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    Evening youses, Been a while guys! I ARMA 3'd with Doug, Dave, and Gunny last week. Well, I downloaded it and listened to them talk about snakes and rocks on Teamspeak. All's well, still married, still living in GA, rusty at games now though! Good to see so many familiar names around! Missed you guys
  2. Doug has amazing sim game skills. But he also has a great wit and a bit of the showman about him. When he called me smart, I felt like a fraud. Now this Doug guy is smart.

  3. Arma 2? V1.09? I just ran it, and am patching right now. I am busy this weekend but maybe next Friday? I don't think my old password gets me into the squad forums any more. Could you PM me the new one?
  4. Yea it has been a year or so I think! Good to see you are all still kicking. I wanted to say hello because I had a voice over IP web meeting at work yesterday and it was a comms nightmare. People had feedback, open mics, echos... totally reminded me of the good old days where we all set up to play a game. I also have a former Marine A-4 pilot friend I met a few months ago. I told him about VMF-124 and showed him some Youtube stuff of Pacific Fighters. So I was feeling nostalgic and missing you guys. As for playing, I do have an ok game rig, same one from a couple of years ago. A new graphics c
  5. WOAH... Ok my question is, how did he know he would make it the first time he tried it? How do you work up to that? That flying squirrel suit seems kind of dangerous. Not much more than controlled falling!
  6. Hello guys from an old friend, thought I would stop by and bother you!
  7. Baltar


    Hey Stans' fillings will make you stupid but not crazy, they are mercury free. I bet Rotatiga has something to add about heavy metals in dental work.
  8. Baltar

    Our Dog

    Sorry, I know your pain too, as many of us do. Dogs are so special to us. Children and best friends in one being.
  9. I think I may have just caused my problems by patching to 4.09 and then modding. The mod that I applied was meant to go on top of 4.08m and perhaps this was the problem. I did have an unrelated but just as serious issue that was preventing me from editing my config.ini file. This is what homefries is talking about. It just would not allow it. This is when I reduced my UAC level to the minimum and now it acts like XP.
  10. Hi, I just got IL-2 with mods working on Windows 7 pro, 64bit last night. I installed the "direct to drive" Ubisoft downloaded version of IL-2 1946 into "program files (x86)" while using my account with administrator level access. It actually worked just fine with no compatibility mode stuff. I patched it to 4.09 and it still worked fine I installed some mods. Broke it. I reinstalled it the same as before but this time I turned the security notification settings to do with program access to the minimum. worked fine. This time I did NOT patch it. Default is 4.08m before the p
  11. Hey Stans, if you can play Pacific Fighters with its important keys such as "toggle chocks" that are not even mapped by default you can play ARMA. It is more about tactics and aiming than lots of keys. I think you would like it, there is a good emphasis on shooting well making a difference and body positions and fatigue matter. It's well done.
  12. I love the stressful situations you get into with ARMA/original OFP. A key element that made OFP great was that while other games were mostly still scripted and linear it had open plan maps that leave you wondering how the heck you are going to get of out of this sort of situation but still feeling like you have options. And you never have to do the same thing twice. So it looks like the chappah hit a tree? Does the AI do that a lot or was it a fluke, it could happen to a human pilot quite easily.
  13. Hey guys, just stopping by. We finally got a house which has kept me very busy. I'm about ready to show up for a game here and there now! See yall around, hope all is well. ps The Dude, the lack of daylight SUXORs. I see about 2 hours of daylight a day. One in the morning as I go to work, and one on the way home and precious few minutes after I get in. Gaming time of year this is.
  14. Baltar

    Got a question

    Now I have to explain the explanation with an explanation of the explanation! I was jesting about the name of "Blue Man Group", being in fact a literal manifestation of the name itself. They are in fact Blue men in a group. And if they were in a tin (the metal mined by the Cornish for centuries, which is common knowledge the world over) the outside of the tin would perhaps be branded "Blue Man Group" and when you opened it, it would in fact have Blue men within its confines, in a group like quantity or arrangement depending on your meaning of the word 'group'. They are also musicians in cas
  15. Baltar

    Got a question

    It is a group of Blue Men, as advertised, indeed as if described on a packaged product made of cheap metal mined by Cornishmen long ago.
  16. Baltar

    Got a question

    Doug I recognize the soundtrack of Whiz's'z great expose' of creativity as "Blue Man Group" which does just what it says on the tin.
  17. Stans your Japlish lessons are paying off!
  18. Baltar

    Firefox 3

    ok I'm now stoned. Dang! I was really banking on you guys having at least one sin each!
  19. Baltar

    Firefox 3

    Excellent The Dude, I knew about some config tweaks but I didn't know how to keep it and remove only the suggestions. Cache clear is good too but you loose some functionality. I'll upgrade now. Hey I ain't the only one with privacy issues... the awesome bar has a lot of controversy. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone
  20. Baltar

    The Atom Splits

    My wife has a 1990 Miata and it is a ton of fun, handles great, but is dog slow.
  21. Baltar

    Firefox 3

    I have used it and switched back to 2! Too many of my extensions were not ready for 3 yet but the main gripe I had was that there was no way to turn the awesome bar on and off. Maybe since the beta release there is a way. Why would you want to turn off the awesome bar that is a bar that is awesome and autocompletes by searching both your browser history, cache, and bookmarks? well privacy. I use FF3 at work on a USB drive and if I look up anything personal or inappropriate it will autocomplete with suggestions and icons in large type for everyone to see! "Hey Baltar type in a search for
  22. rest in peace, and let him be an example to us all
  23. one of my favorite hair brained conspiracy theories brought to life!
  24. That sounds like a tremendous amount of fun!
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