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  1. Any chance of an android port?
  2. I have the exact same stick and it works great with all sims so far, (F-22 et all included) CBT
  3. http://www.patches-scrolls.com/b-17_flying_fortress2.php I was able to download the 2.0 patch here no problem (if you are still looking)
  4. Wow good work... I get a headache just trying to keep up here...
  5. He (Starg) seems to be fairly active in the steam Typhoon forum. Is Starg then Steve Hunt or somebody else? btw I was laughing as I read the "Preview article" from here from May 2001.... http://www.combatsim.com/memb123/htm/2001/04/typhoon1/ Andy Bush, the retired fighter pilot and beta tester for EF Typhoon, recently commented on the FM that, "Typhoon’s flight model is better than either EF2000 or TAW and the aerodynamic influence of weight is modeled. A configuration with external tanks and stores shows a dramatic reduction in top speed, ceiling and turn rate, just as one might expect. Like Total Air War, EF Typhoon will feature a fully dynamic campaign. In fact the campaign runs in real time and like Falcon 4.0 and Razorwork's Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. Hokum continues to run whether you fly or not. Like Jane's USAF, you can hot swap between pilots, with the AI taking over for the aircraft you left. "Typhoon has a dynamic air war and ground war, a resource model, and a tactical and strategic system. Layered on top of all this is a story line in a scripted event system. When events are triggered they inject new units into the dynamic system. Once these units have been passed to the campaign system the AI decides how best to use them. The important thing here is that even though events are triggered the outcome of those events is dynamic." —Don Whiteford of Rage Software
  6. So did Eurofighter Typhoon use the same engine as TAW? Did it also have a dynamic campaign?
  7. Hey guys, I was looking for info on the dynamic campaign after reading a preview for Eurofighter Typhoon here in the archived articles and found a post from Starg who an ex dev, on the steam forums. http://steamcommunity.com/app/283350/discussions/0/558754899440360527/ Hi, I was lead designer on this game. http://www.coldbeamgames.com/blog/games-ive-worked-on-part-1-game-history
  8. There are lots of free single player missions in game. I haven't paid a cent and I have been playing it since beta.
  9. Thank you for your service. Please continue these as they are fascinating reading. I will be watching here for more Thanks again
  10. Sorry to post with nothing to add. I just wanted to say thanks! Don't forget there are quite a few people who really appreciate the hard work you guys are doing here. I am amazed at the combined but separate talents each of you have (and need) to struggle your way through the mystery of the code of DID. we follow this and other threads raising a toast at each breakthrough... That's all Thanks again Carry on .
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