other TAW related stuff), I recommend TAW Wiki | Fandom in general and There I Was... - A Collection of After Action Reports | TAW Wiki | Fandom in particular.
  18. The NVG utility was made using a game cheat engine, so it does things like substitute values in existing registers. This is a known false positive outlined in the documentation. It is possible to play TAW without the NVG tool, and if you are uncomfortable with it you can uncheck the "Launch NVG Tool with Menu" checkbox on the Configuration screen of the launcher. That is the reason the checkbox exists to begin with.
  19. Good to hear, though I figure he's hoarding the bunker to himself.
  20. Fellas, I should have an integrated profile by the end of the year that will do EF2000, TAW, and other legacy sims (to be added later). It will use the CTS interface currently used for DCS World.
  21. Now that Rohan housing is live, it appears that the Mead Halls are individual and not kinship housing. As such, I'm taking the Mead Halls out of contention, so the question is whether we should do Gondor (Belfalas) and not pay upkeep. There are plenty of kin houses available (including one in my Belfalas neighborhood), and with Rohan housing the craze I imagine they will stay available. The Gondor Kin house is 36 writs or 736 coins (i believe). I can wait for a sale on either (just missed the writ sale unfortunately, but I didn't know what the pricing for Rohan would be) then get enough
  22. It's probably a matter of orders. Without hearing their side of the radio, we won't know for sure. However, here's what we do know: the Tomcats tried three times to offset their heading so that they would not be on an intercept course. Each time the MiGs adjusted course as if to intercept. If the Tomcat RWR wasn't going crazy, they were being vectored by GCI (which was also Soviet doctrine at the time, which is also what countries that purchased Soviet hardware usually followed as well). Perhaps the Libyan brass didn't think the USN would open fire, or perhaps they didn't care if they lost a couple of MiGs. They were probably trying to get a propaganda victory. It is also telling that despite safe ejections of both MiG aircrew (visually verified by the Tomcat crews), there was no effort made to rescue the pilots. Again, just shows that the Libyan brass didn't value the line troops.
  23. Assuming you're talking about TAW, AI really is that bad when dropping dumb bombs. When there's a strike package, I'll either give them smart weapons or have the F-22 take the strike itself.
  24. Ummm, nobody said anything about DCS not modeling this. All talk has been about TAW. Falcon simulates a FBW aircraft, so any of this is likely abstracted with the FCS model (not to mention the game is over 20 years old). DCS does model weight imbalance and torque, among other things. I wasn't a physics major, so I don't intuitively understand the statics and dynamics of which you describe, but I do know that asymmetric loads are modeled, including the CG shift if (for instance) fuel is taken from one tank and not another. You can try this with the F-5, P-47, and P-51 (or even the TF-51 which comes free with DCS). As far as handling goes, I would think that adverse yaw (where the high wing in a turn is generating more lift and therefore more induced drag) is a more profound effect for which to compensate. This is after all why coordinated turns are important. The other flight model that just feels spot-on is the F-14. Not only are the unique aerodynamic properties modeled (such as the need for rudder rolls at mid-high AoA, high tail buffet at mid-AoA, the Dutch Roll and the first generation SAS that only partially compensates for it), but I would put the flight model next to anything in XP11. Flying the Tomcat in DCS is one of two near-religious experiences I've had in my 40+ years of flight-simming (the other being a moment in a Falcon 4 campaign that gave me flashbacks of my operational flying days).
  25. It's been a while since I posted here, but rest assured, the Wednesday and Saturday fly-ins are still happening. The Black Veal Squadron still flies in partnership with the 75th VFS (which is now part of the Virtual Armed Forces, along with the VFA-136 Knighthawks and 111th VFS Aces), and we still fly what we want to fly, but we've recently flown more in the F-14 and F-18. I'm partial to the Tomcat, and I'm willing to fly RIO with a pilot or train someone in the RIO seat. PM me if you're interested and I'll send you an invite to our Discord.
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