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  1. Good to hear, though I figure he's hoarding the bunker to himself.
  2. Fellas, I should have an integrated profile by the end of the year that will do EF2000, TAW, and other legacy sims (to be added later). It will use the CTS interface currently used for DCS World.
  3. Now that Rohan housing is live, it appears that the Mead Halls are individual and not kinship housing. As such, I'm taking the Mead Halls out of contention, so the question is whether we should do Gondor (Belfalas) and not pay upkeep. There are plenty of kin houses available (including one in my Belfalas neighborhood), and with Rohan housing the craze I imagine they will stay available. The Gondor Kin house is 36 writs or 736 coins (i believe). I can wait for a sale on either (just missed the writ sale unfortunately, but I didn't know what the pricing for Rohan would be) then ge
  4. It's probably a matter of orders. Without hearing their side of the radio, we won't know for sure. However, here's what we do know: the Tomcats tried three times to offset their heading so that they would not be on an intercept course. Each time the MiGs adjusted course as if to intercept. If the Tomcat RWR wasn't going crazy, they were being vectored by GCI (which was also Soviet doctrine at the time, which is also what countries that purchased Soviet hardware usually followed as well). Perhaps the Libyan brass didn't think the USN would open fire, or perhaps they didn't care
  5. Assuming you're talking about TAW, AI really is that bad when dropping dumb bombs. When there's a strike package, I'll either give them smart weapons or have the F-22 take the strike itself.
  6. Ummm, nobody said anything about DCS not modeling this. All talk has been about TAW. Falcon simulates a FBW aircraft, so any of this is likely abstracted with the FCS model (not to mention the game is over 20 years old). DCS does model weight imbalance and torque, among other things. I wasn't a physics major, so I don't intuitively understand the statics and dynamics of which you describe, but I do know that asymmetric loads are modeled, including the CG shift if (for instance) fuel is taken from one tank and not another. You can try this with the F-5, P-47, and P-51 (or even t
  7. It's been a while since I posted here, but rest assured, the Wednesday and Saturday fly-ins are still happening. The Black Veal Squadron still flies in partnership with the 75th VFS (which is now part of the Virtual Armed Forces, along with the VFA-136 Knighthawks and 111th VFS Aces), and we still fly what we want to fly, but we've recently flown more in the F-14 and F-18. I'm partial to the Tomcat, and I'm willing to fly RIO with a pilot or train someone in the RIO seat. PM me if you're interested and I'll send you an invite to our Discord.
  8. Without source code, slim to none. And Slim is leaving the building...
  9. I always loved the original Ghost Recon for the stealth. The moving trees/branches made it more difficult to detect movement, and you could really plan an ambush. We used to play that in PvP as well, and always had fun.
  10. It all depends on what itch you are trying to scratch. We had fun with a group of guys, and while the systems were abstracted it allowed accessibility, and we could focus on actually flying and fighting rather than systems management. When we migrated to DCS, it was still the A-10C, Ka-50, FC3, and then the Huey shortly after, so it was still accessible. Everyone who has stuck with us has learned DCS over time. Bottom line: I love realism, but not at the expense of enjoyment. I fly sims to do stuff without pretending I'm at work.
  11. Real (former) military aviator here. We used to fly this multiplayer every week for years (had another former military pilot with us too). We since migrated to DCS once we burned through all the missions multiple times over, but we always enjoyed the experience. Of course, I'm also biased. 😁
  12. Urgent Shield and Outcast are both good starter campaigns. I don't recommend Highland; the missions are easy, but the objectives weren't properly tested and it's very difficult to win without taking bombs against barracks regardless of your fragged mission. Might I also recommend Avenging Scimitar, Earnest Resolve, and Stranglehold. Despite being level 5 campaigns (only because of where they were added in the table), these aren't designed to be that difficult. Rather they're designed for you to fly realistically so you don't need to engage targets of opportunity or carry huge lo
  13. Fellas, It looks like LotRO involvement has dropped off in a serious way. I know I'm busy with real life, and I know a number of us have primarily shifted over to Elder Scrolls Online. However, as a Lifetime VIP I have no lapse in subscription for as long as LotRO is up, so I can keep the proverbial light on. Right now we have the kinship house in the Shire, and I'm basically paying upkeep out of my (albeit significant) gold reserves to keep it going. However, with the Premium Housing in Gondor and (soon) Rohan, we can shift this. As a VIP, I don't have to pay upkee
  14. All, Please provide your inputs in the following survey for the future of our Kin House. Forth Eorlingas! HF
  15. Here are the drivers: Windows 98 Windows 2000
  16. And here you go! 75% off three of them! https://il2sturmovik.com/
  17. Hi swimbody, I saw your post on the ED forums. Another VP guy, right? I was VP-40 out of Whidbey. The best way to compare IL-2 with DCS is to understand that they are both outstanding for different reasons, and they both scratch completely different itches. DCS introduces the minutae evident with the clickable cockpit, while iL-2 automates much of the complex engine management by default (though you can enable this with keystrokes). IL-2 cockpits are not clickable, and some of the systems are abstracted to keystrokes. Where IL-2 really shines is the WW2 combat expe
  18. And the legend checks in! @Krusade, we couldn't have done any of this without you!
  19. If you can't get it running in Reloaded (since DosBox is designed for use with modern PCs and OSs), you'll have a tough time getting it to work in Windows. However, take a look at this article on the TAW Wiki. The last part talks about CPU throttling in SEF2000. The article is old, so there may be a different set of throttles out there, but the principle is still sound.
  20. There is a section in the manual that says "Setting Up EF2000 in DOS," but this does not cover installation, and everything here can be done from the Configuration Menu in the launcher (i.e. click the wrench icon). You do need to run a DosBox session to configure EF2000 itself, but this is easily done by pressing the appropriate "config" button in the Config Menu.
  21. I'm not surprised. The cheats were probably written for Windows 98, and our baseline is now 64 bit.
  22. Hi Moqeeth, It looks like you are running the D3D 1024 version of TAW. I'm not so sure the D3D version is all that compatible with Windows 10. You might have better luck using Glide with one of the included Glide Wrappers. Same goes for the cheat. Cheats work by intercepting data in specific registers. The game and its cheats are over 20 years old, so there's no guarantee that they will work the same way in newer operating systems.
  23. In your F-22 Total Air War 2.0\players folder you'll see folders with number starting at 0 (up to how many players you have on the system). Choose the folder that you want (e.g. 0 if its the only folder you have) and then just copy logfile.dat to this folder (e.g. F-22 Total Air War 2.0\players\0).
  24. Hi Mike. I've been focusing on DCS of late, though less modding and more programming my TARGET profile. I'm sure the term Hair Metal comes from the fact that they didn't exactly have 50's buzz cuts in the 80s! Another Hair Metal classic:
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