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  1. The true capabilities of the Raptor are still classified, however, there is information from some sources indicating that F-22 supercruises faster than its prototype, YF-22. "Maximum speed, without external weapons, is estimated to be Mach 1.82 in supercruise mode;[85] as demonstrated by General John P. Jumper, former US Air Force Chief of Staff, when his Raptor exceeded Mach 1.7 without afterburners on 13 January 2005" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-22_Raptor" This makes sense to me, with the continuous improvements over a decade Cheers!
  2. I just found this thread, and had a brief feel to TAW 2.0, what I can say, WOW, this is totally unbelievable, you guys are bloody amazing Since TAW became alive again, I have a wish list now Flight Models: I noticed the ratpor's FM seem to be touched in 2.0, for example, it still has a 1.55M max cruise speed, this was true when YF-22 was built, (and when DID developed TAW), but the raptors can now cruise at 1.72 at 100% MIL thrust. Also F22 in TAW seem to be very economical at fuel consumption, the real raptor however is a thirstier beast. In fact, generally I think the flight mo
  3. Thank you so much, Spear. the sp codes works on my vista. I also run taw on linux (through wine), with the same 'speechless' problem. I dont know how to get it fixed, yet
  4. Hi folks, I just found my TAW cd from dusted corner, so I installed it to get some old days's feeling back. everything seems to be working fine, it even runs on linux (hooray). the only one problem is, there's no speech (i.e. radio comms) in game. tried googling before this post but no dice is this a known issue? any ready solution? btw I installed d3d patch. Are there any other patches I missed? thanks
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