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  1. I have nhancer installed, but I rarely used it. What is the Hex value for TAW? If you do not know which executable should I use _F22.exe or tawmanu.exe?
  2. Sorry for being such a pain...How could I enable 4x4 FSAA?
  3. Thanks HF for help. The game works fine in Glide under D3D9. Will I be able to play the game D3D 1024x768? Under Glide despite the dgVoodoo resolution adjustment to 1680X1050, cockpit seems to be under 800X600.
  4. It happens in any CAP while I am flying in campaign. During cruising not fighting. Also I just flew a missing in 800X600 D3D and the game was working fine. It looks like the 1024X768 is causing CTD. Is there a work around this. Game looks much better in a higher resolution.
  5. It happens during the mission. I have no trouble lunching the game, but it crashes during the flight. By the way 2.11 looks great.
  6. I have the CTD all the time...I attempted to go through addendum, and it does not help. I run the v. 2.11 (1024X768 D3d) on Windows7 (64 bit) as Admin and Win XP SP2 compatibility on nVidia 8800 GTX. I am just about give up. (Not sure how to add the image) but I get the message referencing: Program fault at 0X02054, cleanup and exiting.
  7. Thanks HF... It looks like Nostalgia mode fixed the issue...
  8. HM...Thanks for your reply I am talking about following files: eula.1028.txt eula.1031.txt eula.1033.txt eula.1036.txt eula.1040.txt eula.1041.txt eula.1042.txt eula.2052.txt eula.3082.txt globdata.ini install.exe install.ini install.res.1028.dll install.res.1031.dll install.res.1033.dll install.res.1036.dll install.res.1040.dll install.res.1041.dll install.res.1042.dll install.res.2052.dll install.res.3082.dll VC_RED.cab VC_RED.msi vcredist.bmp They are directly installed to my D drive...no folder.
  9. I would not call it an issue; however, after installation of the TAW 2 under following path d:\Games\DID\F-22 Total Air War 2.0 in win7 all the files associated with MS Visual C++ 2008 Redistrib. were copied to my D:\ Is there a place, where I can move those files without affecting the game?
  10. I attempted to enable "Textures - TAW 2008 Colors and Tiles" mod via JSGME but the texture do not seem to be working under win7. It is the only mod enabled in the game. When I did this on my notebook under win xp, it was just fine. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Never mind....Installing TAW 2008 Colors and Tiles helped me. Regards, Gotyk
  12. How can I improve terrain in this latest release. I used before 2008 F-22 TAW and the terrain was good looking... In this version I cannot make it look good. I tried to Glide, Direct3d,and game.cfg file without any positive outcome. Can anyone let me know what to do?
  13. Fund the answer in the link below. http://www.planetamd64.com/lofiversion/ind...?t7546-200.html
  14. Can anyone tell me how to install TAW on XP 64-bit from CD?
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