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  1. Gents, I ran across this and got uber excited. I hope a release channel might happen one day! http://redbaron3dofficialsite.com/forum/index.php?topic=18.0 This sure is news to me, and a proof positive that RB3d is not dead!
  2. Hello! Yes, you can try out Lock On: Modern Aircombat Flaming Cliffs 2 - http://lockon.co.uk/flaming_cliffs_2/
  3. Ok, if you've got it to install try applying this patch to it, it may run after that! http://download.activision.com/activision/demons/patch/fspatch150.exe Then apply this patch: http://www.moddb.com/games/fighter-squadron-screamin-demons-over-europe/downloads/unofficial-patch-v1606
  4. That is very strange. It sounds like it's being blocked, but you say you turned off UAC and ran the setup.exe as an Admin. Also, be sure you are launching setup.exe from within the setup folder on the CD drive, and not the setup.exe just on the root of your CD drive.
  5. Ok, with UAC (User Account Control) off in Win 7 64-bit, I put the SDOE CD in the drive. I Opened it up in Explorer and went to the setup folder. Then I Right Clicked the Setup.exe file and ran it as Administrator. It installed just fine.
  6. Cliffs of Dover, but it's a bloody mess...
  7. Ok, I'll try when I get home to see if it still works with SDOE. It did 2 years ago when I disk installed the game last on my Win 7 64-bit box.
  8. For FS;SDOE, don't use the autorun launcher. Go to the CD-ROM drive, and into the setup folder. There you should find a setup.exe. Launch that. For Pacific Fighters, nearly the same. There should be a setup.exe inwhich you can bypass the autorun stuff. For changing the install path, you've got to do a Custom install, and it will give you an option to change the path that way.
  9. Hello! Indeed you can get IL-2: 1946 to run. However it involves either updating the copy protection software (SecuROM) or owning one of the downloadable versions without that. Be sure NOT to install it to Program Files (x86) FS:SDOE can run under Windows 7 as well. Run the setup on the disk as an Administrator, and sometimes set it to Win98/WinME compatibility. The same for Pacific Fighters.
  10. Try World of Tanks. It's on-line, fun and free. Not the 100% realism as Steel Beasts, but you can jump right in.
  11. Mate, if you're looking at WWI sims you could give this one a try, it's free! http://www.moddb.com/mods/fighter-squadron-world-war-one/downloads/fs-wwi-plane-pack-5-all-in-one-exe-installer'>http://www.moddb.com/mods/fighter-squadron-world-war-one/downloads/fs-wwi-plane-pack-5-all-in-one-exe-installer There's also a Patch: http://www.moddb.com/mods/fighter-squadron-world-war-one/downloads/fs-wwi-plane-pack-5-patch-v10'>http://www.moddb.com/mods/fighter-squadron-world-war-one/downloads/fs-wwi-plane-pack-5-patch-v10 It uses Hyperlobby for on-line play: http://hyperfighter.sk/ More info about FS-WWI here: http://www.fsww1.com And our main ModDB page here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/fighter-squadron-world-war-one A review back in 2009 here: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2009/05/10/tumult-in-the-clouds-fighter-squadron-wwi/ Enjoy!
  12. The gents over at Strategy Informer have been kind enough to host some files for FS-WWI! Links here: FS-WWI Plane Pack 5 All-In-One EXE @ Strategy Informer FS-WWI Plane Pack 5 Patch v1.0 @ Strategy Informer
  13. Download here: (77.8mb) FS-WWI Plane Pack 5 Patch v1.0 Mirror here: FS-WWI Plane Pack 5 Patch v1.0 at ModDB This Patch for FS-WWI Plane Pack 5 resolves many bugs and adds new content. Please install this over an existing FS-WWI Plane Pack 5 setup and extract it to the root "Fighter Squadron" or "FS-WWI" folder on your PC. You will not lose any controller settings, graphics configurations or Pilot info by installing this Patch. This Patch can be applied to the stand-alone Plane Pack 5 file install, the Plane Pack 5 All-In-One EXE install and the Plane Pack 5 All-In-One DVD ISO install. List of included fixes/updates: -Added a U.S. Spad 7 using Gypsy9's American/British Spad 7 512x512 skin. -AEC ground vehicle shadow removed. -S.S. D.III compass texture file added. -The Breguet 14 is supposed to have twin Lewis guns in the rear gunner seat. The Lewis ring mount also was not operating correctly. This has been fixed. -Added rocket loadouts to the Spad 13 and U.S. Spad 13 and updated the Balloon Busting! missions that go with both of them. -Added rocket loadout to the Spad V.II. It is historical in that it is only a 6 rocket loadout as opposed to the normal 8 rockets. -New Sopwith Pup fuselage 3d model and cockpit padding. Also fixed inner support strut placement and corrected damaged rudder 3d model. -Tweaked Aviatik's fuselage LOD switchin value. -Corrected Bleriot's joystick clipping through the cockpit side walls. -Corrected Rumpler's roll rate and turning radius. -Adjusted waypoints for AI in Ilya A Floatplane shore operations mission. -Adjusted waypoints for AI in Gotha G.I Floatplane shore operations mission. -Added AEG G.IV by Mossie; assembled and coded by ArgonV and texture by Blowhard. -Removed AI 504 Floatplane in shore operations mission. -Adjusted Albatros Floatplane cockpit padding and gunsite. -Optimized Irish's Dodge Ball mission for better frame rate. -Corrected spelling errors of Tales of the Lafayette campaign missions. -Correctly mapped USS Langley and Jupiter's lower wooden deck and improved the hull 3d mesh. Also fixed hull clipping problems. -Corrected many Scramble missions. -New Lewis gun sound for all aircraft. -Added new 3d models and textures for cargo ship, tanker transporter, troop transport, Exeter, Liberty ship, P1 Sub, HMS Hood and a generic WW1 Battleship. -Updated Caproni 33 torpedo bombing mission to include more targets. -Updated Infantry ground unit. -Updated A7V tank models and textures. -Removed incorrect shadow for Big Bertha cannon. -Added an accurate cockpit for the Avro 504k and Avro 504 Floatplane. -Added an accurate cockpit for the Nieuport 11. -Added an accurate cockpit for the Nieuport 17. -Shortened Caudron G.4 tail to correct span and cord and lengthened the upper wing to the correct span. -Corrected many gun values for the tanks. Main cannons are now more deadly and machine gun fire less so. -Fixed DOF issues with tank machine guns. -Added bomb loadout to the Sopwith Camel, and created Bombing Practice Training mission. -Added damaged model to the Mk.IV and A7V tanks. -Adjusted bofors gun and gun nest weapons values. -New Zeppelin L-11 damage model. -Corrected rifle rates of fire for Fritz and Tommy ground units. -Added ground units by Mossie. These are: Balloon Winch Benz Truck Benz AA Truck British 13 Pounder British 18 Pounder Ford Model T Car Ford Model T Truck Ford Truck AA French 75mm Mle French 75mm Ammo Carrier French De Dion 75mm German 7.7cm FK 96 n.A German 7.7cm FK 96 n.A Flak Horse-pulled ambulance German Horse-Pulled Artillery Limber British Horse-Pulled Artillery Limber Leyland Tanker Leyland Truck Mk.IV Tank Male Motorcycle Renault Armored Car Renault Covered Truck Renault Flatbed Truck Staff Car Thornycroft Truck Covered Thornycroft Truck Thornycroft Truck AA Thanks to: -I would like to thank the FS-WWI community as a whole. Without your talents and skills none of this would be possible! I would also like to thank each and every one of you for your input, no matter how big or small. Legal Disclaimer: THIS ADD-ON IS NOT SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION OR PARSOFT. Please do NOT ask Activision or Parsoft for technical (or non-technical) support or information regarding this add-on "FS-WWI Plane Pack 5 Patch v1.0". They have no affiliation with this add-on whatsoever. If you are experiencing problems with this add-on or would like to comment or have a question, please contact me by e-mail (ArgonV@AOL.com), or post a message on the Open Plane Sim Forum, www.openplanesim.com and click on the Forum link. If you are experiencing trouble, I will do my best to help and get you going, but please be aware that I cannot be held responsible in any way for any damage caused to your computer and/or its software or anything or anyone else as a result of downloading and/or installing this pack. Apart from being extensively tested by myself, it has also been tested extensively by a panel of beta testers apart from myself prior to release with all issues found fixed or otherwise rectified and is now released in the best of faith that it is fault and bug-free. © 2002-2009 FS-WWI Plane Pack 5 Patch v1.0 third-party add-on compiled by ArgonV intended for use with Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons over Europe. Base 3D models, various textures, skins, sound effects and other media in this add-on are property of their respective creators/owners. Downloading and/or installing this add-on does not imply the right for you to re-compile or modify the contents of this add-on for the purposes of profit or re-compiling and re-downloading by others. This add-on maybe freely distributed provided it is kept in its original form as when downloaded ("FSWWI_PlanePack5_Patchv1.exe"), not re-compiled in ANY way, shape or form and providing it is NOT used for profit-making purposes. Activision is a registered trademark and Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe is a trademark of Activision, Incorporated. All rights reserved. Parsoft is a trademark of Parsoft Interactive. All other trademarks and names are the properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Enjoy! -ArgonV
  14. Updated version here: (40.6mb) http://www.fsww1.com/Downloads/PlanePack/F...k5_Patchv1a.exe This includes the new ground units and cockpit updates.
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