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  1. Does the X52 Pro Hotas and throttle work with TAW? Am having problems with it not being recognized...
  2. same.. just tried this myself.. page open, download link does now work.
  3. Windows 10, I am unable to download the beta using IE or Edge or Chrome... is there another location to download from?
  4. I assume someone has attempted to find and contact anyone from those old days regarding a copy of the source code? There has to be a copy lying around somewhere.. someone has an archived copy saved I have no doubt.. As a programmer myself, I keep every bit of code I work on because you never know... even my Amiga code.
  5. I am having a couple issues with the new install of TAW. I am trying all the fixes mentioned in the thread for getting better graphics resolution.. so far everything I have tried and still the graphics look the same as the original version. Another problem I found is that some aircraft like the F-117 Stealth Fighter/Bomber are not carrying any ordnance on their missions... In AWACS mode I had some missions (I was in the Somalia with Nukes) where F-117's went on strike runs but when I click on them in the map window, they all report UNARMED in their status display. I watched a couple do an attack run and did not see any weapons fall away nor see any strikes on the actual target. Other aircraft so far seem to be loaded.
  6. Thanks for the offer.. Bittorrent worked. If it turns out the other add-ons and video files are not available that way perhaps then we could still do something if you are open to it.
  7. The torrent just completed the download and I ran TAW 2.10 for the first time! Great job on all the enhancements! Have you placed the Video files on Bittorrent and if so can you post a link for me... I want those too. I am one that when I download something like this, I want it all and the best of the best... I also need a link for the add-ons and so forth I read about for better terrain tiles etc.. Are those also available by Bittorrent? BTW, GetRight does NOT work on FileFront either. It is the FileFront servers that report back they do not support RESUME mode and so the downloads abort. FileFront also only allows one connection per transfer so that defeats the purpose of GetRight and DAP as well. Just info for anyone else dealing with this like I am. Maybe someday the V.A. will get its act together and even I will be able to have a better setup but for now, intermittent dial-up is it so I should be grateful that I even have that I guess.
  8. Anyone who has served deserves thanks as long as it was done honorably.. no dishonorable discharges etc.. Does not matter if someone saw combat or not, serving is not something the majority in this country has done so anyone who gives up part of their life to protect this country and our way of life deserves thanks. I kept trying that manila FTP address but I cannot seem to connect to it thus why I was trying FileFront... File Fronts support says it should work but it does not. BUT some good news.. I did a google search because sometimes people will post files on their own sites etc... I found it on a bittorrent site! And I have to say, for dialup users with issues, THIS is the way to go.. With all the dropped connections etc, Bittorrent is plugging away on the download and is not aborting the attempt.. it just resends bad data until good data arrives and then continues on. Seeing how easy it is to use and in fact how much FASTER the download is compared to standard modem downloads, I think sites like CombatSim and others SHOULD start a bittorrent server for downloads... Now if more people would contribute to the bittorrent servers for stuff like this more of us like me could probably eventually get downloads completed!
  9. Although I do not yet have TAW V2 I am still playing the original! Between Falcon 4 Allied Force, The latest EECH version modded, and TAW, I keep flying. These three are my favorite sims because of the dynamic campaign engine. I MUCH prefer these types sims. The only other sim I play is X3 - Terran Conflict because it too has a dynamic game engine albeit for the space genre where one creates their own ships, fleets, space stations etc etc etc. There are other 'games' I enjoy (Silent Hunter IV, Combat Mission Shock Force, Steel Beasts 2 Pro PE, Dangerous Waters and Fleet Command, Mass Effect I & II, Fallout I, II and Fallout 3 and finally Oblivion but they are not sims rather great games really not re-playable like a sim. In fact the four sims I mentioned are the four that are ALWAYS installed on machines I reformat or on new computers I buy. Would love to see a game like Combat Mission Shock Force integrated with EECH, FalconAF, Dangerous Waters and TAW... man with a sim containing all that, I would never leave my computer.
  10. Reading this thread reminded me of another question I have run into. In a campaign while doing an AWACS mission, I seem to 'lose' the ability to control fighters in some ways. I can still tell them to intercept incoming bogies but I lose the ability to tell them to land or anything else UNLESS they are F22's. Some aircraft cannot refuel in the air. So you cannot tell them to do so. Understandably. When I start the mission I can usually tell aircraft to land at an airfield though.. but at some point I lose this ability and can no longer order aircraft to land at an airbase. Any idea why? It would be nice to immediately land aircraft with fuel leaks for repairs but am unable to do so. Regardless I cannot even tell undamaged aircraft to land any more. I have checked to insure they are not in dogfighting mod nor near any enemy aircraft that might keep them active. Would also be nice to be able to tell unarmed aircraft to land instead of going into a dogfight where I loose all control over them as well. Very irritating to watch myself loose aircraft because of entering a battle with no missiles.
  11. I have tried DAP, Download Accelerator. It works also except for some web sites where they do not let utilities like that work because of the number of connections they open. Some sites do allow it, others do not and so far it seems Filefront does not since it aborts the download every time I try. I can give GetRight a try but it works about the same as DAP right? BTW, thanks for the comment about serving. It helps especially while dealing with V.A. problems and the amazing hassle we have to deal with. As a side note just to give you an idea, while I am dealing with medical and claims and so forth, I am getting a little under $1000 a month TOTAL to try and live on... People think what we go through while active duty is bad? Heck, what we are going through now at home is worse if you ask me - for those of us with service connected injuries and medical needs things are really hard for many vets. Sadly if you ask any of us to serve again we would do so without hesitation to protect our families, our country and our way of life. Someday maybe things will get better. All I can ask for is that people remember those out there that need help and support. Memorial day is coming... if people would pick one veteran in need to help on that day or even say thanks to a Veteran, it would have a great impact on those of us out here. We make up a very small part of the population overall yet we represent the highest number of homeless and suicides AND those living under the poverty level. Ah well, enough of my ranting.. time to fly some in Falcon 4 Allied Force. In the mood to bomb something.. :-) BTW, I noticed your signature... were YOU a NAAAVAL AVIAAATOR? *grin* Your sig is so right on about Navy flyers - even the helo jocks. We do have something in common if so. I was U.S. Navy. Started on destroyers then into special operations. Now 46 and retired from that career and a civilian law enforcement career just about 2 years ago because of injury serving. Anyhow, if you were then the thanks goes to you as well for serving..
  12. I appreciate the offer! If someone does do a DVD, I would be happy to send a little money for postage/shipping if needed. I have a few other files I could use that are also a bit large so we could fill the DVD possibly to make it worthwhile instead of wasting all that space. But if someone can get it posted someplace my connection will work with, I can do it that way to.. definitely need patience but as long as it handles resume I can usually get smaller files under 300 meg if I really want or need to. Thanks again..
  13. Hi all, I just found out about TAW 2.0 and was most pleased to find someone doing this. TAW is still a game all these years later I STILL play often especially being it runs on older machines like an old laptop I have that goes with me when I am in the V.A. hospital for treatment. 47 years old and sitting in the VA is very boring so having something that actually runs on that old thing and gives me something to do is great. Have no idea if the newer version will work fine on it but definitely want to try. Anyhow, the one problem I have is that I am stuck with a dialup connection that is intermittent. Every time I try to download from the filefront servers I get disconnected. The other address will not start at all for download. Is it possible to place the file some other location for me to try downloading? I need something that will support a downloader like DAP because with all the disconnects I need to be able to resume every time I loose connection on this dam thing. Filefront does not work with DAP for resume. Thanks
  14. Hi, You mentioned something about an online coop server/campaign system? What is that and where does one find it?
  15. Hi, I just reinstalled Falcon 4 Allied Force also due to system failure. Anyhow, I had the same problem. But what I had done was install Falcon 4 Allied Force THEN installed a copy of FreeFalcon 5 also. I forgot that doing so messes with registry entries and extra steps need to be taken so you do not mess up the install. Anyhow, I uninstalled BOTH, reinstalled Falcon 4 AF again and then it patched just fine.
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