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  1. Yes, I know. But in this Trainingmission I can't load any other weapons... But now back to topic. Else Spear will kill me.
  2. Yes, the tower of the airfield. This was the missiongoal. Thanks for the tipp but I tryed it like that. Excepting the low altatude. I want to play the game realistic as possible and so I don't use the F2 view. That's why I attack the SAM from a higher altatude. But I will try it like you sad (but without F2 view). Thanks
  3. Nearly... I have to destroy the Tower and have only normal bombs and the cannons.... I have to come into a short range to engage with this bombs and this was no good idea. I don't know how I can destroy this SAMs without an long range weapon.
  4. Believe me: I do! Only yesterday I had some problems with a #%&§# SAM!
  5. Ah yes that's the way it was. OK, I understand. Ah ok. I only know ADF. Nevertheless GOOD WORK!
  6. Back to the small IRST MDF: Is it even realistic? In this picture of the F22 cockpit there is no IRST MDF:
  7. Hm... now I'm confused.... Now I remember that I saw a explosion directly after the beginning. Either it will crash after the expolsion or I was wrong. Nevertheless it is not possible to watch a nice dogfight if one of the fighters will explode direct after the beginning. But I don't want to list only the bad things I noticed. I noticed a lot of awesome changes regarding to ADF! First of all the new HUD! Very good work! I saw a HUD-Video of the F22 and it looks really like it. (As I can see in the bad quallity) Then I noticed the new behave of a damaged engine! In ADF it only was to
  8. OK, it's working and I was playing 3-4 hours Makes a lot of fun! Thank's for your engagement!!! But there are some little problems. Maybe can be fixed for the next version? - The Dogfight-Demos in the Training-Mission "folder" are crashing. - All Freeflights are completed at beginning of the missions. - Freelook (F12) is crashing. - The small monitor (5 on Numblock) have a graphic problem.
  9. I got it!!!! It's working on XP! I uninstalled F22 2008 and F22 ADF. Then I installed F22 2008 again and make the changes for the resolution. But now I have one problem: My Joystick is not working and I can't activate it in the options because of the crash when I open the options. What I have to add in the game.cfg to activate the Joystick?
  10. Question: Can you give me a link to the DgVoodoo wrapper? This is not working anymore: Topic Link I found a impressive example: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2216872/1.html Edit: Got it! http://dege.freeweb.hu/
  11. I know. The new HUD and the lot of missions are awesome. But I want to make the best of the game with the high resolution.
  12. A freind was testing F22 2008 with my guidance. It is working on his PC but after some time it crashed also. "Program fault at 0x61C235, cleaning up an exiting" I don't think that my old Win98-PC can handel with 1024x768.... I will try the Gild (1600x1200) on the XP-PC: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...html#Post704684 Hope this will work
  13. Hm.... I'm wondering if XP can't be displayed in 1024x768. It's a two year old ATI with 265Mb... (or 512???? I don't know anymore) Doom3, Quake4, F.A.E.R etc. were my last games. Nevermind! I will test it on the old Win98-PC. I hope this old video card support 1024x768.....
  14. I trieed only the first trainingmission but in my opinion this will appear on every mission. I trieed it with 800x600. It's working without errormessage. I will try it today on my other PC (Win98). Maybe it depends on XP.
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